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77 Jealousy

When Guo Miao arrived at the school, most of her classmates had not arrived yet.

Guo Miao felt something amiss. She turned around and asked Chen Si, “Why isn’t everyone here yet? The class is starting in five minutes.”

Chen Si lowered his head to read his book but did not look up at Guo Miao. Instead, he shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Looking at Chen Si’s reaction, Guo Miao felt a little strange, but she still took out a book and began to read.

It was only three minutes before class started that the students arrived one after another.

Just as Guo Miao raised her head to look, she realized that the words “Welcome back, Mystical Miao!” had been written on the blackboard.

What kind of embarrassing welcoming ceremony was this?

“What is this? What are you guys doing?” Guo Miao pulled Chen Si’s sleeve.

Without waiting for Chen Si to answer, there was a bang as a smokeless firework display was revealed, and confetti fell on Guo Miao.

Everyone took out their snacks from their bags and piled them on Guo Miao’s table.

Guo Miao raised her head and found Chang Yuan and Chen Cheng also standing on the podium, smiling at her.

“Mystical Miao has won the provincial competition. We should celebrate!” Chen Cheng said with a smile. He didn’t call Guo Miao by her original name but called her Mystical Miao along with the rest of the class.

“I’ll pay for all the snacks that everyone bought today. Then, I’ll treat everyone to milk tea to celebrate the provincial champion of our class!” Chang Yuan said.

Everyone cheered when they heard that there would be milk tea in the class.

Gu Ze, the form teacher of Class 1 next door, heard the commotion and walked out of his class to take a look at Class 10.

When he saw the words “Welcome back, Mystical Miao,” his face turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

It must be known that both first place in the school and first place in the competition normally came from Class 1. There were not many in the top hundred of the whole grade, let alone the first place from a place like Class 10, where trash gathered.

But now, whether it was the exam or the competition, the limelight had been stolen by Guo Miao from Class 10.

Gu Ze returned to Class 1 with a dark face. Looking at the students studying quietly below, he was a little angry.

“Today, we’ll be talking about the last test. Whoever didn’t complete it, stand up,” Gu Ze said.

The papers had only been given out yesterday. Many people were busy with the previous papers and didn’t have time to complete them. When they heard Gu Ze’s words, they all stood up with sad faces.

Looking at more than half of the students who had stood up, Gu Ze became even angrier. He took out his pointer and hit each student’s hand twice.

“Your batch is terrible. You can’t take exams or compete.” He looked at Lu Yao, who stood up, and was even angrier.

Lu Yao had always been the first in the form and had a great advantage in competitions. This time, he only came in third in the province. It was infuriating to even talk about it.

“Lu Yao, you can’t relax just because you’ve always been in the first place. There’s always someone better than you.”

Gu Ze walked past Lu Yao and went back, and the next person who didn’t complete the paper was Guo Lin.

Pa, pa!

The two smacks landed on Guo Lin’s hands.

“Guo Miao is your sister. Why don’t you learn from her? I remember that your math grades dropped again. Your sister is so good at her studies, so why can’t you learn from her?” Gu Ze’s sharp eyes looked at Guo Lin.

Guo Lin bit her lips, and there were tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying? You’re so useless. Why can’t you study hard like your sister? You’re so busy every day, but I don’t know what you’re doing.”

Guo Lin lowered her head and did not look at Gu Ze.

Yesterday, the news of Guo Miao winning first place in the provincial competition had spread to the Guo family, and Guo Ming and Cheng Yu had used this matter to berate her and Guo Lu for a long time.

They didn’t expect that the child they had chased out of the family would have the most potential.

Because of this incident, Cheng Yu’s attitude toward Guo Hu and Guo Lin was not as good as before.

Although Guo Hu was also sad, he still treated his parents the same as before. However, his attitude towards Guo Lin was not as good as before. He was always cold and distant.

Guo Lin clenched her fists. She had tried her best to drive Guo Miao out of the house, but Guo Miao was like a lingering spirit that had become a shadow over her head.

What right did Guo Miao have?

Wasn’t she just a country bumpkin who came from the mountains? How could she take everything that she had?

Gu Ze walked around Guo Lin and went to the student behind.

Guo Lin, who was standing in the same place, bit her lip hard.

“Guo Miao, I’ll let you have a taste of losing everything. Don’t even think about snatching what’s mine.”

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