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116 Gathering

The two of them went to a famous soup restaurant nearby.

Country K’s various kinds of soup and rice were the most famous. These soup restaurants were small and had small windows decorated with various decorations.

The two of them sat down by the window, and Tong Pei called the waiter over. He ordered the signature ginseng chicken soup and a bottle of wine.

“Why isn’t it said that minors can’t drink anymore?” Guo Miao laughed.

“Take it as an apology and a thank you for saving me again today.” Tong Pei opened the wine and poured a little into Guo Miao’s glass.

The wine here was different from the one she had just bought from the hotel. It had a light lemon fragrance and was sweet and delicious. The alcohol content was very low, so she wouldn’t get drunk even if she drank too much.

Guo Miao took a sip and her mouth was filled with a minty lemon fragrance. “This is good. It’s as good as the one from the winery.”

Tong Pei smiled and ordered a few more bottles on his phone for the waiter to pack up and send to Guo Miao’s house in Haicheng.

He didn’t know why, but whenever he saw Guo Miao, he always wanted to give her something.

“Who were those people just now? Why did they come all the way to country K? It seems like you’ve offended quite a number of people,” Guo Miao said jokingly.

“It’s normal for businessmen to have enemies. Besides, there are many people who are envious of this international business deal,” Tong Pei replied while eating.

A large international order like this was something that the Li family was eyeing covetously.

In the capital, the power of those houses had been entirely suppressed. If they wanted to survive, they had to start with foreign capital and develop their own forces abroad.

Of course, it was impossible that Tong Pei would give those forces such an opportunity, but these forces could naturally use it to assassinate Tong Pei.

After listening to Tong Pei’s analysis, Guo Miao nodded in understanding. Perhaps because of the alcohol, she was more talkative than usual.

She also told Tong Pei about her participation in the information forum in country K and her recent situation.

The two of them had a good chat. When he was with Guo Miao, he didn’t feel the generation gap like when he was with Enya. Some of the views and ideas that Guo Miao spoke of were very similar to his.

They had a very happy meal.

After they finished eating, Tong Pei personally drove Guo Miao back to the En family’s mansion.

It was Enya who opened the door. Her small face crumbled and wrinkled when she saw Tong Pei and Guo Miao standing together.

“Brother Tong Pei, why did you come to country K? Why did you bring this…this woman?!” Enya’s face was full of grievance, like a resentful wife who had her sweetheart snatched away.

“I was almost in danger today. Guo Miao saved me, so I sent her back.” Tong Pei ignored her and spoke to Encai standing behind her.

Encai nodded and ruffled his sister’s hair. “Don’t be such a resentful little woman. I won’t agree to Brother Pei marrying you.”

Enya shrieked in protest against her brother.

Guo Miao laughed when she saw the two of them bickering. Although they were bickering, their relationship was very good.

“I’ve already told my father about today’s incident. They’ll help to investigate. The Tong family’s forces have been a little too arrogant recently. They’re actually doing this in country K’s territory,” Encai said.

Encai’s father used to be in the army. After he retired, he entered country K’s police force and was now the director of the central unit.

“Then I’ll leave it to you, uncle. But I’ll have to trouble you to help protect Guo Miao’s safety during this time.” Tong Pei smiled.

“Ah, why?! She’s just an ordinary person, so she won’t be assassinated.” Enya pouted in dissatisfaction.

Guo Miao had only promised her yesterday that she wouldn’t be with Tong Pei, so why was he always protecting her?

“After all, it’s still dangerous for Guo Miao to participate in a high-level science and technology forum that involves military matters,” Tong Pei explained.

“Look at Guo Miao. Not only is she good at her studies, but she’s also so accomplished at such a young age. You’re the only one who’s so smitten with love every day.” Encai patted his sister’s head.

This sister of his really made him worry.

“I’m not crazy about love. I’m good too, okay? I’m going to win the IMO competition and compete with you.” Enya glared at Guo Miao angrily.

“Sure,” Guo Miao replied with a smile.

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