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118 The Funeral

Guo Miao was stunned. Although she had stopped crying, her eyes were empty, as if her soul had been taken away.

She had already started over and planned everything. Why did the death of her family still appear before her eyes?

In her previous life, her grandmother did not pass away so quickly.

Could it be that the plot had changed, causing the timeline to be slightly different?


“Don’t think about it anymore. Although the private jet is fast, it will still take six hours to get back. By then, it will be midnight in Haicheng. You should have a good sleep on the plane.”

Guo Miao nodded in confusion.

Tong Pei saw that she wasn’t in a good mental state and covered her with a blanket. He then adjusted the chair so that she could lie down.

Guo Miao listened to his instructions in a daze and lay down on the seat of the plane.

The assistant reminded him, “Young Master Tong, the plane is taking off in ten minutes. We should disembark.”

Tong Pei’s matters in country K had not been settled, so he couldn’t return to Haicheng yet.

Tong Pei nodded. “Then, I’ll go first. Take care of yourself. Someone will take you back to Haicheng when we land.”

Guo Miao looked at him and muttered, “Hmm.”

The young girl was probably tired from crying, and her voice was a little weak.

When Tong Pei stood up, she reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

Tong Pei was a little surprised. Did she not want him to leave? If she really asked him to stay with her, would he agree?

This question sounded very absurd, and he was frightened by his own thoughts for a moment.

Guo Miao grabbed his sleeve and whispered, “Thank you.”

“It’s fine.” Tong Pei patted her shoulder. “Be strong, I believe in you.”

Guo Miao nodded.

The landing gear was retracted, and the plane took off into the night sky.

Tong Pei stood on the spot as he looked at the plane taking off and sighed. In that instant, he had hoped that Guo Miao would have asked him to stay.

However, such an idea was ridiculous and ridiculous. Guo Miao was still a child. Although the age gap between them was not big, he could not kidnap an underaged person. His feelings for Guo Miao were more like a kind of mutual appreciation between confidants.

“Miss Guo is still a child.” The assistant sighed.

Although he had been with Tong Pei all year round and had witnessed Guo Miao saving the two young masters and Tong Pei, tonight, Guo Miao was still as fragile as a child.

“Yeah, she’s still a child.” Tong Pei sighed. “I ordered five boxes of wine from the two stores I went to tonight and sent them to Guo Miao’s house in Haicheng. It’s a token of appreciation for saving me today.”

The assistant nodded and sighed in his heart. “Miss Guo is quite a remarkable person.”

The plane was flying very steadily. Guo Miao was too tired and soon fell asleep on the plane.

She had a rare dream of the past.

After she transmigrated from the Empire era, she rarely dreamed about the past except perhaps to escape. This was the first time.

In the dream, she was in the small courtyard on Nanshan Hill that year.

Grandma and Grandpa were still there, and the fragrance of rice wafted in the courtyard. Grandma was stewing meat on the stove, and sweet sweets and desserts filled the basket on the table.

She and her brother were playing in the yard. Her grandparents each brought a small bench under the eaves and watched the two play. They even shouted for them to slow down so as not to get hurt.

The memories of the past were so clear that they stung Guo Miao’s eyes.

In her dream, she grabbed her grandma’s hand tightly. “Grandma, don’t go. Don’t go.”

A tender child’s voice sounded in the dream.

The kind old man patted her head and said, “Grandma is still here. Don’t worry. Take good care of yourself. Miaomiao, take good care of your father.”

The dream was distorted, and the scenes of the past gradually drifted away. Tears fell to the ground, and Guo Miao slowly woke up from the dream.

A well-dressed woman was standing in front of her. “Miss Guo, you don’t seem to be sleeping well.

Guo Miao sat up. The plane had already landed. She looked out the window and saw the brilliant morning glow.

“And you are?” Guo Miao asked.

“I’m the butler of the Tong family’s private jet. My name is Chen Tian. The plane has already landed. I’ve already arranged breakfast and a car to Haicheng for you. Please follow me.”

Only then did Guo Miao realize another very serious matter. She owed Tong Pei a favor again, and a very big one at that.

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