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101 Family

“What’s wrong, Dad? What’s on your mind?” Guo Miao asked.

Guo Fu rarely expressed his opinions about Guo Miao’s studies, but now she wanted to hear his opinion.

“I’ve asked a few teachers from the high school affiliated with the university,” Guo Fu scratched his head. Although he was an uncultured country bumpkin, he knew the importance of dividing the arts and science subjects for children, so he had specifically asked a few teachers about it.

Of course, the teachers ought to be given some gifts, so Guo Fu also gave them some Dongshan specialties.


“They all said that it will be harder to choose all the science subjects, and it might be easier to interweave a humanities subject. Also, it’s hard to fill in the school’s schedule, ” Guo Fu explained to Guo Miao clumsily as he looked at the class schedule.

In fact, what they spoke about was nothing new. Chang Yuan and Chen Cheng had already talked about the suggestions for the schedule many times in class.

However, these words were different when Guo Fu said them. Guo Miao felt that her eyes were a little sore.

Compared to the snobbish couple in the Guo family, Guo Fu’s love for Guo Miao was deep and gentle. Although he was an illiterate farmer, he asked so many questions about his daughter’s subject choices.

“Dad, aren’t you going to ask me why I rejected the recommendations?” Guo Miao asked Guo Fu.

Guo Fu shook his head and said, “There might be something you don’t think is right. I don’t know anything about that. You’re an independent child. I support and believe in your decision.”

Guo Fu’s words almost made Guo Miao cry.

She looked at Guo Fu and Xuxu as she quietly changed her plans.

Initially, Guo Miao wanted to stay in Haicheng until her third year of high school. After that, she would bring Xuxu along to the capital for high school.

However, she felt that she could speed up her progress and apply for the college entrance examination in advance so that she could go to the capital to study. This way, she could let her father and Xuxu lead a better life.

Xuxu was a smart child and would receive a better education in the capital.

“No matter what you choose, just study hard,” Guo Fu said.

After the parent-teacher meeting, Guo Fu went on stage to receive the award as the representative of outstanding parents. He didn’t prepare any fancy speech but simply said that they should respect the wishes of his children and care for them.

Because of Guo Miao’s excellent results in the competition, Guo Fu’s speech was broadcasted by the other classes in the school.

Cheng Yu was sitting in Guo Lin’s class, watching Guo Fu’s speech on the projection screen, and her face was red.

Wasn’t this clearly a slap to her and Guo Ming’s faces?

Several rich ladies who were familiar with Cheng Yu also stared at her with mocking eyes.

The genius Guo Miao’s video had been shared like crazy in the past two days. Guo Miao herself was also crazily sought after. Cheng Yu had even become an envied figure among the rich ladies because of this.

But now, Guo Miao jumped out and said that Guo Fu was her father. Cheng Yu didn’t know where to put her pride.

“Cheng Yu, didn’t you say that Guo Miao is your child now? Why is her foster father still attending the parent-teacher meeting?”

“That’s right, Cheng Yu. You usually speak about Guo Miao so much, but why doesn’t she remember your good deeds at all?”

“This foster father of hers doesn’t seem to have any brains, but how did he teach Guo Miao so well, even better than Guo Lin, who you taught with all your heart?”

Cheng Yu felt a burning pain on her face. This was great. Almost the entire school knew that Guo Miao had sent her stepfather to the parent-teacher meeting. How could Cheng Yu and her husband survive in Haicheng?

Cheng Yu’s attitude towards Guo Lin wasn’t very cordial either, and she didn’t even smile on the way back.

After that, there was still the marriage agreement with the Tian family. It would be a tricky matter to deal with at that time.

On the other hand, Guo Miao didn’t have to worry so much. Recently, Sheng Guang sent her a painting, and she was in a hurry to go back and open it to take a look.

The moment she opened the painting, she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

This painting was an upgraded version of Sheng Guang’s previous one. It was more realistic and modern.

The signatures on the lower right corner belonged to Sihan and Sheng Guang.

There was also a note attached to the painting in Sihan’s handwriting.

Sihan was very interested in Guo Miao’s holographic game project and hoped to design some peripherals or offline check-in points for this project.

Guo Miao held her chin and looked at the painting. She hadn’t thought about the surroundings or the offline check-in points.

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