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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 188 - 188 E-sports Arcade

188 E-sports Arcade

For a time, everyone was speculating about the identity of the anonymous singer, and many fans were leaving comments on Andy’s Weibo.

The number of views on Andy’s Weibo quickly soared dozens of times, and it was a hot topic almost every day.

Jenny was Andy’s personal assistant, so she knew about the situation.

“Andy, why don’t we announce to the public that Guo Miao is the singer of this song? If Guo Miao appears now, we should be able to make a lot of money.”


Andy said while adjusting the equipment, “Guo Miao isn’t someone who cares about honor and money. If she did, she wouldn’t have suggested singing anonymously.”

Guo Miao was a talent in various fields and would never care about the small amount of money in the entertainment industry.

Jenny still felt that it was a pity. After all, if Guo Miao had been willing to become an independent singer, their studio would have another strong talent.

After Guo Miao was done with the release of the song, she didn’t stop to participate in the training for the mathematics competition.

A group of people would still be eliminated from the National IMO training. Chang Yuan had left the eight-person team to practice every day so that they could enter the national team and win glory for the country.

Two weeks passed by quickly, and Guo Miao and the others arrived in Beijing.

When they arrived in the capital, they would be staying in the Huaqing University dormitory. Everyone was very excited. After all, Huaqing was the top university in China. Every year, thousands of candidates would bow down to this school.

As soon as they arrived at the dormitory, Guo Miao saw an old acquaintance.

It was Su Su.

Su Su looked a little thinner than before. She had her hair tied up in two cute ponytails and was reading a book when they came in.

“Guo Miao, you’re here!” When Su Su saw Guo Miao, she couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes. “I must treat you to a meal today. Thank you so much.”

Guo Miao was a little confused. Why was she thanking her again?

“It’s a game that’s been very popular recently. It’s called Star Empire. Thanks to your help, I was able to get a trial slot.”

Guo Miao held her forehead. Wendu had indeed asked her about this before. She didn’t think much about it and asked Wendu to give Su Su a place for the closed beta test.

Su Su still didn’t know that this game was developed by Guo Miao herself and thought that it was given to her because of Wendu and Guo Miao’s affair.

“This game is so fun. I also hope to be a video game designer in the future and design such a great game.”

Fu Meng was also a gaming fan, but she wasn’t selected to participate in the closed beta. When she heard the two of them mention Star Empire, her face fell. “Great. I’m the only one who hasn’t played Star Empire before. I really want to play it.”

“We can go to my brother’s e-sports arena in Beijing. He has a few sleeping pods, just enough for the three of us to play together,” Su Su said.

Fu Meng looked at Su Su, her eyes bright. “It just so happens that we don’t have any other activities tonight. How about we go and play together?”

Guo Miao agreed with the two. The next month’s schedule would be very tight. Everyone might not have much time to sleep in order to study, let alone play games.

The three of them packed their luggage, changed into new clothes, and went to Su Yu’s e-sports arena.

The manager saw that it was Su Su and brought the three of them to the room upstairs. That room was especially used to experience Star Empire.

The three of them followed the manager to the experience room.

There were four sleeping pods in the room. Fu Meng couldn’t wait to sit in and experience it.

Su Su was not in a hurry. “Ask Mu Lang to come in and play with us.”

“Who is this Mu Lang?” Guo Miao asked, puzzled.

“He’s an employee in my brother’s e-sports arena. He’s very good at playing games, and he always brought me along when we played MOBA games. This time, he’s also the one who brought me along when we played Star Empire.”

It sounded like a professional game companion.

Guo Miao knew that in this profession, playing with the employer would often produce some subtle feelings.

Looking at Su Su’s blushing face, Guo Miao seemed to have understood something. Could this playmate be the person Su Su liked?

“Sorry for the long wait, Miss Su, Miss Guo. Today, I’m here to accompany you to experience Star Empire.” A man in an employee’s uniform walked into the room. He had a head of permed blonde hair and appeared a little flirtatious.

“You’re here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Come quickly.” Su Su couldn’t wait to pull Mu Lang to sit down on the stool.

Guo Miao was even more certain of her premonition that Su Su liked this playmate.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 188 - 188 E-sports Arcade