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64 The Finals

In the interstellar era, many things could be manufactured through 3D printing, so many gifts lost their original value.

After all, at that time, human material resources had already developed rapidly. The more valuable gifts were mostly scientific research results and some ancient antiques.

For a scientist of Guo Miao’s level, there were no gifts that could move her, but Grandma Sheng’s gifts still touched her.

The other things were relatively worth nothing, but the Sheng family’s shares were the most valuable.

Although it was only one percent, for a company of the Sheng Group’s standing, one percent of the shares would give one a considerable say in the shareholders’ meeting. This was the same as handing over a part of the family’s fate to Guo Miao.

“I can’t accept such an expensive gift,” Guo Miao said, looking at Grandma Sheng.

“Just keep it. Grandma has been blaming you for not accepting my brother’s and my gifts for a long time,” Sheng Ying chimed in. “You can exchange these gifts for cash. You should at least accept some of them.”

Guo Miao could not persuade the family otherwise and finally accepted these gifts.

These things could indeed be her first pot of gold. She also had some other ideas for her future career development.

Soon, the servants were done with serving the meal. Grandma Sheng, Guo Miao, and the whole family finished the meal in peace.

Sheng Xun and Sheng Ying even sent Guo Miao back to the hotel and asked her about her latest agenda. Sheng Ying even invited Guo Miao to spend New Year’s Eve with her, but she said that she needed to think about it.

After all, the finals of the academic competition would be the day after tomorrow. There was still time to think about how to spend the new year after the competition.

The next day, Guo Miao didn’t go to Beijing University. Instead, she stayed in the hotel alone and continued to work on her speech.

The day of the competition soon arrived. Although it was a national academic competition, the decorations were not very luxurious.

They chose a venue in Beijing University’s Academic Hall, and there were only 100 people present.

Who would’ve thought that the entire country’s academic elites would be gathered among these 100 people?

Beijing University’s Principal Song and Professor Min Hai, whom he had met last time, were sitting in the first row, waiting for the competition to start.

Guo Miao’s group was the last in order and was also in the final position.

According to the rules of the competition, those who scored higher in the preliminary round would be placed at the back. According to this order, Guo Miao and the others should be in the first place.

Lin Chao rubbed his hands nervously and looked at Guo Miao. “The first place in the preliminaries will be under a lot of pressure. I’ve watched the previous years’ competitions, and they’re all quite picky about the piece of work produced by the first place in the preliminaries.”

Guo Miao looked very calm.

Most of the top-ranked works in the science and technology competition were of a similar standard. However, the teams that were ranked lower would often be troubled by the judges because they had higher scores in the preliminary round.

The first place of the preliminaries in the previous years had been embarrassed in the finals, which led to their final ranking dropping by one or two places.

Guo Miao wasn’t worried about this problem. After all, it was only possible to surpass others in the question-and-answer segment if the level was not equal. However, she was confident that her work itself had a strength that was difficult to surpass.

Two hours passed by quickly, and it was Guo Miao’s turn to show her work.

The overall standard of this year’s work was not bad. Several works were recognized by the military department and large enterprises. There was even a group of products that were signed on the spot with a subsidiary of Jinyue Group.

Guo Miao wasn’t worried at all. She brought Lin Chao and Li You to the podium.

At this time, Professor Min Hai, who was originally dozing off, suddenly became alert. The work and performance of this child named Guo Miao were still fresh in his memory. He wanted to see what kind of amazing performance she would have in the finals.

At the same time, a guest named Su Huan, who was sitting in Jinyue Group’s guest area, started a video conference and turned the camera to the stage.

Guo Miao had already opened the PowerPoint slides, which showed a set of data of a simulated real battlefield. She entered the data into their computer.

In less than a minute, the computer had already simulated the following data of the battlefield and carried out other analyses, giving the most effective battle plan.

No one expected Guo Miao to show the product in the finals. They all looked at the data and live demonstration on the PowerPoint slides with wide eyes.

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