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The Return of the Condor Heroes
Chapter 2 – Child of an old friend, Part 3

Chapter 2 – Child of an old friend, Part 3

Li Mochou thought, “If I wait for the Guo couple to arrive, it’ll be hard for me to escape.” She laughed evilly and headed for the kiln. Madam Wu rushed to cut her off, and waved her sword saying, “You can’t enter!”

Li Mochou smiled and replied, “This is the little brother’s home, how can you be in charge here?” Her left palm was facing the sword’s tip, and headed straight for it, wanting to touch the blade, her palm twisted; her three fingers now holding the sword’s sides, she flipped the sword tip towards Madam Wu. It was pointing towards Madam Wu’s forehead, there was a sound and her forehead had been cut. Li Mochou laughed and said, “Sorry for the offence!” She placed her fly whisk in her belt, and headed into the kiln. She grabbed Lu Wushuang and Cheng Ying in each hand, and without turning her back, she flipped herself over and headed out of the kiln, avoiding Ke Zhen E’s iron staff.

The ragged young boy saw Li Mochou had hurt Madam Wu and snatch the two girls so didn’t dare to step out of line again. But when he heard the cousin’s cries, he jumped onto Li Mochou shouting, “Hey old beauty, you’ve hurt and snatched people, you haven’t even greeted the owner, you are too rude, let the girls go.”

Li Mochou was carrying the girls in both her arms, and had no way to stop the young boy from grabbing onto her. Her heart shivered, as there was a pair of arms holding onto the side of her body, her whole body softened involuntary. At the time she charged her palms, and flung the two girls away, and immediately grabbed the boy. Within these last ten years a man has never touched her, and though she had lived for thirty years she is still a virgin. In the past when Lu Zhanyuan was infatuated with her, he still treated her with respect. A lot of young heroes in Jianghu had seen her beauty but dare not show their feelings as they knew that they will die a violent death from the “Scarlet Serpent Deity’s” palm. But today, a young boy is holding onto her; she grabbed him and intended to charge her palm and shatter the boy’s heart, but then thought about how he praised her beauty sincerely, in her heart she was pleased. When those words came from the mouths of men, she loathed it but from the mouth of a thirteen or fourteen year old, the words felt different. In a moment of weakness she did not lower her palm onto him.

Suddenly she heard the cries of the eagles; they had come back for another raid. Li Mochou gathered two “Soul Freezing Silver Needles” and immediately shot them out. The pair of eagles had previously suffered from this concealed weapon, and rushed to fly higher, but the silver needles were coming at them at a fast pace. The eagles could fly fast, but the needles were faster and eagles cried out in fright. Li Mochou saw that the eagles had retreated once again, and was extremely pleased. Suddenly she heard two shouts, two small objects rapidly appeared in the sky and after a loud noise the two small objects knocked the needles out of the air in a flash. Whoever threw the objects, their power must be extremely high. She gulped and dropped the young man, and went over to see. It was two small stones. She thought, “The person who shot out the stones must be extremely skilled, I’m not his match, I better evade him first and think about this later.”

She turned around and stretched out her palm, facing Cheng Ying. She wanted to hurt the two cousins first and then escape. As her palm was about to reach her chest, Li Mochou saw there was a satin handkerchief tied around her neck, the embroidery on it was of a red flower and green leaf, it was the handkerchief that she had personally sewn and had given it to her lover. She didn’t move and lowered her palm, her heart was turning over with memories of before, and thought, “Although he married the He slut, he could not forget me and kept this handkerchief. He wants me to spare his heirs, should I spare them or not?” She could not decide, and decided to kill Lu Wushuang and discuss this later. She took out her fly whisk, the silver thread end facing Lu Wushuang, and as she headed for her chest, she saw another handkerchief tied around Lu Wushuang’s neck. She thought, “How come there are two handkerchiefs? One of them must be a fake.” She curled up her whisk, and held Lu Wushuang’s neck as she shook and moved her around.

