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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 79 - 79 Chinese New Year

79 Chinese New Year

The new year passed quickly. Guo Miao didn’t arrange to visit for the new year, so the family stayed at home and celebrated the new year together.

On the other hand, Zhong Heng brought Zhong Nian to visit. The mayor’s arrival made Guo Fu a little flattered, and he cooked a table full of dishes to entertain Zhong Heng.

Zhong Heng wasn’t a person who cared much about material enjoyment, so he told Guo Fu not to worry about the food and that he would just eat some home-cooked food.

Guo Fu made a few dishes that were often cooked at Fuyue Restaurant.

Because Fuyue Restaurant had reached an agreement with the organic vegetable suppliers in the suburbs, the vegetable suppliers also sent a lot of vegetables to the Guos during the new year.

Guo Fu’s cooking skills and the fresh organic vegetables could be considered a strong combination.

Although the home-cooked dishes were simple, they were very delicious. Even Zhong Heng, who had eaten delicacies from various countries, could not stop praising them.

“Guo Fu, your dishes are really outstanding,” Zhong Heng said. “Although it’s just a simple stir-fry, the vegetables are very fresh and sweet, unlike ordinary vegetables. Although the cooking method is simple, I can see that your cooking skills are very solid.”

Guo Fu raised his glass. “You’re too kind, Mayor.”

Zhong Heng and Guo Fu clinked their glasses, and the latter suggested, “Guo Fu, you can try opening a home-cooked private restaurant. There’s no such restaurant in Haicheng yet.”

Guo Fu nodded and told Zhong Heng about his experience as a supplier.

Although Guo Fu and Zhong Heng’s social statuses were far from each other, they still got along well. Zhong Heng even said that he would invest in Guo Fu’s future food and beverage company.

After lunch, Zhong Heng took his leave. Everyone had to reunite with their families on the night of Chinese New Year’s Eve.

In the evening, after eating the New Year’s Eve dinner and dumplings, Guo Miao’s family gathered in front of the TV to watch the New Year’s Eve party.

Many years later in the Empire, due to the extreme material development, everyone no longer had a sense of ceremony like the new year. However, Guo Miao would still eat a bowl of dumplings every year during the new year according to the Haicheng customs.

It was just that at that time, Guo Miao didn’t have any family members she cared about, so her bowl of dumplings always seemed a little desolate and sad.

But now, she could reunite with her father and brother for the new year again. The pain she had experienced for more than ten years seemed to be just a matter of a moment.

While Guo Miao was having a happy reunion, the Guo family of Haicheng was not so harmonious.

After the banquet, the Guo family of Haicheng was humiliated in front of almost the entire city. Guo Ming and Cheng Yu didn’t arrange to go out to visit for the new year but stayed at home as a family.

Because of Guo Miao’s matter, Cheng Yu had been very cold to his two children recently. He didn’t forget to berate the two of them at the dinner table.

“Even if you’re on vacation, you can’t delay your studies. Look at Guo Miao, and look at you. Why can’t your academic results improve?” Cheng Yu frowned and said while eating.

“I’ll work hard, but Little Sister Guo Miao is a genius. I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up,” Guo Hu said with a bitter smile.

He kept calling Guo Miao “little sister,” which was very friendly, but it was quite harsh to Guo Lin’s ears.

In the past, everyone in the family revolved around her, but it was different now. Everything revolved around Guo Miao, and no one took her seriously. This perception made her particularly pained.

“Lin, you too. You can’t just focus on art. You have to keep up with your studies too,” Cheng Yu said.

“Okay, Mom.” Guo Lin smiled. She was still as obedient as before, but there was a bit of hatred in her heart.

“I heard that her adoptive father opened a restaurant. I don’t know what he does. What kind of child can a father like him teach?” Guo Ming said.

A few gossipy relatives told Guo Ming about the Guo family’s restaurant. He had always looked down upon this industry, and Guo Fu’s business really couldn’t be compared with his family’s.

It was a pity to leave such a good child like Guo Miao by Guo Fu’s side.

“I don’t know what Guo Fu is thinking. Restaurants are all low-end businesses, so how can they have a way out? A good child like Guo Miao is really tainted by filth. She only wants to live with that poor adoptive father,” Guo Ming commented.

Guo Hu just listened and didn’t answer.

When Guo Lin heard this, she couldn’t hold back her expression.

This family had thought that Guo Miao was embarrassing and conspicuous when they had chased her away, but now they kept saying it was a pity as if they loved her.

They used to dote on her a lot, but she didn’t know why she seemed to be losing everything she had ever since Guo Miao came.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 79 - 79 Chinese New Year