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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 112 - 112 Amazing Discussion Forums

112 Amazing Discussion Forums

Guo Miao looked at the other party and smiled. She pulled out an app from her mobile phone, opened the QR code, and tapped it on the instrument at the door.

A line of words appeared on the display screen at the door: “Special guest: Guo Miao from country C.”

The two security guards’ mouths were wide open in surprise. “You are a special guest here?”

Guo Miao nodded.

They quickly opened the door to let her in.

The Science and Technology Forum had been held here for the past few years. This was the first time they had seen such a young person attending the forum.

In addition to the two security guards, a few military leaders who had already arrived at the venue were also surprised.

There was a big screen in the venue, which would show the people who entered the venue in real-time. When they saw the words ” Guo Miao from country C”, the leaders all straightened up and looked at the door.

A few of the older military experts fixed their presbyopic glasses that were about to fall off and stared at the entrance.

They all knew that the supercomputer that had been trending recently was the expert Guo’s work, but Guo Miao had never appeared at the forum before.

He wasn’t an outstanding student from any university, thus everyone guessed that he was a master among the commoners.

When Guo Miao appeared, the leaders were so surprised that their mouths could fit a few eggs.

“Is this Guo Miao? Are you sure?”

“She’s still a high school student, right? How can she be in a forum like this?”

“Professor Oz, hold up your glasses. They’re falling off.”

Professor Oz held his presbyopic glasses and looked at the girl standing at the door. He felt like his worldview was shattered.

He was very interested in this supercomputer. After all, his recent research direction was also on how to improve his computing power. This supercomputer almost solved all his research problems.

However, the person who had solved the problem that had troubled him for so many years was actually a high school student. It was simply unbelievable.

The person in question, Guo Miao, was just sitting quietly in her seat. She was even drinking a cup of milk tea, looking like a student who had come to school.

The leaders arrived one after another, and many of them took a special glimpse at Guo Miao’s seat. When they saw Guo Miao in person, most of them were shocked.

Such big shots at Guo Miao’s age were rare.

The forum began. After the speeches of the organizers and several notable figures, it was time for Guo Miao to speak.

She walked up the stage with steady steps, her face calm.

“Hello, everyone, I’m Guo Miao from country C’s research institute. Today, I’ll introduce you to the supercomputer project that everyone has been paying attention to recently.”

She opened the PowerPoint and smiled at the people in the audience. Then, she began to talk about her supercomputer design concept.

The materials she prepared were very complete, and her narration was very well-organized. At first, the big shots in the audience were surprised by her identity, but slowly they were immersed in Guo Miao’s speech.

She did a simple breakdown of the supercomputer project and elaborated on the principle structure, design concept, and future improvements.

Each article was full and accurate, and it was not a completely boring social language, but an interesting story.

After Guo Miao finished her speech, the audience applauded thunderously.

During the Q & A session, everyone was fighting to ask questions. A middle-aged man who looked a little greasy took the microphone.

He looked at Guo Miao with an unfriendly gaze and a suspicious light. “Miss Guo Miao, may I ask about your educational background?”

“I’m studying in a high school in Haicheng in country C,” Guo Miao said honestly.

However, she hated this kind of question. It involved personal privacy and had nothing to do with the content of her report.

“Then, I’d like to ask, Miss Guo Miao, did you really come up with your own research results? Did you not have the help of some academician or something? Or did you take someone else’s research results and use them as your own?”

“Could her parents be big shots but don’t want to show their faces, so they let their daughter take over?” someone echoed.

In the academic and invention circles, there was indeed a phenomenon of taking the resources and inventions of their parents as their own academic achievements.

However, this kind of military field didn’t need to use this method to improve its academic status.

Everyone’s doubts deepened.

Guo Miao looked at the people below the stage and smiled. “The supercomputer was inspired by two friends and myself, but I’ve always been the main director.”

“Miss Guo, your words are not very convincing. When my daughter was your age, she was still thinking about Barbie dolls.”

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 112 - 112 Amazing Discussion Forums