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63 A Big Gift

Although Guo Miao was very careful, she was very fast. The treatment was over in less than ten minutes.

The Sheng family gathered around to see how Sheng Guang was doing.

Sheng Guang felt that the treatment this time was very unusual. The heavy curtain in front of him seemed to have finally been completely lifted.

He opened his eyes, and his mother’s blurry face appeared in front of him. He slowly said, “Mom.”

Fu Lan was startled when she heard Sheng Guang calling her. She grabbed his hand. “Son, you can finally see me?”

Sheng Guang looked at his mother and reached out to wipe the tears off her face. There was finally light in his eyes after a long time.

“Can you really see?” Sheng Ying also rushed up excitedly and wagged her finger in front of Sheng Guang.

“Although it’s still very blurry, I can roughly see faces now.” Sheng Guang felt his tears falling.

“You’ve just recovered, so don’t cry. It might affect the treatment,” Guo Miao said.

Sheng Guang turned to look at the source of the voice. A solemn-looking girl was standing behind him, putting the needles back into her bag.

“I can see you now, Dr. Guo!” Sheng Guang was so excited that he almost grabbed Guo Miao and started dancing on the ground.

Nevertheless, the old lady still pushed her grandson over to the bed using the electric wheelchair. “Listen to the wonderful Dr. Guo and drink the medicine first.”

The servant brought a white porcelain bowl over. The entire room was filled with the stench of Chinese medicine. The Chinese medicine tasted bitter. Every time Sheng Guang drank it, he felt that it was torturing his taste buds.

However, after taking the Chinese medicine today, he seemed to have tasted a kind of sweetness, the sweetness of seeing the sun again.

“Alright, alright. Let’s eat. Dr. Guo is tired.” Grandma Sheng ordered the younger ones to go and prepare dinner.

Grandma Sheng took Sheng Guang and Guo Miao for a walk in the courtyard.

The Shengs’ courtyard had a traditional and simple atmosphere.

Grandma Sheng told Guo Miao about the history of the Sheng family’s rise. Both Grandma Sheng and Grandpa Sheng were in the construction industry and had made great contributions to it. They had two children. One was Sheng Sheng, who was now in politics, and both of his children had joined the army.

The other one was Sheng Yan, the father of Sheng Guang’s three siblings. He had founded the Sheng Group with his own hands and had been doing business abroad recently. There were only the three siblings and their mother, Fu Lan, at home.

At that time, Grandma Sheng had worked in the construction industry and was a teacher at Beijing University at the same time. She had taught generations of construction students.

Guo Miao was impressed by Grandma Sheng. She had helped establish some subjects in the Empire, and the hardships she had gone through were unimaginable.

On the other hand, Grandma Sheng and Grandpa Sheng had set a new record in their own field, which was very admirable.

“Dr. Guo, we are fated to meet. I don’t know what you think of Beijing University.”

Sheng Guang’s jaw dropped at Grandma Sheng’s words. After all, an academic heavyweight like Grandma Sheng was allowed to recommend students to the school every year.

In the past few years, those who had given her gifts or helped the Sheng family had all come to Grandma Sheng for her recommendation, but she had never agreed.

Finally, the girl who cured him was the first person to receive such a big gift from Grandma Sheng.

Guo Miao shook her head. It would be easy for her to get into Beijing University based on her results in the science and technology competition. However, she didn’t intend to go to university so soon. She still wanted to spend some time with her father and Xuxu in Haicheng.

Grandma Sheng sighed at Guo Miao’s refusal. “It seems that you’re very confident in your studies, Dr. Guo. I won’t force you then. But since you’ve rejected this gift, you’ll have to accept the other gifts.”

Grandma Sheng called the butler over, who came to the garden with a few servants, each with a tray in their hands.

The first tray had a paraiba tourmaline that was made into a necklace worth a million dollars. The second tray had a key to a block of shops in the capital’s CBD. The third tray had an ancient architecture manuscript. The fourth tray had an equity transfer agreement.

Guo Miao was dumbfounded. Grandma Sheng’s style of gift-giving was almost on par with that of Sheng Ying and Sheng Xun’s.

And Grandma Sheng’s gift was even more luxurious than theirs both.

As long as Guo Miao accepted her, she would become a shareholder of the Sheng family who owned a whole apartment in the capital’s CBD.

Such a big gift made her feel a little dazed.

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