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89 Speech

Guo Miao’s doubts were soon answered that night.

Generally, the National Mathematics Competition was held in Beijing, often at Beijing University or Huaqing University.

However, due to some special reasons, Beijing University and Huaqing University could not host the Panda TV show this year, so they chose Shanghai’s Fuda University.

The mathematics competition was usually seven days long. However, due to the adjustment of the competition system this year, it had been changed to twelve days.

The first day was the opening ceremony, followed by three days of training, one day for the team competition, three days for the individual match training, the ninth day for the individual match, the tenth day for the academic report competition, the eleventh day for free activities, and the twelfth day for the closing ceremony.

For a full twelve days, every day was chock-a-block.

The opening ceremony on the first day answered Guo Miao’s question.

The opening ceremony of this kind of competition basically saw industry and mathematics bigwigs, as well as previous winners, who would give speeches.

Professor Min Hai, who was familiar with Guo Miao, and the principal of Beijing University came to give a speech.

And the most prominent star this time was probably the dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tong Li.

Tong Li was the first Chinese mathematics competition winner. It was also Tong Li who led the Chinese mathematics competition team to the finals of the World Mathematics Competition for the first time.

Although they didn’t get a good result in their first year, they won the IMO Championship in the second year.

The old man was old, but he was the Honorary President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He stood on the stage in high spirits. His white hair was neatly combed, and he told everyone how he led his teammates into IMO.

Back then, there wasn’t a training system for the National Mathematics Competition like now, and there weren’t any rich teaching resources either. They had to rely on their passion to carve out a path in the silent arena of mathematics.

Looking at the old man giving a passionate speech on the stage, Guo Miao felt that her dusty memory of the Empire had been awakened.

Back then, she was still an orphan who had just been reborn into the interstellar era. She had led the children from the slums to compete with the children from the Noble Academy.

In a situation where the teachers’ strength and the external forces that could be used were completely inferior to theirs, Guo Miao and the others still defeated those children from the Noble Academy.

It was also in that competition that she became famous and was summoned by the Empire’s President. Later, she became the most popular idol of the civilians in the Empire.

When the conditions were poor, those who stood up and led everyone to victory were the real heroes.

Back then, Guo Miao was one, and so was this old gentleman in front of her.

Guo Miao looked at the old man on the stage, her heart full of respect.

After he finished his speech, the presidents and professors also told their stories about their mathematics competitions.

The last one to go up was a young man who looked familiar.

Guo Miao sensed the man glance at her, and Su Su, who was sitting beside her, sighed.

“Look, that guy is my brother!”

Guo Miao looked in the direction Su Su was pointing and looked at the young man.

Wasn’t this the Su Yu who was part of Tong Pei, Wendu, and Sheng Guang’s glorious quartet? Why was he here?

And the roommate she had just met was Su Yu’s friend?

Su Yu cleared his throat slightly and began to tell the story of his participation in the mathematics competition.

However, his story didn’t seem to be about himself. Instead, it was like he was praising his captain, and his captain was no one else but Tong Pei.

Tong Pei had studied at Beijing University’s high school with Su Yu and Wendu back then. He also won first place in the mathematics competition that year.

The three of them and several other team members helped one another, tutoring one another’s shortcomings before the game. In the end, they were the top three in the country, and the rest of their teammates were also in the top ten.

At that time, the national team had tried their best to recruit Tong Pei, but he was still a high school student and had to join the Tong Group to learn and deal with company affairs. In the end, he chose to give up on joining the national team.

In the end, Su Yu entered the national team and inherited Tong Pei’s tradition. He and his other teammates won the IMO Championship.

Guo Miao listened carefully. Su Yu’s speech was basically praising Tong Pei. She didn’t expect Tong Pei to have such hot-blooded youth.

Guo Miao’s mood was a bit subtle. She seemed to know that Tong Pei was different from now.

This made her heart beat faster, and it was a wonderful feeling.

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