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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 114 - 114 On the Streets of a Foreign Country

114 On the Streets of a Foreign Country

After the forum ended, Guo Miao walked out of the venue. On the way, many people greeted her.

Some people also came to ask for her contact information, and she gave them her email address and business card.

After all, she was going to choose some people for future projects.

Guo Miao’s trip to country K was only five days long. She had three days left, and she had already prepared for it. This time, she wanted to visit someone from country K.

The car made a few turns and entered a small alley. The faint smell of wine came from the entrance of the alley.

There was a saying that the fragrance of wine was not afraid of the depths of the alley, and this was probably referring to the wine here.

It was a famous sake shop in country K. The Guo family had given Guo Fu a few bottles of this wine before.

It was the Chinese New Year, and Guo Miao secretly treated Guo Fu and Xuxu to a meal in Haicheng. She had a pathetically small amount of pocket money, and it had taken her a long time to save up. She knew that Guo Fu liked to drink, so she specially bought a few bottles of sake from this shop.

Guo Fu was full of praise after tasting it, but he didn’t dare to drink anymore. He closed the bottle and said that he would take it back and indulge in it slowly.

At that time, Guo Fu’s eyes were filled with tears. He looked at Guo Miao, who had lost weight in Haicheng, and told her to eat more.

At that time, the Guo family of Haicheng didn’t like Guo Miao. She had been doing farm work since she was young. Although she was thin, her body was still quite strong. Because of her sturdiness, the children at Haicheng High School mocked her for a long time.

So, at that time, she ate very little every day and was almost skin and bones. However, those children had more reasons to laugh at her, saying that she was as slender as a ghost.

“Hello, what would you like to order?” The waiter’s words interrupted her thoughts.

The waiter sized up the girl in front of him. She looked to be about 17 or 18 years old, but she didn’t panic like an underaged girl, so he didn’t check her age.

“I’d like two bottles of grape-flavored sake.”

She didn’t have much to bring back on the plane, so she was going to bring two bottles back to Guo Fu. “Can you mail this to country C?”

“Yes, I can,” the waiter replied.

“Then, please send a box to Haicheng in country C.”

This was a big deal. The waiter asked Guo Miao to sit down and went to help her pick out the shopping order. She even brought Guo Miao a mini bottle of sake. “If you aren’t driving later, you can try our new product. It’s a chocolate-flavored sweet wine with low alcohol content.”

Guo Miao nodded and reached out to pour the wine into the glass.

The faint aroma of chocolate and wine blended together, and one mouthful was like eating a mouthful of chocolate wine. The rich sweetness neutralized the spiciness of the wine. It made the wine more mellow, and the cocoa taste was not too greasy. There was also a faint minty fragrance in the chocolate flavor.

“It’s delicious. Give me a box of this too,” Guo Miao said.

The waiter’s eyes lit up. One box was 3,000 yuan, and he had just earned 10,000 yuan. This was a big customer.

“Are you going to mail it to country C? we have a few customers here in Haicheng. Usually, when they order wine, they will contact us directly by phone or WeChat.”

Guo Miao nodded. This way, if she wanted to buy wine, she could contact them. She signed her name on the purchase order and ordered three crates of wine.

The waiter helped her pack the remaining two bottles of wine and even brought her mini bottles of chocolate wine.

Country K’s drinking culture was very popular, and many people were drinking while walking on the streets.

Looking at the way they drank, Guo Miao felt that it was very familiar. When she had been chased out of the Guo family, there was a period of time when she had also gotten drunk every day.

She unscrewed the bottle in her hand and poured some wine into her mouth. The spicy and sweet taste made her a little tipsy.

Just as she was about to hail a taxi to Encai’s house, a familiar voice came from behind her.

“Guo Miao, what are you doing here?” The person who spoke was speaking in country C’s language instead of country K’s language.

Turning around, she saw Tong Pei wearing a black trench coat and a red checkered scarf standing behind her.

She was holding a bottle of wine in her hand, and there was a faint smell of alcohol on her body.

Tong Pei also noticed the bottle of wine in her hand. “Did you drink this?”

“Hmm…” Guo Miao’s mind was spinning, but she couldn’t find a reason to explain why she was drinking. “I see that everyone here is drinking. I’m just doing as the Romans do in Rome.”

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 114 - 114 On the Streets of a Foreign Country