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74 Recruitment

The initial investment of 300,000 yuan had now become 3 million yuan. She withdrew all 3 million yuan and set a fixed transfer.

This weekend, the money would be transferred to the shared account of Jinyue Group’s Haicheng branch as promised. Her game project would also start immediately.

After doing all this, Guo Miao remembered that there was still one more thing that had not been solved.

It wasn’t the graduation season, so it wasn’t a good time to recruit talents. The company couldn’t operate by itself. She still needed a lot of computer talent.

She called Lin Chao.

Lin Chao qualified for a Master’s degree because of the results of the science and technology competition, and Li You also received offers from several big companies after the competition. The two of them had a bright future.

In order to thank Guo Miao, neither of them accepted the bonus.

Lin Chao was flattered by Guo Miao’s call.

“Boss Mindy, how come you have time to call me?” Lin Chao asked.

“Are there many computer students in your school who are at a similar level as you?” Guo Miao asked directly.

Lin Chao was a little dumbfounded. While he wasn’t one of the best in his department, he was at a rather impressive level but it seemed quite immodest to say so.

“Top ten in the grade, I guess?”

“I need your help,” Guo Miao said immediately. I’m working on a holographic game project in Haicheng. Can you help me ask your classmates if they’re interested in it?”

Lin Chao agreed, but he was still a little nervous.

Most of the students at Beijing University had their eyes on the top of their heads and didn’t care about the projects of gaming companies. Most of them liked to work in big factories or research institutes.

Lin Chao’s jaw almost fell when he read the recruitment requirements and company information Guo Miao sent.

This was the Haicheng branch of Jinyue Group.

Jinyue Group was the largest company in the country and the leader of countless industries.

Previously, Jinyue Group had no business in Haicheng, but the first project in Haicheng was a game. It was clear that Jinyue Group attached great importance to this project.

Lin Chao looked at the project introduction that Guo Miao had sent him. The game had a cyberpunk theme.

It wasn’t as simple as a game but was an IP, a world of its own.

In this world, there were adventure games for the open world, love-oriented games for girls, and farming games for casual players.

The background of these games was in a country called the Constellation Empire.

This game was to create a new world in the virtual world that one could play in, socialize, and create. Although the amount of work required was huge, if it could be done, the profits would be quite considerable.

Lin Chao saw the third email from Guo Miao. It was a set of questions for the interview.

The questions were aimed at art designers, writers, technical staff, and planners. Each set was quite professional, and Lin Chao’s admiration for Guo Miao grew.

He sent the question to Beijing University’s support group and it soon caused a sensation. This mysterious project quickly attracted the attention of Beijing University students.

Like the floodgates were opened, resumes and test answers poured into Guo Miao’s email.

Meanwhile, Guo Miao was having dinner with a few students who were participating in the competition in a restaurant in Wancheng.

Chang Yuan knew that these students should have done well in their exams, so he chose an expensive restaurant to eat at.

“Mr. Chang, Guo Miao predicted half of the questions right this time. I feel like solving the questions was as easy as the usual exams,” Lu Yao said. After the provincial competition, he truly admired Guo Miao.

“That’s right, sir. I feel like after Guo Miao taught us, I’ve been enlightened.”

Chang Yuan was also grinning from ear to ear. This was the most effortless batch of students he had ever taught.

With Guo Miao’s strong abilities, Chang Yuan didn’t need to put in much effort and the group of students had already learned a lot. He was now thinking about how many national awards he would get in the future.

Guo Miao just smiled and clinked glasses with everyone.

When she returned to the hotel, she opened her email and saw that there were already hundreds of job applications.

She read the email very quickly and even saw Li You and Wu Wei’s names. She forwarded the email to Wu Wei.

Wu Wei’s reply came quickly.

[Boss Guo Miao, why didn’t you bring me along? I’m still waiting for you to teach me.] There were two crying emojis at the end of the message, which made Guo Miao not know whether to laugh or cry.

Wu Wei’s ability was more than enough to do this project. Guo Miao wanted to give him an offer, but he had actually solved things.

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