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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 62 - 62 The Shengs’ Hospitality

62 The Shengs’ Hospitality

“That’s amazing. Your framework is really interesting,” Li You looked at Guo Miao’s speech and couldn’t help but praise.

He had participated in many academic competitions and seen many big names’ works and speeches, but even if he compared the best he had seen to Guo Miao’s speech, he still felt that nothing surpassed hers.

“I think it’s perfect. There’s nothing that needs to be changed.” Lin Chao’s expression was even more sincere.

“But there are still some questions that we need the other members of our team to answer.” Guo Miao took out another document, which contained the problems she had thought of.

She handed the question to Lin Chao and Li You. Guo Miao wanted to give them the answer directly, but she thought about it and didn’t write it down.

She hoped that the two of them could think about these questions. If they could learn something from answering these questions, it would be worth it for the three of them to be teammates.

Lin Chao and Li You went through the questions and quickly began to think and write down the answers.

Li You looked at these questions and felt a little troubled. Many of the knowledge points involved required very strong logic and ability, which could not be learned overnight.

He solemnly wrote down the answer and gave it to Guo Miao.

Guo Miao looked at his answer. There were basically no problems, except for some small flaws. In general, it was quite ideal.

After an afternoon of correction, Lin Chao and Li You admired Guo Miao even more.

Despite her young age, she was already a very powerful academic master. More importantly, she was not stingy with her own discoveries and skills, and she taught them almost everything.

By the time the three of them had settled on all the answers, it was already night.

Lin Chao wanted to invite Guo Miao to dinner, but she refused. She had to go to the Shengs’ to give Sheng Guang physical therapy, which they had agreed upon before.

Seeing that Guo Miao had something to do, the two did not push her any further and sent her to the Sheng family’s old mansion.

What the three of them did not expect was that the Sheng family’s old house was none other than the row of villas behind Logic Heights.

“Is this the place you’re going to eat at?” Lin Chao’s mouth was wide open in shock.

Logic Heights was the closest villa area to Beijing University. It was composed of a row of retro red buildings. The residents were families with a strong background and academic achievements. All of them were influential people in Beijing.

Lin Chao admired Guo Miao even more now.

Guo Miao was definitely not a simple person to be able to know the big boss of Logic Heights

At this time, in one of the villas, a few servants were busy preparing a variety of food. The entire room was filled with the aroma of food and fruits.

An old lady in an electric wheelchair shuttled back and forth between the servants, instructing them to prepare well.

This was the scene that Guo Miao saw when she arrived at the villa.

The spirited old lady was busy getting the servants to arrange items.

Sheng Ying and Sheng Xun were also busy preparing the dishes, especially the former, who was cooking in the kitchen with an apron on.

Sheng Ying was a capable and capable woman, and she could also cook well.

The whole family was mobilized to entertain Guo Miao, and only Sheng Guang was sitting on the sofa, leisurely eating snacks.

Guo Miao followed the servant into the villa.

Grandma Sheng was the first to spot Guo Miao. She moved her electric wheelchair over to her.

She held Guo Miao’s hand and looked at her up and down, but she did not look surprised. Instead, she looked at Guo Miao with a smile. “You’re finally here. I heard from Xiao Xun and Xiao Ying that you’ve been here the whole day.”

“You’re a good child.” Grandma Sheng pulled Guo Miao to the sofa. “They’re taking too long to cook today. I’ll chat with you for a while, and we’ll eat later.”

Grandma Sheng looked like a mischievous old lady. She took out all kinds of smart toys from her drawer and was about to entertain Guo Miao.

Guo Miao quickly refused. “I still have to perform acupuncture on Sheng Guang today to see how he’s recovering. I’ll have to adjust his medication soon.”

Grandma Sheng nodded and had a servant bring Guo Miao to the room upstairs. The room was probably just tidied up for Sheng Guang’s treatment.

Knowing that Guo Miao wanted to perform acupuncture, everyone in the Sheng family gathered in the room to watch her.

Sheng Ying was the most curious, so she stood aside and assisted Guo Miao.

Guo Miao’s acupuncture skills were very skilled with a calm and seasoned air that was completely unlike her age. Even Grandma Sheng was amazed.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 62 - 62 The Shengs’ Hospitality