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66 Other Plans

After all, the military was a government organization. Some of the technologies and products used were not available to private enterprises.

Even Jinyue Group, which had cooperation with the national military, couldn’t do that. The military was an important barrier to protect a country, and military technology was the top secret of a country.

If Guo Miao wanted to use this technology in the military, she had to give up the right to use it in business.

Lin Chao and Li You looked at Guo Miao nervously.

If electronic computers were used in the military and state apparatus, it should benefit the people and protect the security of the country in the event of war.

However, if it was used for business or sold to foreign capital, it would also have quite a high profit.

It was just that it might be abused and generate high expenses, but this didn’t affect Guo Miao. The higher the company’s price, the more dividends she could get.

Guo Miao’s decision would have an important impact on their future profits.

“I think the two of you have the same thoughts as me.” Guo Miao, Lin Chao, and Li You exchanged a look.

The two of them nodded at her and watched as Guo Miao, followed by Lin Chao and Li You, signed their names on the letter of intent.

They were still young and could still invent more inventions, but the opportunity to contribute to the country did not come often.

Chen Yan looked at Guo Miao approvingly, “Congratulations to the three of you. You’re all researchers in our research institute now. I’d like to ask when you can start.”

Lin Chao and Li You were also qualified to enter the research institute, so they would probably work in the research institute after they finished their Master’s.

However, Guo Miao was different. Chen Yan hoped that Guo Miao would be able to start her research as soon as possible.

“Sure, but I need to build a new team in Haicheng,” Guo Miao accepted Chen Yan’s suggestion.

“We have a research institute in Haicheng. You’ll be in charge of the team.” There was a military base near Haicheng, and the research institute there had been cooperating with the military base.

The three of them chatted with Chen Yan about their future research and left.

Lin Chao sighed as he walked out of the room. “Boss Mindy, it seems like you won’t be able to work with Jinyue Group this time.”

Most of the participants of the academic competition came because they wanted to cooperate with Jinyue Group, which was an industry that integrated all kinds of industries.

Many of his subsidiary companies were industry leaders. As long as he could get Jinyue Group’s investment, it was almost a success.

Although Lin Chao understood Guo Miao’s patriotism, he still felt a little regretful. The opportunity to cooperate with Jinyue Group was also precious.

“We still have to work together, depending on the method used. I don’t know if the two of you will join when the time comes,” Guo Miao said with a smile.

Li You’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Boss Mindy, do you have an idea? Count me in.”

“Take me too,” Lin Chao said immediately.

Guo Miao nodded. I haven’t thought of the specific details yet. When I’ve discussed it with the person in charge of Jinyue, I’ll let you two know.

Lin Chao and Li You nodded.

Guo Miao already had a rough idea in her mind, but she still needed to discuss it with the person in charge of Jinyue Group.

If Jinyue Group did not have such plans, she would still carry it out by herself.

The banquet ended very quickly. Guo Miao received an invitation for a collaboration from Jinyue Group, inviting her to discuss collaboration matters at their office after the new year.

Guo Miao agreed.

After a busy day, Guo Miao returned to the hotel, ready to relax. She had been tense for the competition recently.

Although such competitions were like child’s play for her, who was born in the interstellar era, she had always given her all in these competitions. She was extremely serious and a perfectionist, so she still needed to adjust her state of mind carefully in every competition.

Moreover, the competition was already over, so it was time to think about where to relax during the new year.

Just as she was about to take out her phone to see if there were any exhibitions she could go to, she received a text message from Tong Pei.

Tong Pei had invited her to a hot spring resort near the capital, saying that the three siblings would also be there.

Guo Miao looked around the environment of the hot spring villa and accepted Tong Pei’s invitation.

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