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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 109 - 109 Treating Illnesses Everywhere

109 Treating Illnesses Everywhere

Guo Miao put her hand on Encai’s grandmother’s wrist and looked at her tongue.

“Have you been eating hot food for a long time?” Guo Miao asked.

Encai’s grandmother nodded.

Guo Miao also mentioned a few of the foods that she had speculated that grandmother beneficent usually liked to eat, and she matched them all one by one.

It was only then that Encai’s grandmother realized that this girl was not simple. “Little girl, where did you learn your medical skills?”

“I’m under the tutelage of a traditional medical Master from C nation. He’s not from a very famous place.”

Encai’s grandmother was a little excited when she heard about the traditional medicine in C nation.

Back then, she had stayed in C nation for a period of time. At that time, she had almost died in the war. When her life was on the line, it was a master of traditional medicine in C nation who saved her.

“Then what is my problem, and how should I treat it?” Encai’s grandmother asked.

“You’ve been eating hot food for a long time, which has caused your stomach to be in disorder. That’s why you’re in this state,” Guo Miao said.

Guo Miao took a pen and paper and wrote down the names of a few dishes, but not the names of the herbs.

“Why are they all dishes?” Encai felt a little strange.

“With grandma’s current condition, she can’t take medicine directly. If she does, it will put a huge burden on her liver and kidneys. So, I’ve specially prepared some medicinal meals for her. I’ll make some three times a week for her. She should also have light and bland meals.”

Encai nodded as he wrote down the things that Guo Miao said.

“I don’t know how to thank you for helping me like this. You can just charge me the same amount as Sheng Guang.” Encai took out his phone to transfer the money.

“Grandma’s condition hasn’t developed to the extent of an illness. I don’t need to charge a high price.” Guo Miao thought for a while and gave a lower price.

Although she could make more than ten times more money if she took the herbal recipe she just prescribed to others, she still offered a friendship price for the sake of the favor whereby Encai had helped her at the banquet last time.

After all, she had to stay at his house for a while, so it could be considered a kind of exchange.

Encai handed the recipe to the kitchen while Guo Miao started chatting with Encai’s grandmother. Encai’s grandmother knew a lot about C country, and the two of them had a good chat.

Just as they were chatting happily, the door opened and a little girl about the same age as Guo Miao walked in. She was carrying a heavy school bag, probably because classes had just ended.

“Who are you?” Seeing Guo Miao, she asked in confusion.

“Enya, this is Guo Miao. She’s a good friend I met in C nation. She’s also a friend of Sheng Guang and Tong Pei’s.”

The little girl’s expression changed when she heard the name Tong Pei. She looked Guo Miao up and down, then turned her eyes away angrily. “Why would Tong Pei be friends with this kind of girl? She looks about the same age as me. Doesn’t he hate high school students the most?”

Guo Miao smiled. She was a high school student, but she was a few hundred years behind them in life experience. She was not a real high school student.

“Don’t be rude to our guests, Enya,” Encai’s grandmother scolded.

Enya felt a little apprehensive when she noticed her grandmother, who had always doted on her, reprimanding her. What was so special about this high school girl?

“She’s just a high school student. She’s like me but isn’t as good-looking as me.” Enya pouted and complained.

“She’s not as good-looking as you? She’s already at the military information forum jointly organized by Timi and the Information Conference at such a young age. She’s also a famous doctor.” Encai rapped Enya’s forehead.

His sister was good in every way, but she would get angry at the mention of Tong Pei.

Tong Pei had met Enya a few times when he was in country K on business trips. The young Enya had secretly fallen in love with the man.

However, Tong Pei had always treated her as a little kid, which made her very dissatisfied.

“So what? I can be more powerful than you in the future! You’re the one living in my house right now!” Enya retorted indignantly. “I’m the one who’s in the right!”

Guo Miao laughed. Although Enya was a little willful, she was still very cute. Compared to Guo Lin, who liked to act pitiful every day, she preferred Enya’s temper as she said whatever she wanted.

“Alright, you’re right.” Guo Miao laughed in agreement.

Enya looked even angrier now. “Brother, where is she staying at my house? Is she going to stay in the guest room that brother Tong Pei was staying in?”

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 109 - 109 Treating Illnesses Everywhere