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98 Celebrity

The netizens on the Huali website all clicked on the video to witness the beauty of this genius girl.

The comments quickly filled the screen.

“This is the real winner in life. Beauty, talent, she’s got everything!”

“How amazing to have such a talent in Haicheng. I want to be like her.”

“I predict that Guo Miao will win a gold medal in this year’s IMO!”

Guo Miao was dumbfounded by the endless compliments. She didn’t expect to become famous in such a way.

At the airport, a few people surrounded her, asking for her autograph and photos, but they were all rejected.

In the car, Fu Meng asked curiously, “Mystical Miao, why did you reject your little groupies?”

“Signing autographs and taking group photos are things only artists do. I don’t want to be an artist.” Guo Miao stretched lazily. ” I just want to be an ordinary person who can lead a good life.”

Fu Meng was shocked by this ordinary person. No matter how he looked at Mystical Miao, she was a god. How could she be an ordinary person?

At this time, not only did Guo Miao know about her fame, but Su Huan and Cheng Yu also knew about her.

That afternoon, the Guo family and several heads of the Haicheng Environmental Protection Bureau had a lunch meeting.

The Guo Group had been working on new energy and environmental conservation projects recently. They had already completed several projects in the hope of attracting investment from the government.

“We’re quite satisfied with the Guo Group’s project. I hope we have a good partnership.” Tian Yao, the Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, raised his glass and gave a toast to Guo Ming and Cheng Yu. “I wish the Guo Group’s business will continue to prosper, and I hope your daughters can achieve good results in the IMO.”

Guo Ming was a little confused. What was the IMO?

“Lin, what competition did you participate in?” Cheng Yu also asked Guo Lin curiously.

“I’m not talking about Miss Lin. I’m talking about Miss Guo Miao.”

“She won first place in the Chinese high school math competition and even led their team to victory. In the video, she said that she wanted to win a gold medal for the country. Given such ambition and bearing, she’s indeed your child!” Tian Yao said with a smile.

He didn’t notice that the couple’s smiles had almost frozen.

“Guo Miao is usually quite independent, so we never really care about the sort of competition she participates in,” Cheng Yu said, but Guo Ming glared at her.

“But we’ve also given her a lot of learning resources. She’s very capable, so we don’t have to worry about her,” she quickly corrected herself.

Tian Yao nodded. “I think this child is really not bad. She’ll definitely become someone great in the future.”

“Thank you for your kind words. I also hope that she will become someone influential and successful in the future.” Guo Ming raised his glass and toasted with Tian Yao.

“My son is currently studying at Haicheng Second High School. He also likes mathematics very much. I hope that the two children can have more opportunities to cross paths in the future.”

Guo Ming and Cheng Yu both nodded and exchanged a look. This exchange was not a simple conversation. Tian Yao was giving them a signal.

Many wealthy families in Haicheng would look out for a suitable candidate for their children’s marriage at a very early age. There were also many people who got married when they were in college.

Although Tian Yao was in politics, his brother was in business. The Tian family was also considered a prominent and wealthy family in Haicheng.

Now that Tian Yao said this, wasn’t he offering them an olive branch?

They had originally wanted to raise a pretty daughter to marry into a rich family, but now the vision of the rich seemed to be different from what they had imagined. They didn’t like weak flower vases anymore. Instead, they appreciated girls with wisdom and ambition.

Cheng Yu looked at Guo Lin with less concern.

“We’ll arrange for the children to get to know each other when we have the chance. After all, they’ll all be studying in Beijing in the future.”

“My son chose the National University of Science and Technology in Defense following the competition this time. He has had a military dream since he was young, but your Guo Miao is really bold. She rejected all the recommended spots. This has created quite the discussion on the internet.” Tian Yao was talking to himself and did not notice that the couple’s faces had darkened.

What was Guo Miao doing? How could she reject such a good opportunity?

Guo Lin’s expression was also very scary.

Guo Miao participated in whatever competition she did and rejected all the placements she was offered. She must be doing so on purpose. Was she trying to steal her limelight and make her suffer?

She would not allow it. She would never allow it!

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