At this time, a sound cutting through the air was heard; a small stone was flying towards her chest. Li Mochou took out her fly whisk and immediately struck out, knocking the stone out of the air. She shouted out in pain as her palm heated up, her body shaking. Just a small stone with so much power, whoever threw must be extremely skilled. She couldn’t stay here anymore, and grabbed Lu Wushuang, and used her lightness kung fu. She swept over the ground like a gust of wind and in a flash there was no trace of her.

Cheng Ying saw that her cousin had been taken away and shouted, “Cousin! Cousin!” and tried to follow. Li Mochou’s steps were extremely rapid, how could she catch them?

Jiangnan is a wet area and full of rivers, and after a while Cheng Ying had come upon a river blocking her way, with no way to proceed. She followed along the bank, and suddenly saw a yellow image on the left side, a person crossing the bridge alone. Cheng Ying waited a while and saw that Li Mochou was on her own, Lu Wushuang wasn’t to be seen anywhere. Cheng Ying saw her turn around and though extremely frightened, dared to ask, “Where’s my cousin?” Li Mochou saw her white skin and handsome smile and coldly laughed, “You two look the same, she has many days in front of her, don’t worry about her. You should worry about yourself. Why didn’t you die early, the world would have less trouble.” She raised her fly whisk, and hit out. She saw that the stroke she was going to use to strike the chest had become slow and light. With the fly whisk behind her back, she was going to attack in front of her but as she sped up, something was holding onto the whisk’s tail and she was unable to fling it. She swallowed and turned around to look, and saw the ground was raised over her about ten feet in the air and collapsing. It was an extraordinary situation. She protected her chest with her left palm and channeled energy through her fly whisk and pierced through the dirt. How can it be that there was no one behind it, just empty space? She had fought hundreds of battles throughout her life, but had never encountered a situation like this, her brain flicking through many scenarios, “A monster… a demon?” She used a stance of “First Mixing Form”, the fly whisk forming a circular boundary shielding her before she turned around again.

She saw, standing by Cheng Ying, a tall, lean strange man dressed in a blue jade gown, with no expression on his face. Who was he, and as she looked at him she couldn’t think of anything to say. She took two steps back and in this short space of time she could not think who in Jianghu this powerful person might be. As she was about to inquire who he was, she heard the man speak to Cheng Ying.

“Little girl, that woman is really evil, and you went to fight her.” Cheng Ying raised her hand and head and replied, “I wouldn’t dare.” The man said, “What are you afraid of? Go ahead.” Cheng Ying didn’t dare to. The man grabbed her and pushed her towards Li Mochou.

In this situation, Li Mochou didn’t know how to react. She planned to use her fly whisk; she stretched out her left hand to reach it, aiming to hit Cheng Ying on the waist. Suddenly a chi sound was produced; her arm was numb and sore, and she was unable to pick up her weapon. Cheng Ying approached her with her palm out, and after a clashing sound, Li Mochou was struck in the chest with a palm. Li Mochou had never suffered such an insult in her life, and in a rage, forgot her worries and reached out for her weapon and struck out in fury. Her whisk flew out of her hand, causing her to shake; the man had shot out another pebble, knocking her weapon to the ground. Cheng Ying was standing there steadily.

Li Mochou knew that she had met trouble today; if she didn’t escape now her life would be in danger. She laughed lightly and turned around and hurried away. After she was many steps away she waved her hands behind her. A glimmer of silver appeared, ten plus “Soul Freezing Silver Needles” were shot out towards the man in light green. She shot her concealed weapons without turning back, but every single needle was heading towards the man. The man was caught off guard, not knowing that her needle throwing skill was so deadly. He immediately flew backwards to evade the needles. The needles were coming at him at a fast pace, but his leaps were quicker. Only after he had heard all the needles hit something did he stop and return to ground. Li Mochou knew that she wouldn’t be able to hit him, the ten or so needles were meant to distract him, when she heard the wind sounds caused by him retreating backwards, her hand waved again, a lone needle was shot out at Cheng Ying. She knew that the needle must hit the target; afraid of exchanging blows with the man she didn’t look back and increased her efforts in escaping, her body disappearing into the mulberry forest. The man in the blue green gown said, “Ah!” and picked up Cheng Ying and saw a needle had hit her shoulder, her face had changed colour and she gave out a quiet moan. Carrying her he hurriedly headed west.

