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83 Monitoring

Seeing the lawyer and the people from the Industry and Commerce Bureau working hard to investigate, the parents were also a little scared.

Although they were considered powerful families in Haicheng, they couldn’t mobilize the professional team of lawyers and the director of the Industry and Commerce Bureau at will.

They had heard about Fuyue Restaurant before. It was just a newly opened restaurant and did not have any particularly powerful connections. How did so many big shots come to help this restaurant?

Just as the parents were feeling puzzled, two people in camouflage entered. Their military ranks seemed very high, and they were probably colonels in the nearby military region.

“Colonel Wang, Major Lin, why are you here?” Yang Sheng, the deputy chief of the police station, stood up.

Colonel Wang was the commander of the Haicheng military. Haicheng Military Region was a very complicated military area. They did not just have an army but also missile soldiers and a military research Institute.

Although Colonel Wang did not lead troops to war, he was the head of the research institute. He handled high-level secret military research projects such as long-range missiles and military technology attacks.

Major Lin’s status was not ordinary either. He had been promoted to major at a young age with outstanding military achievements. It was said that his family had connections with several famous consortiums in Beijing, but this relationship had never been revealed.

The parents were even more dumbfounded when they saw the two big shots. Although Haicheng Military Region was right next to Haicheng, and the villa they lived in had a view of the iron fencing around the military restricted zone, they didn’t expect to be in contact with such big shots at such a close distance.

The police officers also gaped at Guo Miao. They couldn’t believe that this little high school girl would have so many connections.

Looking at these people, Guo Miao was a little speechless. This matter just needed a bit of investigation, and the surveillance cameras would suffice. Why did she order a group of people to support her?

“Deputy Chief Yang, it’s impossible for there to be any problems with the food in my dad’s restaurant. I suspect that someone did something to the food delivery,” Guo Miao said while facing the crowd.

“How could we have done anything? We’re just working!” When Li Ju and Zhang Tian heard that they were suspected, they quickly stood up. “It’s just a problem with the food you’ve eaten. Don’t push the blame on us hardworking people.”

Guo Miao didn’t say anything and just looked at them.

Zhang Tian felt uncomfortable being stared at, and he quickly said, “We were just delivering the food. We didn’t put any drugs or laxatives into it. No, none of those! We never…”

The parents never mentioned that the food was drugged just now. They only said that there was a problem with the ingredients. This time, the two culprits were fooled.

“I didn’t say anything about drugs. Why did you confess?” Guo Miao said as she looked at the two of them.

“We don’t have any. Even if we do, you don’t have any evidence.” Li Ju and Zhang Tian looked at Guo Miao with unconvinced expressions.

Anyway, they had drugged the food in a secluded place. Unless Guo Miao had been in their car, it was impossible to find evidence.

“I installed a surveillance camera in your food delivery car. You guys probably didn’t know about that, right?” Guo Miao laughed.

Ever since she found out that her father and Jiang Yue were not delivering the food personally, she had installed surveillance cameras in the car. The surveillance cameras were the size of buttons and were installed in the four corners of the car. They would be captured even if they drugged the food in the car.

“Commissioner Yang, may I use the computer here?” Guo Miao asked.

Yang Sheng quickly handed a notebook to Guo Miao.

Guo Miao’s fingers flew across the keyboard, and soon, the surveillance video was displayed on the screen.

In the surveillance video, Zhang Tian and Li Ju were pouring laxatives into the food.

Guo Miao expressionlessly magnified the powdered drug sachets in their hands countless times. It was a powerful laxative only used by adults. If such medicine was given to children, it would definitely harm their stomachs.

As they stared at the faces of the two people who had drugged the children on the screen, the parents finally couldn’t take it anymore. They stood up and walked to Li Ju and Zhang Tian, ready to give them a good beating.

For a moment, the police station was in chaos. Even the two military leaders and a group of police officers had to spend a lot of effort to calm the angry parents.

Which child wasn’t like a rib from their parents? What the duo did was undoubtedly akin to slicing the parents’ flesh.

Guo Miao walked in front of Zhang Tian. Because of the attack from the parents, there were a few more bloodstains on his face. “Zhang Tian, why did you drug him? Who is the mastermind behind this?”

Zhang Tian raised his head and looked into Guo Miao’s eyes that were black and bright, like a bottomless abyss.

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