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Chapter 193 Wake Up

Tong Pei looked at Guo Miao for a long time but felt that he was being ridiculous.

This girl was still underaged. When did he become so perverted? Even an underage girl could move his heart?

Tong Pei shook his head, letting his complicated thoughts clear out of his mind.

He would let Guo Miao sleep here tonight while he slept in the guest room.


When Guo Miao woke up, it was already noon.

She slowly got up and rubbed her neck and shoulders. She didn't feel the soreness that usually came with a hangover.

This was rather magical. Previously, when she was drunk, she would feel her back ache.

She sized up her surroundings.

This was a very large bedroom. One of the walls was a huge floor-to-ceiling window. From the window, one could see the entire capital city. There was only one person in the capital who could afford such a luxury house.

Guo Miao was a little confused. It was clearly her and Su Su who had been drinking last night, and they were almost knocked out by the two playmates. Why was it that she woke up in Tong Pei's house?

Just as she was about to stand up, the bedroom door was pushed open and the maid handed two sets of clothes to Guo Miao.

"Miss Guo, these are the clothes the young master has prepared for you. After breakfast, the butler will send you back to Huaqing University."

"Where's Tong Pei?" Guo Miao nodded.

"Young Master has returned to the company. There's a shareholders' meeting today."

Guo Miao was a little disappointed, but she was soon shocked by her own thoughts. She just didn't see Tong Pei, so why was she so disappointed?

Did she really want to see him? π—Άπ™£π§π˜³π’†π™–π—±. com

"Was Tong Pei the one who brought me here last night?" Guo Miao asked the maid.

"Yes, Fifth Young Master brought you back personally, but I helped you change your clothes and shower. Please don't mind me," the maid replied.

Only then did Guo Miao realize that she had been thinking about who the owner of the house was but had not noticed that her clothes had been changed.

She took the clothes and thanked the maid before she changed and prepared to leave.

The fabric of the clothes that Tong Pei had chosen for her was very soft and didn't have any brand logos, but the cut was impeccable. It was probably some kind of customized product.

Standing in front of the mirror, Guo Miao looked at the dress. The simple white shirt and wrap skirt outlined the girl's tall and straight figure. There was also a furry beret, which just happened to suit Guo Miao's face.

She took out her phone and sent a text message to Tong Pei.

[Sorry for disturbing you last night. Thank you for the clothes.]

At this moment, at the Jinyue Group's shareholders' meeting, Tong Pei's eyes swept over the phone on the table. When he saw the message, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He took out his phone and typed a few words.

[You're welcome. It's fine as long as the clothes fit.]

The Financial Director, who was reporting at the side, was a little puzzled when he saw Tong Pei's smile.

When had this cold-faced king of hell ever replied with such a smile? Could it be that the other party was the CEO's little lover?


Guo Miao had missed the morning training ceremony when she returned to school. She found a few members of the Haicheng special squad in the classroom.

Su Su and Fu Meng had also just arrived. Both of them had big dark circles under their eyes as if they hadn't slept well.

"Mystical Miao, Su Su, Fu Meng, you guys had too much fun last night. Why didn't you bring me along? Today, the teacher specially asked the three of you to go up and do the questions."

Su Su pouted sadly. "I shouldn't have taken Mystical Miao out last night. This morning, my brother pulled me up and gave me a good scolding."

Su Yu had never really cared about his sister, but he was really angry last night. After all, his sister was almost defiled by a playmate.

Moreover, this playmate had been in contact with his sister all this while. Su Yu had pulled Su Su up early in the morning and scolded him. She also told Su Su that Tong Pei also came last night.

"If Brother Tong Pei gets angry, I'll be pulled to the training ground for training again during summer vacation like Tong Tong and the others." Su Su looked at Guo Miao with a worried face. Mystical Miao, you have to help me put in a good word for me to Brother Pei. I don't want to do the field training."

Guo Miao looked at Su Su and laughed. "It's okay, you almost became a victim this time. Tong Pei and Su Yu definitely won't let you go."

As they were talking, an elderly professor walked up to the podium.

"Everyone, please be quiet. I'm your training teacher for the afternoon. My name is Su Dong. Please prepare your draft papers. We're going to start answering the questions."

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