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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 113 - 113 Discrimination

113 Discrimination

“Miss Guo, you’re still young, and you’re a woman. I don’t think women are suitable for scientific research.” The one who had spoken was an expert named Haiping. He was a household name in physics.

Some of the experts in the audience laughed along. Such cruel words were used to mock some experts with problematic academic standards.

Everyone saw that Guo Miao was really young and that she was a girl, so they were even more suspicious of her academic skills.

Guo Miao adjusted her glasses and glanced at the experts who were laughing happily in the audience.


“Please respect my invention. Scientific research has never been determined by age and gender,” Guo Miao said. “The good and bad of scientists are also not determined by their age and gender.”

“Also, Professor, do you think girls can play with Barbie dolls and not do research? What you said just now is a little too narrow-minded.”

The expert thought that Guo Miao wouldn’t refute him. Previously, he had teased people like this, but they usually didn’t refute it because they were in the wrong. Only Guo Miao actually retorted.

“Hmph, even so, you still can’t prove that this invention was your idea. At your age, you probably haven’t even finished high school physics. You probably can’t even recite Newton’s three laws.”

Newton’s three laws were the simplest of physics.

“Newton’s three laws: the law of inertia, the law of acceleration, and the third law that involves action and reaction force. However, does anyone here know the limitations of these three laws?”

The audience was silent for a moment. They were all experts in the field of invention and were not as involved in academic research, especially in the field of theoretical physics.

Therefore, everyone had a rough understanding of the basics and only had a smattering of the core stuff. The entire venue fell silent.

Guo Miao’s voice resounded in the venue. She explained the application direction of the three laws she discovered during the Empire era. Her research ability had long broken through the barrier between practical application and theory, and she could integrate them.

Not only did she talk about the limitations of these three laws, but she also talked about some possible applications and methods of popularization.

All of these could not be prepared in advance.

In such a short period of time, she was able to sort out all this knowledge in her mind and then articulate it clearly. There was a burst of applause from the audience.

There were also a few international scholars who looked at her in amazement.

“Guo Miao is impressive. At this stage, she’s simply a child prodigy.”

“Yeah, at her age, she already has such a strong knowledge reserve and research ability in physics and information. She will definitely become a great person in the future.”

“I’ve thought about the invention she just mentioned, but I didn’t expect someone to actually point out the direction. It seems that I have to contact Miss Guo Miao and ask her for cooperation.”

Guo Miao listened to everyone’s discussion and looked at Haiping sharply.

Haiping’s face turned red. He was a very capable scholar, but his speaking skills were not strong, and he liked to discriminate against women.

Guo Miao had learned about everyone’s information before and knew that he was a difficult person to deal with, but she didn’t expect that someone would be able to make discrimination so obvious at an international event like this.

“I’ve merely expressed my opinion. I have something else to say. The love for science doesn’t matter what your age or gender is.

“I’ve seen many women who love science and research, but because of their families, social discrimination, and stereotypes, they can’t devote themselves to the career they like.”

Guo Miao’s voice was loud and clear, reverberating throughout the entire venue.

“That’s why I hope that everyone can break this stereotype, give women more opportunities, and use the academic spirit to deal with academics instead of judging others by their appearance or other things.”

After listening to Guo Miao’s words, the audience applauded thunderously. The female science researchers worked even harder to applaud Guo Miao.

“I’ve decided to invest in the practical application project I just mentioned. If there are returns on the investment, I’ll set up a fund to reward female scientists who have made great contributions to scientific research.”

When everyone heard this, there was another round of applause.

It seemed that Guo Miao was not only a strong academician but also a responsible person.

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 113 - 113 Discrimination