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99 Conflict

The meal made Guo Lin’s heart feel suffocated.

When she got home, she went to the bedroom where Guo Miao had lived before. After Guo Miao left, the whole family felt that it was bad luck, so no one went in to take a look or pack up her things.

She looked at the few pieces of paper that Guo Miao had left on the desk and tore them into pieces.

Guo Miao had everything now, be it her grades, her looks, or even her parents’ love.

How could someone from the countryside be like her?

When she thought about how she had failed to drug Guo Fu and had even lost her two sidekicks, Li Ju and Zhang Tian, Guo Lin was even more furious.

And today, Uncle Tian actually wanted to build a bridge with Guo Miao, which was a really incredible opportunity.

Guo Lin had known since she was a child that her mission was to be a qualified lady from a big family, then marry into a rich family and bring benefits to her family.

In Haicheng, people like Uncle Tian’s son, Tian Sa, and the mayor’s son, Zhong Nian, were ideal candidates.

Although her family’s financial situation was slightly worse than theirs, she had always been a famous heiress in Haicheng. If she couldn’t get to know these people and build a relationship with them in the future, she would be useless to her parents.

Or she might even completely lose their love.

Thinking of this, Guo Lin wanted to tear Guo Miao to pieces.

Just as she was about to see if there was anything in the house that she could destroy to vent her anger on, Guo Hu came in.

“Lin, what are you doing in Guo Miao’s room?”

Guo Lin quickly stood up and blocked the torn pieces of draft paper behind her. “I was thinking that according to Mom and Dad’s wishes, we should bring Guo Miao back later. I’m here to help see if Guo Miao needs anything. I can ask the butler to help add some things.”

She thought that Guo Hu would disagree with her, but he nodded. “Yes, I also hope that Guo Miao can come back. What we did before was wrong. We’re a family. We shouldn’t have distanced ourselves from her because of her background.

“But sometimes, I feel really glum. If she knew that we called her back because she became famous and won an award, will she be very sad?”

After all, when she first came back, no one was willing to accept her, and they even made such a scene at the banquet to announce her return.

Now that she could bring glory to the family, it was really too heartless to call her back.

Hearing Guo Hu’s words, Guo Lin felt like she was about to die of anger. “Brother, do you really want Guo Miao to come back?”

“Of course, I want to make it up to her,” Guo Hu answered.

Guo Lin squeezed out a sad expression. “I also hope that she can come back as soon as possible. That way, Mom and Dad will be happy. I don’t have the ability to make them happy. It’s my fault.”

Guo Hu couldn’t bear to see Guo Lin so sad, so he touched his sister’s hair. “Don’t worry, even if Guo Miao comes back, you two are equal in Mom and Dad’s hearts. They won’t treat you badly just because Guo Miao is back.”

The two of them chatted for a while before Guo Lin returned to her room.

Guo Lu looked at the torn draft paper on the table and fell into deep thought.

The days passed by quickly when he returned to school. In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

After Guo Miao became famous, she was troubled for a couple of days. Every day, there were admirers who came to her in all kinds of ways, giving her gifts and asking for her autograph.

There were also a few exaggerated boys who would line up and bow to her every time they saw her.

She didn’t feel flattered, just a little troubled. Later, after she told her form teacher Chen Cheng about her troubles, her form teacher and grade teacher came forward to propose a proposal to stop everyone’s worship of the genius, and she felt better.

Next semester, the lessons would be divided between lighter and heavier subjects.

In addition to the necessary basic subjects, they had a total of six subjects, and the college entrance examination would only test three of them, so they had different choices.

Guo Miao chose the three traditional science subjects: physics, chemistry, and biology. If she went to the National University of Science and Technology through independent admission or the college entrance examination in the future, these would be very good subject choices.

The selection of subjects was a big deal for them, so the school had specially arranged a parent-student seminar to invite parents to come to the school to support their children in dividing their subjects. At the same time, they could also hold a parent-teacher meeting to keep pace with their children’s learning situation.

Guo Miao returned home and told Guo Fu about this. Guo Fu had never attended a parent-teacher meeting before. Because of the busy farming season, it was always his neighbor, Juan Zi, who attended such meetings. This time, he was a little nervous.

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