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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 97 - 97 The University of Science and Technology

97 The University of Science and Technology

“Hello, I’m a reporter from the Huaqing newspaper. I’d like to ask you the reason why you rejected a local university. Is it because you want to go directly abroad for your bachelor’s degree?”

The reporter didn’t hesitate and passed the microphone to Guo Miao.

Guo Miao smiled and shook her head. “My goal isn’t to be sent to school. I want to experience the college entrance exam and set my goal in the direction of scientific research.”

Everyone simultaneously thought of another option: the National Academy of Sciences.


This university was different from ordinary universities. It combined scientific research and teaching. If you entered this university, it meant that you were already half a scientist.

However, the university only offered a few undergraduate spots, and the students would enter the field of scientific research very early, so there were no guaranteed spots this time.

In addition to the college entrance examination, this school also had independent recruitment for the college entrance examination every year.

Did Guo Miao want to enter the National Academy of Sciences through the college entrance examination or through independent recruitment?

Everyone was once again shocked by Guo Miao’s resolve. How could a girl with such ambition and such a clear goal not be successful in the future?

It was as if everyone could already see the rise of a future star in scientific research.

The other Haicheng team members didn’t have the same courage as Guo Miao.

Fu Meng and Lu Yao’s rankings were higher, so they chose Huaqing. Chen Le liked Shanghai, so she chose Fuda University. Tian Sa had a dream of contributing to the military, so he chose the National University of Science and Technology in Defense.

Zhao Nan’s choice was slightly different from theirs. Because of her family, she chose the National University of Science and Technology, which could provide her with full tuition and a full scholarship.

Su Su also chose the National University of Science and Technology, but because her grades were slightly worse, she did not have the benefits that Zhao Nan had.

However, the Su family’s old house was very close to the National University of Science and Technology, so she could walk to college in the future.

Everyone obtained a satisfactory result, and the competition came to an end.

In May, the national team would gather again for new training and selection to compete in the international arena.

However, that was a story for another time.

After Guo Miao’s team finished their match, they had to catch a flight back to Haicheng almost immediately due to a mistake in the school’s ticket booking.

Guo Miao didn’t mind the rush to return to Haicheng. She hadn’t seen her father and Xuxu for almost two weeks. She missed them and wanted to share the good news with them.

If she had any regrets, it might be that she couldn’t have another farewell meal with Tong Pei and Su Su.

The flight went smoothly, and soon the air stewardesses began to distribute the meals.

“Miss, today, we have braised beef noodles or potato curry rice. What do you want?”

Guo Miao was reading a book. When she heard the air stewardess speak, she looked up and smiled at her. “Potato curry rice.”

After that, she lowered her head and continued reading.

However, she felt that when she looked up at the stewardess just now, there was a faint excitement in the stewardess’s eyes.

What was going on?

Then, Guo Miao realized that every flight attendant who came to serve her seemed to be very enthusiastic. She soon found out the reason.

When the stewardess who was distributing the drinks saw her, she said, “Congratulations on getting first place.”

Guo Miao was a little puzzled. How did these air stewardesses know?

“You don’t know, do you, Guo Miao? You’re famous now,” Chen Le, who was sitting beside her, said.

Famous? It was just a mathematics competition. Although it was a relatively large competition, it was not a mass selection. How did she become famous?

When the plane landed, Chen Le turned on his phone and showed a video to Guo Miao.

This video that had been edited by someone was called “The full-marks genius’s three ambitious moments.” The first scene was her holding the trophy and smiling at the camera. The second scene was her holding the trophy and saying she was going to take back two IMO gold medals. The third scene was her rejecting the representatives of the academies.

“Mystical Miao, you’re a beauty with both beauty and talent. You’re going to be famous!” Chen Le said excitedly.

This video was originally just a live broadcast of the competition. Every year, only a few mathematics enthusiasts would watch it. However, this year’s winner was incredibly beautiful and capable. It was natural for the public to worship such a genius.

Therefore, after her video was edited, it quickly became the top search on China’s top video website, Qili.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 97 - 97 The University of Science and Technology