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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 120 - 120 Getting Married

120 Getting Married

Her uncle’s two children were studying in other cities, and he also had a small business, so he shouldn’t be very short of money. Why did he suddenly start thinking about the demolition fee?

Guo Hua pursed his lips. “You don’t know it yet, but your uncle has been doing some business in Baicheng recently. He said that he was scammed by someone selling cell phones, so he had to take the money.”

Guo Miao didn’t have a good impression of this uncle. In her memory, this uncle didn’t seem to come back to see her grandparents much. He only came back to ask for money from her grandparents when his business was losing money.

“Now, the father and son are crying their hearts out. I think they’ll ask for the money for the demolition soon,” Guo Hua said as he looked at the two of them.


Guo Miao knew that her uncle wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to ask them for money, so she just followed the procedure of the funeral and offered a stick of incense to her grandmother. Then, she sat down and watched her uncle and cousin cry.

The two of them were crying very sadly. It was impossible to tell that they had quarreled with their grandmother before this. Instead, they looked like filial children and grandchildren.

When it was time for lunch, Uncle Lin Kai came over to greet the father and daughter.

“Long time no see, brother-in-law.” His eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying for days. “I haven’t seen you in a few years, and you’ve grown so much. I heard that your family is in Haicheng now. How are you? Are you doing well?”

Guo Fu didn’t know how to respond to such pleasantries, so he only told them about his and Guo Miao’s recent situation in Haicheng.

However, there was no mention of Guo Miao’s medical treatment, which had earned her a lot of money.

Lin Kai’s eyes lit up when he heard that one of the siblings was studying at Haicheng High School and the other was studying at Haicheng Primary School.

“These two schools both require a lot of money, right? I heard that if the children in the village want to go to Haida High School, they have to fork out 30,000 yuan as a sponsorship fee!” Lin Kai patted Guo Fu’s back as he raised his glass to toast him.

“Brother-in-law, I really admire you. You’re doing so well in your business and can afford such high tuition fees.”

Then, he waved his hand and asked his son, Lin Yi, to come over, “Come, Xiao Yi, say hello to uncle. If you say hello politely, Uncle will bring you to Haicheng to study.”

Lin Yi was about the same age as Xuxu. He was dressed in mourning clothes and had an arrogant look on his face. It was obvious that he had been pampered since he was young.

“Uncle, bring me to Haicheng to study.” Lin Yi didn’t hold back at all.

Before he came today, Lin Kai had told Lin Yi that there were many fun toys in Haicheng and many young girls in beautiful dresses and that Lin Yi could then go and lift the young girls’ dresses up.

Hearing this, Lin Yi was naturally full of yearning for Haicheng.

“We can’t rush the child’s schooling. What if he’s not used to Haicheng?” Guo Fu didn’t know how to refuse, so he just made up a few words to brush this matter aside.

But Guo Miao said, “Uncle, if you really want Lin Yi to go to school, you can pay for the tuition fees. In addition, you can pay an extra 5,000 yuan. My dad needs money to help you build some connections.”

Lin Kai was stunned. He had never paid any attention to this niece of his. She used to be an ordinary village girl who looked uncouth and ordinary every day. How could she still dare to talk back to him after a few years?

“What money? You’re so young, yet you’re always talking about money. I don’t know how a kid like you can study in a place like Haicheng,” Lin Kai cursed as he put down his wine glass, sizing up Guo Miao.

This girl was 17 or 18 years old. In the countryside, she was already at the age where she could be considered a life partner.

However, although Guo Miao was good-looking, she didn’t have any breasts or buttocks. She didn’t look like she was good at giving birth, so she probably didn’t get many betrothal gifts when she got married in the village.

Guo Fu actually let such a money-losing thing go to school.

“And you, Guo Miao, you don’t have to study anymore. From now on, leave the quota to your cousin. I’ll make the decision for you and find you a strong young man in the village. We’ll get this done next year, and after you have a child, you’ll take your old man to Baicheng to work.”

Baicheng was very close to Haicheng, so there were a lot of migrant workers there. Most of them were young couples who had gotten married before they were eighteen.

Lin Kai beamed with joy, thinking that if Guo Miao could get more than a hundred thousand from her marriage, he would be able to get a share.

“Brother-in-law, how about this? I’ll help you talk to her, and she’ll give me half of the betrothal gift. What do you think? Otherwise, it’ll be hard for your daughter to give birth and get married when she gets older.”

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 120 - 120 Getting Married