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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 73 - 73 Guessing Questions

73 Guessing Questions

“Guo Miao?” Chen Le frowned. “Who is that? I don’t think she’s ever participated in a competition in junior high school.”

“She’s the only player from Haicheng who got a full score this time. When she said she barely made it through, she didn’t actually mean brushing past the qualifying line, but she was the referee at the full-score line,” someone kindly reminded him.

Chen Le’s face suddenly turned red.

One must know that even though he was a general who always won, he had never gotten full marks.


Almost all of the questions in the competition were out of the syllabus. Some of the questions might not even be completely correct even if they were given to the teacher, let alone getting full marks.

Chen Le looked at Guo Miao’s departing back and said fiercely, “It’s just a perfect score. She might just be lucky. I’d like to see how she can compete with me in the provincial competition.”

Guo Miao was consoling Zhao Nan.

Although Zhao Nan was very hardworking and talented, she was not mentally strong.

Guo Miao didn’t want Zhao Nan to be affected by Chen Le’s incident.

Before the competition, Guo Miao had already bet on a few knowledge points and test questions. If they revised according to her plan, it would be no problem to get more than 300 points in the provincial competition.

The purpose of the provincial competition was to select the members of the provincial team. There were eight members selected each year, and the minimum score for the top eight each year was 300 points, with a full score of 350 points.

Guo Miao hoped that the Haicheng team players could enter the provincial team together.

Zhao Nan took Guo Miao’s tissue and wiped her face. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so emotional. But I really can’t afford to pay for the shoes.”

The more she spoke, the softer her voice became.

Zhao Nan’s parents were both ordinary workers in the county. At most, they could be considered to be living a comfortable life. Zhao Nan had never seen that pair of shoes before, let alone know how much it cost.

Looking at Zhao Nan’s appearance, Guo Miao thought of herself in her previous life; she had also been like this.

In her previous life, she had accidentally stepped on a classmate’s dress. That dress wasn’t worth much to the Guo family of Haicheng, but Guo Miao didn’t have any money at that time. Thinking about having to talk to Cheng Yu about compensation, Guo Miao’s head hurt.

Later on, although Cheng Yu had to pay for the damages, she looked down on this biological daughter who had never seen the world, and Guo Miao’s life in the Guo family became even worse.

Guo Miao looked at Zhao Nan and patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry, the prize money is definitely enough. If you really can’t get it, I will help you.”

“How can I lend you money? It’s already hard enough for you to tutor us.” Zhao Nan’s voice gradually lowered. She lowered her head as if tears were about to flow out again.

“What limited edition? Listen to his nonsense.” Tian Sa walked out and looked at Zhao Nan.

“My family sells shoes. His shoes are not original. At most, they’re 200 yuan. Don’t be scared of him.” Tian Sa patted Zhao Nan’s shoulder and pointed to the shoes on his feet. “The shoes on my feet are the real deal. Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

“Really?” Zhao Nan stopped sobbing and looked at Guo Miao.

Guo Miao and Tian Sa exchanged a look and nodded. “That’s right. The color combo isn’t even right. How can it be real?”

Zhao Nan nodded and wiped her tears. “I will definitely do my best and get the bonus.”

The number of questions for this provincial competition was similar to that of the city-level competition, but the questions were much more difficult.

However, it was a piece of cake for Guo Miao.

She scanned through the paper, and the questions did not exceed her expectations. While she was looking through the paper, Chen Le kept staring at her, as if he was trying to spot the panic on her face.

Indeed, the questions this time were more difficult than the previous ones. It would not work if she had only used the previous questions for revision.

However, the scope of Guo Miao’s revision was much larger than that of the provincial competition. She had even chosen some puzzle questions for the Haicheng team.

After reading the questions, Guo Miao stretched lazily and began to answer them slowly.

The people from Haicheng answered calmly. In comparison, Chen Le seemed to be panicking.

His forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He grabbed his pen and wrote on the draft paper, not daring to look up at his surroundings.

There was still half an hour before the exam and Guo Miao had already finished answering. She placed the paper on the table and left the exam hall.

The crowd panicked when they saw Guo Miao leave the exam hall. Only a few people from Haicheng were still calm. After all, it wasn’t strange for Guo Miao to hand in her paper early. The four of them were already used to it.

Guo Miao walked out of the exam hall and started to focus on her phone. Today was the day to sell the funds.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 73 - 73 Guessing Questions