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105 Savior

“I’m telling you, if you release the recording, you’re done for!” As Zhang Fang spoke, she raised the brick with her other hand and was ready to smash it on Guo Miao’s head.

Suddenly, someone rushed in and pushed Guo Miao away. As a result, the brick hit the person.

“What are you guys doing? This is murder.”

Guo Miao looked at the person in front of her. “Guo Hu?”


Although Guo Hu was hit by a brick, no vital parts were injured. He stood in front of the two and protected them.

“Guo Hu?” Lu Ning looked at Guo Hu, who was standing in front of her, and was stunned.

“I was just passing by and saw you two here, so I came in,” Guo Hu explained.

Guo Hu looked at Zhang Fang and asked, “You only know how to attack the weak. What kind of skill is that?”

Guo Miao didn’t expect Guo Hu to be here. With her ability, it wasn’t a problem for her to kill Zhang Fang, but she didn’t want to expose her martial arts skills in front of Guo Hu.

The sound of the police siren resounded through the street. Seeing that the situation was not right, Zhang Fang wanted to abandon her son and run away. She did not expect to be caught by Guo Hu.

Yang Sheng, the deputy chief of the police station, arrived. He asked his men to take Zhang Fang and Zhang Qiang away, and he also got the others to record their statements.

It was already past eight o’clock in the evening when they finished taking the statements. Guo Miao was ready to take Lu Ning back to her home first. She had hired a caretaker to help Lu Ning’s father.

Guo Hu accompanied Lu Ning and Guo Miao home.

When Guo Fu saw Guo Hu, he didn’t drive him out. Instead, he brought the three children into the room and served them hot food.

“I’ve cooked some beef noodles. You guys can have some to warm up. Lu Ning, you can stay here tonight. There’s a guest room here.”

“I’ll just take a taxi home later,” Guo Hu said. If he were to stay at Guo Miao’s place, he would have to spend a lot of effort explaining this matter when he returned.

The three of them sat at the dining table and started eating.

As they ate, Guo Miao told Guo Fu about what had happened today.

Guo Fu was also a little scared after hearing about this frightening experience.

“Then, what do you plan to do after this, Lu Ning? According to your stepmother’s personality, she won’t let you off so easily.”

Lu Ning shook her head. “I don’t know. The police said that they can’t be sentenced for wreaking havoc in the shop today. I don’t know what to do…”

“They can’t be sentenced for causing havoc in the shop, but they can be sentenced for human trafficking.” Guo Miao said in a low voice.

She took out her phone and played the recording.

Guo Hu clenched his fists after listening to the recording.

His sister was almost defiled today and almost sold to a brothel?

“With this, we should be able to convict them. I’ll find a private detective to investigate these claims. They’ll definitely be sentenced heavily.” Guo Miao’s voice was very calm as if she was not the one who was almost defiled today.

“A private detective is very expensive. Uncle’s restaurant has just started. Where did you get so much money?” Guo Hu frowned. “Well, I still have some pocket money. I’ll hire a private detective to help Lu Ning solve the problem.”

“No need,” Guo Miao said coldly after swallowing the last mouthful of beef soup.

“I’ll help solve Lu Ning’s problem.” She had so much money that she could even hire a bunch of private detectives, let alone an individual detective.

Lu Ning looked at Guo Miao and nodded. “I’ll pay you back later. I can work at Uncle’s shop during the holidays, or after I graduate.”

“Alright, no need.” Guo Miao patted Lu Ning’s shoulder, “Rest well. I have something to discuss with Guo Hu.”

Guo Miao sent Guo Hu to the entrance. On the way, Guo Hu hesitated to speak. He originally thought that Guo Miao’s life was just slightly better, that she still had to rent a house or use her bonus to support her brother and father.

However, he didn’t expect that she would have bought a house with her own money. The environment was very conducive. Although it wasn’t at the level of a luxurious villa, it was indeed one of the best high-end houses in Haicheng.

Moreover, Guo Miao even said that she would help Lu Ning with the money, which made Guo Hu a little surprised. What kind of ability did his sister, who their mother had driven away, have to have gotten so much money in such a short time?

“How have you been?” The question hovered for a long time, and Guo Hu finally asked this single sentence.

Guo Miao looked at him and replied coldly, “I’m alright.”

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