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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 86 - 86 Meeting Her Senior Again

86 Meeting Her Senior Again

“I’m a friend of hers.” Tong Pei raised his wine glass and took a sip.

The atmosphere in the room fell silent.

They had a lot of friends in the capital circle, and many of them could be considered friends with Tong Pei. However, they had never seen Tong Pei care so much about someone.

Even though it wasn’t a bad thing, Guo Miao was just a high school girl.

“It seems that this friend of yours is quite capable. When she comes to our military research institute, I have to treat her to a meal.” Lin Ting felt that the atmosphere was not right and quickly tried to mediate.

Lin Ting hung up the phone quickly, and the three of them raised their glasses to drink again.

As spoken, he met Guo Miao the next day at the military research institute.

Guo Miao had signed a contract with the military. She had sold the supercomputer project to the military department, but because it was going to be used in the military, there were still many things that needed to be adjusted.

Since Guo Miao couldn’t leave Haicheng, the military transferred some experts from the capital to take charge of her project.

Guo Miao was the main person in charge of this project.

Lin Ting did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the high school girl who extended her hand to him.

“Hello, I’m Guo Miao. I’m in charge of the supercomputer project.”

Guo Miao was wearing a white coat and rimless glasses. Her hair was shoulder-length, and her bangs made her look more playful. Such a young-looking girl was actually the leading expert in this major project.

“I’m Lin Ting. We met yesterday.” Lin Ting held Guo Miao’s outstretched hand.

Colonel Wang, Wang Yu, was also shocked. In the years he had been in charge of the Haicheng research institute, this was the first time he had seen such a young expert in charge.

The organization also attached great importance to this project and sent a team of experts from Beijing University. This team of experts was the most powerful group of people in the computer science and physics departments of Beijing University.

However, if this group of elites knew that their leader was this little high school girl, how shocked would they be?

While they were talking, Professor Min Hai came over with two students.

One of them was Chen Xing, whom he had met at Beijing University’s laboratory.

When Professor Min Hai saw Guo Miao coming over, a kind smile appeared on his wrinkled face. “Guo Miao, we are really fated.”

“Professor, do you know Guo Miao… Teacher Guo Miao?” Lin Ting usually addressed the people at the research institute as ‘teacher’. He looked at Guo Miao and felt that the way he addressed her was a little awkward.

“I met Teacher Guo Miao once at Beijing University when she participated in a competition. I didn’t expect that we would be fated to be colleagues on the same project. It’s my honor,” Min Hai said.

Lin Ting’s mouth was wide open in surprise. Even Professor Min Hai respectfully addressed Guo Miao as Teacher Guo Miao.

Guo Miao really wasn’t just anyone.

“Teacher, Guo Miao is only a middle school student. I don’t know how she came up with this project. You don’t have to lower yourself to be a coward,” said Chen Xing.

“That’s not right. The creativity and practicality of Guo Miao’s inventions are the best in the world. Although I’ve done many scientific research projects, I’ve been learning for a long time. If there are sound young people’s projects, I still have to consult them.”

Min Hai’s words did not seem to be lethal, but it was reproaching Chen Xing.

On one hand, Chen Xing’s academic level was not high enough. On the other hand, Chen Xing was not humble enough.

Guo Miao understood Professor Min Hai’s words and slowly said, “It’s my honor to be able to work on a project with you, Professor Min.”

“Chen Xing, long time no see.” She turned to Chen Xing.

“Hello,” Chen Xing greeted her in a sour mood.

“I’ll let Chen Xing work on the data later. Thanks, Chen Xing.”

The data was the most basic part of this project. Although it was cumbersome, it was good training for patience and ability.

Hearing this, Chen Xing was a little unhappy. Why was she given such a cumbersome and thankless job?

“Also, Chen Xing, I’m a high school student now, not a middle school student.” Guo Miao looked at Chen Xing and retaliated.

Guo Miao knew that there were many people who were unconvinced of her, so she didn’t mind making an example of her to everyone.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 86 - 86 Meeting Her Senior Again