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95 First Place

Because the questions for the team competition were simple, the questions for the individual competition this year were very difficult.

After all, the team competition was just for the students to get used to the competition system. The real test was the individual competition.

However, no matter how difficult it was, it was not a problem for Guo Miao. She did the questions as usual and handed in the paper early.

The invigilator at the examination hall was a little shocked when he saw her hand in her paper.

Even though they had heard of Guo Miao’s name before, it was still shocking to see someone hand in their paper in advance during a math competition.

“Guo Miao, there’s still 30 minutes until the end of the exam. Are you sure you want to hand in your paper in advance?” another teacher couldn’t stand it and asked directly.

Guo Miao’s expression didn’t change, and she nodded seriously.

The two teachers took the papers from her hands and put them into a sealed bag.

Guo Miao walked out of the classroom and didn’t notice a pair of resentful eyes staring at her.

After the exam, Su Su and the eight-man team from Haicheng walked out of the exam hall.

They had excited smiles on their faces.

“This time, Mystical Miao, you guessed all the test points correctly. Without your guidance, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have any ideas at all,” Fu Meng said as she made a gesture of admiration to Guo Miao.

Chen Le, who had always been unconvinced by Guo Miao, also nodded. “It’s my fault for being disrespectful. Teacher Guo Miao, you saved my life this time. When I join the national team, I’ll definitely give you a pair of sneakers that have gone out of print.”

Su Su was so excited that she almost cried. The test points this time were basically what Guo Miao taught her in the past two days.

“I feel that after you taught me, my train of thought has been expanded. Many of the questions that I thought were not clear before have become obvious!” Su Su said.

“It’s because your train of thought was fine, to begin with. It’s just that there were some problems with your foundation, so I helped you with that. You’re also very strong yourself.” Guo Miao patted Su Su’s shoulder.

After these few days of getting along, Guo Miao felt that she especially liked this enthusiastic and cheerful little girl. She also hoped that she could make this little girl more confident through her own efforts.

Just as they were talking and laughing, Fanny walked over from the opposite side with a dark expression. She didn’t greet Su Su and the others. Instead, she rudely walked past Su Su and even bumped into her.

“What are you doing? Fanny, don’t you have eyes?”

Fanny turned around and snorted. “So what if I don’t have eyes? You’re the one who’s dragging us down because you don’t have a brain in the team competition.”

“You!” Su Su was so angry that she wanted to argue with Fanny.

Guo Miao and Fu Meng stopped her.

“What, you still want to hit me? She’s a pampered girl who’s been spoiled at Beijing University’s affiliated high school. She’s so selfish!” said Fanny.

“You didn’t do well in the team competition. Wasn’t it because of your own problems?” Guo Miao protected Su Su behind her.

“This problem occurred because of your own vicious competition. Why are you blaming Su Su? People like you are not suitable for the mathematics competition,” Guo Miao said coldly.

“Let’s wait and see!” Fanny didn’t want to argue with Guo Miao, so she rolled her eyes at the group of people and left.

After Fanny left, Guo Miao patted Su Su’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. Someone like her will never be able to join the national team.”

The next two days were for the team to report and grade the papers.

For the past two days, the school had organized activities for them to interact with the students from Fuda University. Everyone was happy and harmonious, which eased the tension of scoring.

However, what had to come had to come. Three days later, all the papers for the competition were finished and the results were out.

This time, Haicheng’s eight-man team took first place. All eight of them made it into the top 50 and would definitely have no problem joining the national team.

Su Su happened to be 49th on the national team.

The Beijing team didn’t make it into the top 10, and Fanny, who had laughed at them two days ago, didn’t make it into the top 100.

In this competition, only the top 100 would be rewarded, and the 50th to 100th places were reserve members of the national team.

The top 50 would not only be able to enter the national team, but they would also have the right to be recommended to top universities.

Everyone sat in the classroom and looked at the results on the projector, praising them.

Not only was Guo Miao in first place this year, but she was also a rare contestant with a perfect score. She might even be able to make a name for herself in the IMO this year, let alone the CMO.

The coaches were also amazed by Guo Miao. With her, the Chinese team should be able to win another golden cup in this year’s IMO!

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