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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 80 - 80 New Year Greetings

80 New Year Greetings

“Mom, I’ve tried my best. Brother has also tried his best. If you really need the child who ranks first in the exam, why don’t you bring Guo Miao back?” Guo Lin said while looking at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu looked at Guo Lin with a frown.

Guo Lin had always been obedient and gentle since she was young, and she had never disobeyed Cheng Yu. This was a first.

Guo Ming, who was at the side, slammed his chopsticks on the table.


“Lin, don’t be so insensible.” He glanced at Guo Lin, his eyes terrifying.

“Although Guo Miao is good at her studies, her character is not that great. The same goes for Guo Fu. What kind of unscrupulous business is he doing? ” Listening to Guo Ming’s disdain for Guo Fu and Guo Miao, Guo Lin felt that her mood calmed down a lot.

“Guo Miao even went to help her father. I really don’t know what to do now,” Guo Lin said.

Hearing Guo Miao’s words, Cheng Yu also felt strange. “A high school student should study hard. Why would she do such useless things?”

Guo Miao’s studies were impressive, and Guo Fu was really big-hearted to let her help him.

Listening to Cheng Yu and Guo Ming criticize Guo Miao, Guo Lin’s mood improved a lot.

Guo Miao gave her a deep sense of crisis, and only when she heard her family reprimand Guo Miao could she alleviate this sense of doom. Even she didn’t realize how dangerous this thought was.

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, Guo Lin returned to her room. She looked at the contact list on her phone and dialed a number.

After Guo Miao and her father finished their meal, the whole family sat in a circle to watch the new year.

Although Guo Min was still a child, he was very energetic and didn’t complain about being sleepy.

Fireworks were usually forbidden in Haicheng, but today was the Spring Festival, so they were allowed. Guo Fu had also prepared firecrackers and sparklers that children usually liked.

The popping firecrackers were simple. As long as it fell to the ground, it would make a sound, as if a firecracker was set off.

The sparklers were like mini fireworks in his hand.

In the past, Xuxu would always covet the other children’s fireworks during the new year. He was very poor back then and couldn’t afford to buy fireworks during the new year.

Guo Miao still remembered the New Year celebration with the Guos of Haicheng in her previous life. Those children played with firecrackers and sparklers skillfully, ditching her at the side. She had never seen these things before, so they treated her as an alien.

“It’s almost midnight. Let’s go down, sis,” Guo Min urged as he pulled on Guo Miao’s clothes.

Only then did Guo Miao look up from her memories. She looked at her watch and saw that it was already 11:55.

She quickly shook Guo Fu, who was dozing off. “Dad, we’re going out to play with the fireworks.”

Guo Fu smiled naively. “Thank you for reminding me. Otherwise, I would have missed the time.”

The family of three quickly put on their cotton-padded clothes and walked out with the fireworks.

Guo Fu carried the huge fireworks while Guo Miao carried a box of sparklers and rockets. Xuxu also obediently carried a small box of sparklers and led the way.

This was Xuxu’s first time setting off firecrackers in his life, and also Guo Miao’s first time setting off firecrackers with her family.

She lit the firecrackers, and the red paper exploded along with the crackling sound. According to Haicheng tradition, such firecrackers could drive away a year of bad luck and bring good luck to the family.

The fireworks were also set off and bloomed beautifully in the sky.

Although these simple commercial fireworks weren’t as jaw-dropping as the ones Tong Pei had personally ordered, they had a simple warmth to them.

Just as the family of three was in high spirits, a few familiar figures walked over from the distance.

It was Sheng Guang, Sheng Ying, and Sheng Xun. The three of them had also moved their fireworks to the open space.

Sheng Guang was holding his phone in his hand as if he was on a video call with someone.

When he saw Guo Miao, Sheng Guang quickly ran over and raised the video on his phone for Guo Miao to see.

It was Tong Pei on the other end of the phone. He was wearing a black sweater and sitting on the sofa, seemingly also spending the new year with his family.

When Tong Pei saw Guo Miao, he quickly sat up and greeted her, “Guo Miao, Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.”

The two of them were about to say something when the fireworks exploded and drowned out their voices. However, they looked at each other on the screen and laughed happily.

This year, Guo Miao found comfort in her life.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 80 - 80 New Year Greetings