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81 Tender

In half a month, Guo Miao would have to start school again, and Guo Fu’s restaurant would have to start preparing to bid to become a food and beverage supplier for Haicheng High School.

Every day after school, Guo Miao would go to Fuyue Restaurant to check on the progress of Guo Fu’s preparation.

She also helped Guo Fu think of many solutions, such as using kitchen waste as organic fertilizer, which could build a closer relationship with the organic vegetable suppliers in the suburbs.

Everything was in the midst of intense preparation.

Knowing that Fuyue Restaurant was preparing to bid, Zhong Heng also came a few times to give Guo Fu some suggestions. He also helped Guo Fu contact a high-quality meat supply base.

During this period of time, Guo Fu had been preparing for the tender, and the delivery of meals to the primary school affiliated with Haicheng University had been handed over to two newly recruited employees. The two employees were unemployed young men who lived nearby. They were rather daft and looked honest, so Guo Fu asked them to help deliver the food.

One day, Guo Miao arrived at Fuyue Restaurant. When she saw Li Ju and Zhang Tian, who were preparing to deliver food, she suddenly thought that the two of them looked familiar. She seemed to have seen these two faces before but couldn’t remember where.

Her memories of her past life were already fuzzy. She could still remember the important people, but those who had only appeared a few times were not within the scope of her memory.

“Dad, have you and Uncle Jiang Yue not been delivering the food recently?” Guo Miao asked.

“No, I’ve been too busy studying the recipes for the high school affiliated with Haicheng University, so I let them go instead.” Guo Fu brought out a few plates of freshly-made dishes.

Guo Fu paid special attention to the Haicheng High School tender, and he thought of different menus every day.

Soon, it was the day of the tender, and the menu was basically ready. Guo Fu had bought fresh ingredients for the tender the day before.

Just as Guo Fu and Jiang Yue were busy preparing the ingredients, a few people barged into Fuyue Restaurant.

“Hey, guys, what’s wrong with you? Your food is not up to standard. My child ate something bad.”

The person in the lead was a parent who held a diagnosis sheet in his hand. The diagnosis sheet showed that it was acute gastroenteritis.

“Don’t worry. What happened?” Guo Fu stopped them.

“You’re cooking for the kids from the primary school affiliated with Haicheng, right?”

“Yes, I am.” Guo Fu nodded. He was a little confused. Although he had been busy these days, he didn’t send food to Haicheng Primary School just because of the tender.

“You prepare other things every day. Can’t you prepare food for the children? I think you don’t have to bid anymore. You can just go straight to the market!” The leader of the parents was very angry and pointed at Guo Fu’s nose and scolded him.

Nevertheless, Guo Fu wasn’t offended by this parent’s attitude.

After all, every child was the apple of their parent’s eye. If a child fell sick from eating the food in the school canteen, all the parents would come to reason with them.

“Parents, please don’t be angry. We can discuss this slowly,” Guo Fu quickly said.

“What’s there to discuss? Your two workers said that you were busy bidding and didn’t have time to cook for them. Now, the children have a problem with their stomachs.”

Guo Fu’s words didn’t calm the parents down. Instead, they became more and more agitated.

“You have a child, and so do we. Think about it. If your child encountered such a thing, would you not be angry? Would you still be able to reason things out?”

The aggressive attitude of the leading parent made Guo Fu a little dumbfounded.

Guo Fu wasn’t good with words, and seeing that he didn’t say anything, the parent’s anger was ignited again.

“At least, give us a solution. Our children ate the food you sent to school and got food poisoning. If it’s not because of you, what else could it be?”

“Yeah, the parents at our school trusted you because the food you guys made was good. Is this how you repay our trust?”

“We just want to ask you what to do with our children. There are a few students in every class who are vomiting and having diarrhea.”

Among the chaotic parents, one of them said, “Let’s go to the police station to solve this. Let’s call the police and see what they have to say.”

Soon, the other parents agreed that it was best to leave this matter to the police.

Guo Fu did not know much about the law, so several parents forced him to go to the police station.

When he arrived at the police station, he remembered that he should call Guo Miao to tell her about the situation.

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