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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 92 - 92 Encouraging Her

92 Encouraging Her

Wasn’t he supposed to be in the capital? How did he appear here?

If he was here for the competition, why didn’t he give a speech today? Guo Miao’s head was filled with questions.

“Hello, everyone, I’m Guo Miao’s friend,” Tong Pei introduced himself.

Looking at Tong Pei, Fanny’s eyes brightened. This person’s clothes screamed luxury, and the watch on his wrist was this year’s new model from Jinyue Group that cost a million yuan. This person came from a rich background.


The others also noticed Tong Pei.

Chen Le stared at his shoes.

Tong Pei was dressed very simply today. He wasn’t in his usual business suit but wore a simple black coat with a red plaid scarf. He looked like a male lead who had walked out of an idol drama.

Chen Le could tell that the logo on his shoes was a very expensive, niche brand from D Nation. However, the style was not something he had seen before, and it was probably customized.

Everyone’s admiration for Guo Miao increased.

This man with extraordinary bearing was actually her friend.

Su Yu complained, “Brother Pei, what’s wrong with you? I was the one who asked you to come. How did you become Guo Miao’s friend? if I didn’t give a speech at the math competition today, you wouldn’t have met Guo Miao here.”

Su Yu felt a little regretful after saying this. He could see that Tong Pei treated Guo Miao differently, but this difference revealed a dangerous taste. Although the two of them weren’t that much different in age, Guo Miao was still a middle school girl.

And Tong Pei was already an adult. Wasn’t this a crime?

“You can’t ignore me just because Guo Miao is Sheng Guang’s benefactor. I’m also your good brother!” Su Yu quickly changed his words.

Tong Pei smiled. He had been in the capital today, but when he heard Su Yu say that Guo Miao was participating in a competition at Fuda University, somehow he wanted to come and see her.

The capital was not far from Shanghai, so it only took an hour’s flight to get there.

After he finished his work, he took a private jet to Shanghai to see Guo Miao.

Guo Miao was also a bit surprised, uncertain why Tong Pei wanted to come to Shanghai.

“I’m meeting a friend here tonight, so I decided to drop by.” Tong Pei sat down a seat away from Guo Miao and asked, “I heard you’re here to participate in the mathematics competition.”

“Yes,” Guo Miao said.

“I’ve participated in a math competition before. Keep it up, don’t be nervous,” Tong Pei said.

Guo Miao nodded and smiled at him.

When everyone heard that this person had participated in a math competition before, they all asked him all sorts of questions out of curiosity. After all, he was a senior, and a little guidance might be of great use.

“Don’t you guys know him? I mentioned him in my speech today. He was my team leader at the time, Tong Pei,” Su Yu said in surprise.

The name “Tong Pei” could also be considered somewhat legendary. After giving up his qualification to join the national team to manage his own company, everyone had more guesses about Tong Pei’s identity.

Fanny’s eyes brightened as she looked at Tong Pei, and she asked him many childish questions.

Tong Pei answered her perfunctorily while his eyes were fixed on Guo Miao.

Compared to a few months ago, Guo Miao had lost some weight, perhaps because she had been busy with several things at the same time.

He took the menu and ordered a chicken soup with fish maw. It was a very nourishing dish as he wanted Guo Miao to nourish her body. This dish cost more than 2,000 yuan, and it was also made with high-quality chicken.

I’m paying for this meal, ” Su Yu complained unhappily. “Brother Pei, you’re being too impolite.”

“Put it on my tab,” Tong Pei said.

After hearing this, Su Yu obediently shut his mouth. “Well, if you’re treating, I should have ordered a few more expensive dishes.”

“Are you nervous?” Tong Pei asked Guo Miao.

“I’m not.” Guo Miao looked at Tong Pei and shook her head. “I’m pretty confident.”

Tong Pei nodded. The ever-confident Guo Miao was especially attractive. “I’ll treat you to dinner after your exams. We can go to the capital if it’s convenient. Grandma Sheng and Sheng Ying would like to see you.”

Guo Miao nodded in agreement.

After dinner, Su Yu and Tong Pei sent the few of them back to school.

When they were about to get out of the car, Tong Pei called out to Guo Miao and handed her an exquisitely wrapped bag. The logo on it was a very popular dessert shop in the capital.

“I bought it while I happened to pass by. Take it and eat it.”

Guo Miao nodded and accepted the desserts. Tong Pei was quite interesting, always giving her food.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 92 - 92 Encouraging Her