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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 88 - 88 Fate Is Too Strong

88 Fate Is Too Strong

This competition system was a newer innovation, but it had long been popularized in the era of the Empire.

When Guo Miao participated in the competition, she had already led the team several times and was very clear about the process of the competition.

The questions for the team match were generally about plane geometry, algebra, number theory, and combination mathematics. There would be two questions for combination mathematics, and only one question for each of the remaining areas.

Usually, the team leader would figure out what each team member was good at in the early stages of training and deal with the questions according to their strengths, and there would inevitably be two or three people solving the questions together.


As a result, their training for cooperation would last for a long time with the captain holding the toughest role.

Guo Miao was an all-rounded fighter and wasn’t afraid at all. According to the level of the mathematics competition, she probably wouldn’t have a problem solving the questions by herself.

The strategy that she formulated was that everyone had to have at least two areas that they were good at. Fu Meng and Tian Sa were in one group, Lu Yao and Chen Le were in another, she was in one with Zhao Nan, and the remaining two students were in another group.

The moment the groups were decided, Chen Le was already unhappy.

“Mystical Miao, you teamed up with Zhao Nan because she’s too weak, right? Why are you taking care of her so much?”

With a god like Guo Miao in the group, Zhao Nan probably didn’t even need to look at the questions and could win.

Looking at Chen Le, Guo Miao wanted to tell her that most of the people in this era were weak in mathematics anyway. In this field, if she was God, they could not even measure up to a strand of hair on the head of God’s little angel.

“Zhao Nan’s strength is more substantial than yours, so don’t underestimate her.”

Guo Miao took a piece of paper and quickly wrote down a question, then placed it in front of the two.

“The two of you, try to solve this question. If Zhao Nan can solve it before you, you have to apologize to her, understand?”

Chen Le snorted because she had never been afraid of anyone when it came to solving problems.

What she didn’t know was that Guo Miao had already given Zhao Nan this question to practice when they were training the city team.

Seeing the questions on the paper, Zhao Nan looked up at Guo Miao with a face full of gratitude.

Guo Miao was using this method to help her maintain her dignity.

Of course, Zhao Nan completed it before Chen Le did.

Chen Le lowered her head and unwillingly apologized to Zhao Nan. The two of them finally reconciled.

For the next half a month, they stayed at Haicheng High School and began training after class every day.

With Guo Miao’s rich experience and high IQ, the level of the team members improved rapidly.

The day of departure had finally arrived.

Haicheng was about a two-hour flight away from Shanghai.

Guo Miao arrived at her destination after a night’s sleep.

At the airport, there were students who were participating in the competition. They came from all over the country and gathered together for this grand event.

This time, the competition was held at Fuda University. The Fuda University students led them to get on the bus to match.

Fu Meng, Chen Le, and the others all came from well-to-do families and had visited Shanghai before. Zhao Nan was the only one who had not been here before. She sat in the car and looked left and right, looking at everything in Shanghai in surprise.

Hucheng was more developed than Haicheng, and it was the economic center of the country.

If Haicheng was a big city with a human touch and the atmosphere of a marketplace, then Hucheng was a completely international metropolis. There were high-rise buildings everywhere, as well as fashionable people and white-collared workers. It looked a lot less human than Haicheng.

However, the neon lights and the glass buildings reflecting the bright lights attracted more people to fight and go crazy for it every day.

There was a writer who wrote about Shanghai, saying that while it was the best city, it was also the worst. Looking at it now, it indeed lived up to its reputation.

Guo Miao followed the local students to Fuda University, which was the best school apart from Huaqing University and Beijing University. This year’s National Mathematics Competition would be held here.

These students also lived in an empty dormitory at Fuda University.

However, due to the difference in the number of men and women in each province, it was impossible for every dormitory to be allocated to the people from their own provincial team.

In Guo Miao’s dormitory, other than Guo Miao, Fu Meng, and Zhao Nan, there was also a girl who seemed to come from an affluent family.

When she moved into the dormitory, she introduced herself. She was Su Su from Beijing, and she said that she was studying at a high school in Shanghai.

Gazing into Su Su’s eyes, Guo Miao felt that she resembled someone.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 88 - 88 Fate Is Too Strong