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106 Zhang Fang

“Actually, Mom and Dad have always missed you,” Guo Hu spoke hesitantly, but he found that his words were not convincing.

“What are you thinking about? My CMO trophy?” Guo Miao sneered. She really couldn’t find a reason for the Guos to miss her. It was just for her academic performance which was a solid means to show off.

“Actually, if you go back now, they will be willing to give you a chance,” Guo Hu continued.

“Guo Hu, you might not understand. It’s not whether they give me a chance or not, but whether I give them a chance or not.” Guo Miao turned around and looked at Guo Hu. “You have to know that I have my own life now. I’m with my father and brother. I don’t need your help.”


Guo Hu was choked by Guo Miao’s words. Indeed, she had no reason to stay with the Guo family.

“Uncle’s new shop is opening. If you need my help, or if you need my help in the future, feel free to come to me.” Guo Hu stopped a car, refusing to talk about these things anymore.

“Don’t come looking for me in the future,” Guo Miao said and turned to leave. She didn’t believe any of them. In her previous life, they had abandoned her. In this life, she would let them experience what it was like to be abandoned.

Although Guo Hu wasn’t as hostile to her as he was in her previous life, she didn’t intend to make peace with him.

Lu Ning had been staying at Guo Miao’s house for the time being, and Lu Ning’s father was soon discharged from the hospital.

Fortunately, Lu Ning’s father, Lu Hai, did have some talent for cooking. Guo Fu had specially arranged a cooking test for him, and his performance was very good.

After eating Lu Hai’s dishes, Guo Fu made a prompt decision to take him under his wing.

Jiangyue, another partner of Fuyue Restaurant, had been planning to open a fast-food chain to target office workers.

It just so happened that Lu Hai could help take charge of the fast food restaurant project in the future.

Since Lu Ning and his daughter did not have a place to stay, Guo Fu planned to get them a place to stay in the room behind Fuyue Restaurant. After Lu Hai officially started work, they could find another place to stay.

During this time, Guo Miao hired three private detectives to investigate Zhang Fang and Zhang Qiang.

The mother and son had committed countless crimes. They were born in Dongshan Village, but they had dragged the girls from the village to sell in the red-light district.

After the evidence was conclusive, they kept harping on the matter of him being injured by Guo Miao and even forced the police to call Guo Miao over to confront her.

Zhang Fang, who was sitting in the interrogation room, looked haggard. Her cheeks were sunken and her hair was loose, making her look like a demon. She stared at Guo Miao as if she wanted to eat her up.

“You killed my son, didn’t you?”

“Your son isn’t dead,” Guo Miao said helplessly. “He’s in another room in the detention center. If you want to see him, you can go. He should be in a worse state than you.”

It should be known that among the prisoners in the prison, rapists were at the bottom of the food chain. Zhang Qiang should have been tortured to death by those old prisoners by now.

“You b*tch, I’m going to let the police perform that so-called injury test. You killed my son and even hit me.”

“Watch your words, Ms. Zhang. Miss Guo didn’t kill your son. I can sue you for slander on behalf of Miss Guo for what you just said and the lies in the transcript,” The lawyer standing next to Guo Miao said.

The lawyer was Lu Jie. She was a lawyer who had been transferred from Beijing to Haicheng. She was previously working in the legal department of Jinyue Group and was one of the three swordsmen in the legal department. These three had almost never lost a lawsuit.

Moreover, when Lu Jie was still in school, she became popular on the internet because of a video of a speech. She was a well-known beautiful lawyer in the country.

When Lu Jie came with Guo Miao today, everyone in the police station was shocked. Not only did Guo Miao have a backer, but her subordinates were also all elites.

“Who cares what I’m slandering? This little b*tch colluded with my daughter to kill my son. They’re all b*tches. I didn’t do anything, so why am I locked up?”

Zhang Fang’s mental state was already a little unstable. She kept shaking the handcuffs on her hands, trying to stand up from the table, and arguing with Guo Miao.

“Doctor, calm the patient down!” Deputy Chief Yang Sheng called the team doctor over.

Zhang Fang didn’t plead guilty and still wanted to blame Guo Miao, which was really a headache.

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