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100 A Father

There was another reason for Guo Fu’s anxiety, which was that he might run into the Guos.

The couple didn’t give him a good feeling. Although they dressed up lavishly and lived in a house that he might never be able to afford in his life, they were just profit-driven machines in his eyes.

Guo Fu’s premonition was quite accurate. He and Xuxu were stopped by Guo Ming and Cheng Yu the moment they entered the school.

“Guo Fu, are you here for a parent-teacher meeting too?” Guo Ming’s attitude changed. He came over and put his arm around Guo Fu’s shoulder as if they were good brothers.

Guo Fu dodged and took a step back alertly.

Even though Guo Ming noticed Guo Fu’s movements, he still walked towards him and caressed Xuxu’s head. “I’m here to apologize for the unpleasant incident earlier, bro.”

“No need.” Guo Fu shook his head and tried to avoid the couple.

“I’ve specially prepared cigarettes and wine for you as an apology. Bro, you must accept it.” Guo Ming kept calling him “bro,” and it gave Guo Fu goosebumps.

Before today, the two of them had probably not spoken more than five sentences.

“Is there anything you need? If not, I’ll be going to the parent-teacher conference,” Guo Fu said.

Hearing that there was a golden opportunity, Guo Ming quickly shot Cheng Yu a look.

Cheng Yu passed the tonics in her hands to Guo Fu. “Well, it’s like this. When we went back last time, Miaomiao’s father and I thought about it for a long time. After all, Miaomiao is our biological daughter, and we shouldn’t treat her like this. It was our fault last time.”

Guo Fu didn’t think that the two were sincerely remorseful. “Then, don’t come and disturb Miaomiao’s life from now on. She is growing up very well. Since you know you were wrong, don’t contact her anymore.”

“No, bro, I think you’ve taken good care of this child, but we also have our own perspective, and we definitely have a better view than you. You see, why don’t I bring Miaomiao back later?”

As soon as he heard these three words, Guo Fu knew that his speculation was correct. This couple was obviously here to snatch his child away.

“Bro Guo Fu, you’re running a food company now, so you must be very tired. I’m a housewife, so I have a lot of time to take care of the children. How about this? I’m willing to take care of the children here, and you can just do your own things.” Cheng Yu had a sincere expression.

Before they came, Cheng Yu had already discussed with Guo Ming that Guo Fu only cared about the two children, Guo Xu and Guo Miao.

If they could solve the problem of Guo Xu’s education, Guo Fu would probably be willing to return Guo Miao to the Guo family.

“Xuxu must not have had a solid foundation when he was in Dongshan Village, where the quality of education is poor. We can help you solve the problem of his admission to junior high school. The two children can also stay at our house, and you can focus on your career. After all, your restaurant company has just been established.”

Guo Fu didn’t want to listen to the two people in front of him.

In the end, he just wanted Guo Miao to go back.

After seeing how they sided with Guo Lin last time, he would not let Guo Miao return to that hellish home again.

“You guys are dreaming. I won’t go back with you.” Guo Miao had appeared out of nowhere.

She held Guo Fu’s arm and glanced at the tonics on the ground. They were all of the best quality, and it was clear that they cost a lot. “You’ve really put in a lot of effort to make me go back, but I don’t have a family like you. I only have one father. Please don’t harass my family again in the future.”

“I’m doing this for your own good, Guo Miao!” Upon hearing Guo Miao’s words, Cheng Yu couldn’t stay calm anymore. “If you don’t go to such a good school, what are you going to do in the future? Inherit the restaurant and do a job that only the lower class can do like your useless father?”

“What a joke.” Guo Miao rolled her eyes at Cheng Yu. She didn’t want to waste her breath on this woman.

What else did she have in her mind other than those ridiculous social classes and schemes? Such a person was not worthy of being in her family.

“I’m doing this for your own good as your mother.” Cheng Yu stretched out her hand, wanting to grab Guo Miao’s hand.

Guo Miao pulled Guo Fu and left.

What mother? What right did Cheng Yu have to be her mother?

Guo Miao pulled Guo Fu into the classroom. Looking at the subject registration form on her desk, Guo Fu organized his words, “Miao Miao, do you really want to learn these subjects?”

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