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68 Fireworks

The villa that they booked had its own hot spring pool. After eating and drinking, they returned to the hotel and began to enjoy the hot spring.

Guo Miao only had Sheng Ying with her.

Although Sheng Ying was a decisive and strong-headed woman, she was very close to Guo Miao, like a little girl.

The two of them were huddled in the hot spring in their swimsuits, only showing their heads.

Sheng Ying put an egg in the basket and let it float in the hot spring. She was going to heat it up to eat.

“Guo Miao, you’re so young. When did you learn medicine?”

“I learned it from the village doctors when I was a child. The village doctors are more proficient in Chinese medicine.” Guo Miao used the same excuse she had used to explain to Guo Fu.

Sheng Ying nodded. “Actually, with your ability and knowledge, it’s not too late for you to go to Beijing University’s junior class now. Do you want to reconsider?”

Grandma Sheng also hoped that Guo Miao would go to the junior class at Beijing University. After all, if anything happened to Sheng Guang in the future, it would be easier to get her over for treatment.

However, Guo Miao still shook her head. “Sheng Guang’s eyes are almost healed. It’s unlikely that there will be a relapse. If there’s any problem, I’ll come to Beijing.”

Sheng Ying nodded. She felt that Guo Miao was not a simple girl. She had excellent medical skills and even had the ability to read people’s minds.

The two of them chatted for a while more. Suddenly, beautiful fireworks exploded in the sky.

Guo Miao raised her head and looked up. All kinds of fireworks were intertwined, blooming in the sky like beautiful flowers.

The last time she had seen fireworks made of gunpowder and sulfur was in her previous life. At that time, in order to celebrate Guo Lin’s good results, the Guo family would set off fireworks in the mountains in the suburbs.

Every time, she would be very envious that Guo Lin could have parents who loved her and had so many good things.

However, Guo Miao had nothing. She could only hide in the gutter like a mouse and watch everything that Guo Lin had.

Later on, in the interstellar era, no one set off such fireworks anymore. The fireworks were made up of electronic drones, and there were no loud rumbles.

She still remembered that year when they had set off fireworks, Guo Lin had walked over to her side.

When the fireworks exploded, she leaned in close to Guo Miao’s ear and said, “Aren’t you envious? All of this belongs to me. Don’t even think about taking anything away from me.”

Among the loud fireworks, Guo Lin’s voice was particularly clear, and there was a gentle smile on her face. However, that smile seemed to have been dipped in poison.

And Guo Lin was also that sharp knife dipped in poison, destroying everything she had in her life.

As Guo Miao raised her head, the fireworks reflected in her eyes.

“Didn’t Tong Pei and the others order these fireworks last time?”

Tong Pei’s company provided a special service for high-end customized fireworks, and they collaborated with Sheng Ying’s fireworks factory.

This set of fireworks had been specially ordered by Tong Pei and cost close to 200,000 yuan. After that, it had been saved and never set off.

“So, it’s for Guo Miao.” Sheng Ying smiled and understood.

At this time, Guo Miao’s phone beeped as she received a message from Tong Pei.

[Do you like them?]

Guo Miao laughed and typed a line of words on the screen.

Tong Pei didn’t go to the hot spring with Sheng Guang and the others but had actually gone to a nearby fireworks area.

He was looking at his phone. Although the fireworks in the sky were beautiful, they were not as important as the news he was waiting for.

After a while, a message popped up on his phone.

[Thank you.]

At this moment, the largest firework exploded, turning into a star-like meteor that burst into the night sky.

The joyous day passed quickly and Guo Miao was ready to pack up and leave Beijing.

She had applied for a week’s leave from Chen Cheng. If she didn’t go back, she was afraid that the dean would look for her.

Back in Haicheng, Guo Miao went to the office to find Chen Cheng to cancel her leave and happened to meet Chang Yuan.

Chang Yuan smiled as he watched Guo Miao pass the note to Chen Cheng. “Our champion is back.”

Upon hearing this, Guo Miao knew that Chang Yuan knew about her participation in the competition.

“It’s just a small competition. It’s not a big deal.” Guo Miao scratched her head in embarrassment.

Chang Yuan disagreed, ‘It’s a big competition. You have to tell me later. You can’t hide it from me. If there’s a competition, I can help you get a recommendation.”

Guo Miao laughed. What was going on recently? Why did everyone want to give her a recommendation?

When she returned to the classroom, Tong Tong and Zhong Nian also surrounded her. “Miao Miao, you didn’t tell us that you were going to Beijing for a competition this time. You should have treated us to a meal with so much prize money.”

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