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In the teaching office, Director Liang, Ms. Chen, and Ms. Gu sat around Guo Miao, staring at her.

She didn’t believe that with three people and three pairs of eyes, Guo Miao could still cheat.

Guo Miao took two and a half hours to complete five papers.

Gu Ze watched her move quickly. There were many questions, but she began to answer them after reading them.

He was probably making it up. Even a third-year high school student would have to think about these questions, so how could this transfer student from the countryside not think about them at all?

Gu Ze picked up her English test paper and looked at it. As he looked at it, the smugness on her face disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The English essays contained high-level vocabulary and expressions. She had only come into contact with some academic concepts when she was in college.

How could such a student be able to do that?

She then looked at Guo Miao’s multiple-choice questions. Although the answers were filled in, each answer was marked with a line that indicated that they were invalid.

What did this mean? Was she going to hand in a blank paper?

Gu Ze looked at the crossed-out answers, and every one of them was correct.

What was she doing? Was she mocking her?

Gu Ze’s face darkened.

“How are the other results?”

Guo Miao looked at the other teachers grading the papers. The other teachers were all shocked. She had gotten full marks for almost all of her questions.

“How can you treat the English test like this?” Gu Ze questioned.

Guo Miao ignored her anger and smiled. “I’ll wait for your apology.”

Suddenly, the door to the teaching office opened.

A woman dressed in expensive clothes rushed up and slapped Guo Miao.

Guo Miao turned her head, but the slap missed.

“I heard that you cheated in the exam. How did your country bumpkin father teach you? Did he just teach you to be immoral?”

It was Cheng Yu, and behind her was a frowning Guo Hu and a smug-looking Guo Lin.

Seeing Chen Cheng and Director Liang come out of the teaching office, Cheng Yu hurried over. “Please don’t be angry, teachers. This child grew up in the countryside. She was insensible, not good at her studies, and even cheated. I apologize to you all.”

Director Liang and Chen Cheng were both shocked. Guo Hu was a good student in his third year of high school, and Guo Lin was also one of the top students in school.

Guo Miao was actually a child from their family?

“No, Ma’am, don’t apologize yet,” Director Liang said.

“This child has been spoiled by the adults in the countryside since she was young. We can’t do anything about it. We can make a sponsorship donation.”

“That’s not it. Student Guo Miao came in first with only a difference of seven points from full marks. You should be happy. We will pay special attention to a genius like Guo Miao.”

After he finished speaking, everyone present was stunned.

A difference of seven points?

First place?

That trash from the countryside?

Cheng Yu was also stunned on the spot. When she wanted to look for Guo Miao, she had already left.

Guo Lin stood behind Cheng Yu and clenched her fist. “You’re good, Guo Miao.”

The flag-raising ceremony was held between classes on Monday. Gu Ze stood on the podium with a dark expression.

“I hereby apologize to Guo Miao from Class 10 of Grade 1. I shouldn’t have accused her of cheating.” She took a deep breath. “This time, Guo Miao has won first place in the monthly test with a seven-point gap from the full score. Let’s congratulate her.”

The people below the stage were all shocked.

The students from Class 1 all looked at Lu Yao. He had always been in first place, but this time, the spot had fallen into someone else’s hands.

“Lu Yao, Guo Miao ...”

Lu Yao shook his head. “Victory and defeat are common in the military.”

Even though he said that, he still looked at the team from Class 10 curiously.

Who was this Guo Miao? Was it even possible for a human to get such a score?

On Class 10’s side, everyone was boiling.

Zhong Nian took the lead, cheering and clapping. Chen Cheng only stopped after he shouted a few times.

“Miao Miao is awesome!”

“The new generation of prodigies is actually from our Class 10!”

“Miao Miao, we won’t worship the gods before exams in the future. We’ll worship you!”

Tong Yao raised his head to look at Guo Miao, which was a rare sight.

Guo Miao was only seven points away from the full score. She was indeed a rare genius. It was unheard of for Haicheng to have such a person.

It wasn’t just Class 10 that was celebrating but so would the Guos tonight.

It was rare for Guo Ming not to work overtime in the company. Instead, he brought the family to the most expensive private room in Ningxiang Restaurant. They opened a bottle of champagne and ordered the most expensive set meal in Ningxiang Restaurant for Guo Miao.

Guo Lin sat in her seat and looked at Guo Miao. She maintained a smile on her face, but her nails were almost piercing into her flesh.

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