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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 93 - 93 The Team Competition

93 The Team Competition

Intensive training took place over the next few days.

The questions during the training were more difficult than the ones in the preliminary and semi-finals, but they were still relatively easy for Guo Miao. She only needed to look at them briefly to get the answer and method.

The eight-man team could still keep up with the training in the past few days, but Su Su was having some difficulty. In terms of functions and derivatives, her foundation was slightly worse than others, so she didn’t understand much in the past two days.

Every time, Guo Miao would help Su Su with the questions. She would also give her two questions to train her thinking. After being taught by Guo Miao for a few days, Su Su advanced by leaps and bounds.

The other students were puzzled by Guo Miao’s behavior.

It had always been survival of the fittest in a place like the competition class. Wasn’t Guo Miao afraid of being surpassed by others if she didn’t work hard to solve more questions and was too busy helping others?

Fanny looked at Guo Miao with some disdain. Guo Miao didn’t seem to have any ability, so she must be using this method to get close to those powerful families.

These people from Guangdong were short-sighted and only cared about pleasing the rich instead of caring about their own results at all.

What Fanny didn’t know was that Guo Miao had already mastered the various mathematical problems of this era. She could probably get a full score even with her eyes closed.

Soon, it was the day of the team competition, and every group was assigned to a closed meeting room to solve the questions.

The eight-person team from Guangdong had trained many times before. As soon as they got the test paper, they began to divide the work according to the questions and did their own calculations.

The test was four hours long, and by the third hour, the eight-man team had already finished the questions.

Guo Miao glanced at the questions and the answers that everyone had written, and circled some sections on their draft papers.

Although the questions were simpler than the questions in the individual competition, they would be more standardized in both answering and using formulas.

The few of them looked at the key points circled by Guo Miao and corrected their own test papers.

When there were only ten minutes left, Guo Miao checked all the answers again before handing in the paper.

Before checking, she had done all five questions once and compared her answers to the others. This level of difficulty was not a significant problem for her.

After the exam ended and they left the meeting room, everyone in the eight-man team heaved a sigh of relief, but they didn’t dare to relax too much. After all, there was still the individual competition and academic report to complete, so it was quite stressful.

During the academic report, many prominent figures from the school would come to listen. If one did well, one might even be able to get a recommendation from a famous school.

The eight of them were planning to go out for a meal and relax before continuing to prepare for the individual match. However, the Beijing team members were not as harmonious as them. The team was scattered, and everyone’s attitude was not very serious, so it would probably be difficult to get a high ranking.

Guo Miao, Fu Meng, and Zhao Nan returned to their dormitory after eating and saw Su Su crying at the table.

“What’s the matter, Su Su?” the three of them surrounded her and asked in concern.

“Fanny took the lead in scolding me in the small conference room. She said that if it wasn’t for me, our team would have definitely finished the questions.”

From the start of the day, the Beijing team had a huge disagreement on the division of labor, and they even quarreled in the small conference room.

Fanny had always disliked Su Su. This time, she used this as an excuse to make the members of the Beijing team think that Su Su didn’t want her team to get a higher ranking just because she wanted to be in the limelight.

“Fanny said that I definitely won’t be able to get into the national team. I’m really trying my best. What should I do, Guo Miao?”

“Don’t worry too much. I’ll help you,” Guo Miao said, patting her shoulder.

Fu Meng and Zhao Nan also nodded. They were prepared to review the questions together with Guo Miao, but now that they had Su Su, they could study together and learn more from her.

Looking at their firm acknowledgment, Su Su also relaxed and nodded. “I will definitely work hard and not let the great Goddess Guo Miao down.”

They quickly took out the training materials for the individual competition and began to study them together.

Hucheng was very quiet at night. Only the sound of a few girls scribbling questions could be heard in the dormitory.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 93 - 93 The Team Competition