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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist
Chapter 102 - 102 Making a Cake

102 Making a Cake

Recently, the game that they were making had already reached its initial stage.

After entering the game, they could see the prototype of a city. Although there were still many scenes that were not refined and explored, the most important technical barrier had been broken through with Guo Miao’s efforts.

In the future, as long as she copied and refined the previous template and added the corresponding functions, she would be able to put it to use very quickly.

Master Sihan’s advertising methods solved Guo Miao’s problem. If she could get Master Sihan to help her open a game exhibition, she could use his reputation to promote the game.

This was a pretty good method.

According to the description of Sheng Guang and Encai, Master Sihan had recently been addicted to science fiction and the concept of the metaverse.

Guo Miao turned on her computer and wrote down her thoughts on the game and the exhibition. She then sent the email to Master Sihan. She also faxed the manuscript to Master Sihan. It was a sketch of some facilities in the future world that she had drawn.

After doing this, Guo Miao went to bed to rest. She had invited Chen Si, Tong Tong, and a few others to play together tomorrow.

The next day, Guo Miao left early.

The venue they had agreed to meet at was a cat café. It was the kind where you could cuddle cats and drink coffee. You could also experience making cakes for yourself.

Chen Si, Tong Tong, Zhong Nian, and a few friends who were participating in the competition had all arrived.

Zhao Nan was there as well. Since she had received guaranteed entry, the high school affiliated with Haicheng University made an exception and transferred her to another school. They had even waived her tuition, miscellaneous fees, and accommodation fees for three years.

Now that Zhao Nan was living in Haicheng, it was much more convenient for the members of the Haicheng squad to play together.

They all chose to bake a cake, and the waiter brought them to a quiet room inside. There were a few tables and baking tools.

“Everyone, please wait here for a moment. The teacher who will be guiding us how to make cake will be here soon.”

Everyone sat down and looked at the materials in front of them while waiting for the teacher’s arrival.

“Hello, everyone. I’ll be teaching you how to make cakes today, Lu Ning.”

Wearing an apron and a chef’s hat, Lu Ning walked into the room. Everyone laughed when they saw her.

Lu Ning also laughed. Originally, Guo Miao had made an appointment to bake a cake today, so Lu Ning had cleared her schedule just for Guo Miao.

She didn’t expect Guo Miao to bring so many people today.

“So, it’s you. Don’t you need to deliver take-out?” Chen Si asked with some curiosity.

“My brother has found another job recently. I don’t have to deliver food for him. I can earn more by working here.”

Although Lu Ning said this, it was far from the truth.

Lu Ning’s father had fallen ill recently, and she had used the money that Guo Miao had given her before to pay for her father’s surgery. She had even moved in with her father and cut off all contact with her stepmother.

Lu Ning’s stepmother had gone into hiding from debt collectors with her son and had no time to take care of Lu Ning. Lu Ning’s stepbrother couldn’t do odd jobs, so Lu Ning didn’t have to work so hard anymore.

As Lu Ning spoke, she demonstrated the steps of baking a cake to everyone.

This kind of cake was just a simple cake with cream on the outside. Everyone present was not particularly stupid, so they quickly finished the sponge cake and began to spread the cream on it.

Applying cream was not as simple as they thought.

Chen Si made a Hello Kitty cake, but it was a little crooked and looked like a little rabbit. Tong Yao and Zhong Nian originally wanted to use the fondant to make a car, but it was too difficult. In the end, they settled for the next best thing and made it into the shape of a robot.

A few of the competition teams did some fancy work on the cake such as writing some mathematical formulas.

The group of children looked at each other’s cakes and laughed. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Guo Miao’s cake looked like a starry sky spun out of sugar. It looked shiny and was more exquisite than the others.

Lu Ning also let out a cry of surprise when he saw this. “As expected of a wonderful god! How is it that everything she does is so powerful?”

“Let me see, let me see.” The crowd also gathered around and exclaimed at the cake.

The base of the black sugar was embellished with realistic planets, and white chocolate was used to make a nebula. It really looked like a galaxy.

“I’m impressed. You’re indeed a wonderful god.” Chen Si raised his hand and paid his respects to Guo Miao. “I’ll pay my respects to you. Please bless me so that I can do anything like you.”

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The Real Rich Daughter is a Future Genius Scientist Chapter 102 - 102 Making a Cake