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87 Forming a Team

Professor Min Hai didn’t feel angry when he heard Guo Miao’s words. After all, she was a genius, and geniuses more or less had their own temper. How could they be easily manipulated by others?

Guo Miao didn’t pay any more attention to Chen Xing, whose face was as black as the bottom of a pot. She was here today to check on the progress.

The National Mathematics Competition was about to begin, and she had to devote herself to training for the competition. They would be going to Mocheng to participate in the competition, so she would not have time to stay at the research institute.

Yesterday, she had already prepared what she was going to say at the meeting at the research institute.

Seeing that Guo Miao had arrived, everyone quickly gathered in the meeting room and waited for her instructions. Everyone was excited about this meeting.

Guo Miao had assigned suitable tasks to everyone. As long as they followed her plan every day, they would be able to perfect the project by the deadline.

Professor Min Hai, who had been doing research for many years, also praised Guo Miao. Not only was she an academic genius, but she was also good at making research plans.

Guo Miao came from the Empire a thousand years in the future. At that time, scientific research had already reached the peak of perfection. When there was no way to compare the width and precision of the research field, increasing efficiency and making the research more reasonable became the top priority.

Guo Miao had been in the research field for many years, so she was very familiar with this area.

After the meeting, Guo Miao left the research base. It was a rare weekend, and she had something to do.

The car drove to the Provincial Education Bureau.

Fu Meng, Lu Yao, Tian Sa, Zhao Nan, Chen Le, and two other members of the provincial team were already waiting at the Education Bureau. These few people would be representing the Guangdong Province, where Haicheng was located, to participate in the National Mathematics Competition.

The mathematics competition usually lasted for seven days. It was mainly an individual competition to select the team members for the international competition.

However, this year, the international competition system had changed. More emphasis was placed on win-win cooperation between teams, so the national competition design had also been adjusted.

In addition to the individual matches like before, there were also five-man team matches.

The individual match usually had three questions to be answered within four hours, while the team match had a total of five questions and required eight team members to work together to complete it.

These eight questions were also very difficult, much harder than the questions in the individual match.

In addition to the eight questions, there was also an academic report segment. In this segment, each provincial team had to report based on the difficult math problem they had drawn, and the score from the report would be added to the team’s score.

The ratio between the individual match and the team match was nine to one. The top 30 would be selected to enter the national training team.

They frowned as they watched Chang Yuan standing on the podium and explaining the competition system.

They were still high school students, so they didn’t know how to make academic reports. Moreover, the change in the competition system might allow some people who were not qualified to enter the national team to enter the national competition by relying on the team’s contribution. It might also cause some people who were originally very good to miss the opportunity because of the team’s weakness.

“This competition system is unfair,” Chen Le complained. He looked at the few people in front of him, especially Zhao Nan, and rolled his eyes fiercely. “Some of the country bumpkins might really drag us down.”

Zhao Nan lowered her head because she knew that Chen Le was talking about her.

“Chen Le, aren’t you going too far?” Fu Meng stopped him. “We’re all participating in the national competition. We’re a team. Why are you attacking your teammate now?”

“That’s right, Chen Le, it’s fine if you just adapt to the rules. Successful people adapt to the environment instead of making the environment adapt to them.” Chang Yuan’s words made Chen Le’s face turn red and white.

“I’m participating in the competition with a country bumpkin. I’m just not convinced.”

“What country bumpkin? I was born in Dongshan Village. Why don’t you call me a country bumpkin?” Guo Miao said with a cold smile.

When Chen Le met her today, she had been polite and civil, but when she saw that she was in the same group as Zhao Nan, she started to complain.

Weren’t these double standards?

“Practice the questions for the next few days. Don’t be nervous when the time comes. This is very important. I’ve come up with a few sets of questions, so you guys can practice in simulation.”

Chang Yuan waved his hand and distributed the papers on their tables.

“You guys have to work well together on the team questions. Whether our province can win this time depends on you!”

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