The kidnapping of Lu Wushuang had startled Ke Zhen E. The ragged young man said, “I’ll take a look.”

Guo Fu replied, “What is there to look at? That evil woman is going to kick you to death.”

The young man smiled and replied, “You kick me to death? I wouldn’t want to see that.” As he said this he headed in the direction of Li Mochou.

Guo Fu said, “Idiot! I didn’t say I was going to kick you.” Guo Fu didn’t realize that boy made a play on the words and said she was the evil woman.

The boy hurried as fast as he could for a while when he suddenly heard the calls of Cheng Ying shouting out, “Cousin, cousin!” He followed the sound of the calls. He ran over a great distance following the calls and he eventually arrived at where the calls seemingly came from. But when he got there was no trace of the two girls in any direction. He turned his head and on the ground glimmering were ten or so silver needles, the needles forming a pattern. He stooped down and picked up a needle, holding it in his left hand. By the needles there was a large centipede with its underside facing up, dead. He thought this was strange, and took a close look and saw a large number of ants were dead, but a few steps away were many ants rushing and moving. He picked up a needle and poked at them a few times, and some of the ants rolled over a few times before facing up. The same happened with a few other insects.

The young boy was happy, thinking this would be great to use on mosquitoes and flies, but suddenly felt that his left hand was not responding as normal. A fierce voice from behind said, “The needles have poison on them! You are holding it in your left hand how can it not be dangerous?” He opened his left palm and abandoned the needle. There is a black mark already forming in the place where the needle was held, and his two fingers were also turning black. He was extremely frightened, and stretched out his hand and rubbed it on his leg fiercely. The numbness on his left hand slowly increased, and within minutes the numbness had reached his joints. He was once bitten by a poisonous snake, and almost lost his life; at the time, the place where he was bitten became numb. He was in danger and he eventually cried out due to the pain. A voice from behind said, “Little baby, you know how powerful it is now huh?” The sound was like the clanging of metals piercing his ear, as if it was coming from the ground. He turned around and gulped as he saw a man standing upside down. The boy retreated a few steps and asked, “Who…who…who are you?”

The man’s hands were on the ground supporting himself, his body upright and with a jump; he traveled thirty feet to face the boy.

“Who am I? It would be great to know who I am.”

The boy was startled and started to run away, only to hear a ‘du’ ‘du’ ‘du’ noise behind him. He turned around and was so scared that his soul jumped out of his body. The man is using his hands as his feet, each hand held a stone, and although he was walking upside down his speed was faster than walking on two feet, and was just a few meters behind him. He ran even faster scared for his life only to hear a sound as the man jumped over his head and landed in front of him. The boy shouted out, “Mother!” and turned around to escape but wherever he went the strange man would jump in front of him. He had two feet, but he wasn’t a match for a person using his hands to walk. He turned around a few times but the man was getting closer so he stretched out his palm wanting to push him; his hand was numb and he had lost control over it long ago. His head was covered with sweat and now didn’t know what to do, his legs went limp and he sat down on the ground.

The strange man said, “The more you run and move about, the quicker the poison will spread.” The boy worried for his life, got down on his knees and said, “I beg old grandpa to save my life.”

The strange man shook his head and said, “It’s difficult, it’s difficult.”


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The Return of the Condor Heroes Chapter 2 – Child of an old friend, Part 3