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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 6 Come Clean

Chapter 6 Come Clean

"This...ah I don’t know how this happened" said Alex embarrassedly while trying to cover it by his hands but he couldn’t because it was too big and hard.

He didn’t have anything in his vicinity to cover it with. He was bare in front of their eyes with only a cloth tightly wrapped around his torso. He noticed that he was in his house and on his own bed but there was not a single peace of cloth by his bed.

"What are you hiding it for? We had already seen it. In fact, you should be proud of it, most of the men are not even blessed to come close to your size and still you are that size at the age of 15"

"Alex, you don’t have to be so embarrassed, we all are adults plus it would be quite often than not when your clothes are damaged or shredded when fighting with demon beast or an enemy; you have to keep your mind in control. Beside all this, I still have to thank you for saving other kids. If not for you, they would have been crippled by that bastard and we would have regretted it for life" Aunt Julie said while changing the subject and taking Alex out of this awkward situation.

’But this is not a battlefield..sigh’ Alex of course knew all that but this was an entirely different situation.

"Well, Alex I’m quite curious as to what were you dreaming off that even your face was showing a crocked smile filled with ecstasy" Aunt Meg said while giggling.

"oh..that...I just felt like a dam of energy had broken inside of me when I had fainted. It filled all of my body; truthfully it felt quite good at that time like some soft hands were massaging delicately every single part of my body and I can still feel it flowing inside of me." Alex said half-truth has he was also not sure about that energy which came from the Book and could still feel it inside of him moving in around some passage in his body. He knew for sure that the incident with the Black Book in his mind was not any dream, because he could feel it mildly pulsing in his mind.

And also so that they don’t misunderstand him for dreaming some xxx things.

"um, now that you say, Alex you are moving as if your back has no injury" it was then that Uncle Jack noticed Alex movements before when he was trying to hide his weapon.

"How...can that be, His back area had swollen red when I had bandaged him" Aunt Julie was now not sure now and they had not noticed his actions before because their whole attention was absorbed by something big and thick...

Without saying anything else, Alex began removing the bandaged cloth. Seeing this, Aunt Meg also came forward to help him. Alex, noticed that her hand brushed against his rod quite frequently while she was helping, he did his best to ignore that, as his Uncle Jack was now behind him and he cannot see if Uncle had noticed her action or not.

"ahh..the swelling has gone. Your back is as good as new" Aunt Meg was quite astonished by seeing that.

"Um, Alex stand up and punch my hand" Uncle Jack ordered him and it seems like he might have caught onto something.

"Let me wear some clothes first" Alex surely didn’t want his pole attacking together with his fist. ’Why the fuck is it still standing?’

"Do that afterwards, I need to check something. Now don’t hold back and try gathering that energy into your fist. Give your best shot" he said while bringing his hand in front.

"Sigh..ok..." Alex took attacking position and closed his eyes; he could sense that warm energy flowing in what should be called meridian and tried to make it flow towards his right fist. Another thing that he noticed was that his body had gotten a lot stronger than before.

Alex was successful in guiding the energy in his arms and then he accumulated it in his whole arm.

’His form is perfect, when did he got so good? From what Tom and Anna had told me about his fight, it can be easily deduced that his kick and evasion were very timely and accurate. And his battle senses is also good, but how did he do that?’ Jack was quite confused because from his point of view Alex before when practiced with him, he was not this good....he was quite average in fighting.

"Uncle Jack, I’m ready"

"Alright, come"

"HAH" Alex turned his body with his core as the pivot and threw a punch with the force of all his body.

Everyone in the room were again astonished by seeing Alex using whole force of his body while throwing that punch because they knew that only experienced and elite martial artist could do that. In their whole group only Donald and jack could do that.

Jack this time seriously braced for impact when he saw that.


Jack palm didn’t even move half an inch back nor did Alex fist. They were just standing off like that.

Jack looked straight into his adopted child eyes; but then quickly said while laughing.

"HAHAHAH.....congratulation Alex, you are now a cultivator. And not only that, from the amount of the Qi that I have felt, you have directly advanced to Grade 2 of Body Tempering realm and that punch of yours could even rival a Grade 3 Body tempering cultivator. What do you think?.....Meg, Julie?" Jack asked the last question to Aunt Meg and Julie, but they seemed to in their own thoughts while having their mouths opened in O shape.


"Don’t stand there gulping your saliva, tell me what do think" Jack yelled seeing their hungry looks wanting to eat the boy whole.

"ah, it’s looks very amazing and so dashing"

"Yeah 10/10 on that perfect swing"

Both of them came out of their fantasies and gave their answer though there comments were on entirely different things.

But they also quickly reacted and gave the same comments as jack while approving what he said.

"From what I can guess, the energy that you talked about before must be the accumulated Qi that had gathered into your body all this years. When you were in danger, your body must have used that unused Qi instinctively to survive. And all that accumulated Qi was so large that you advanced directly to Grade 2 of Body Tempering Realm and also healed your injuries" Aunt Meg quickly said

" We are living in just a small part of this world and in all my life I had heard this saying that sometimes even impossible can become possible. Miracle can happen and the reason given for it may also not be true entirely. So we don’t have to dwell now on the how you became a cultivator but celebrate" Aunt Julie also added.

"All seems well now but can anyone tell me what had happened after I had fainted till now. I saw Tom colliding with Ryan before I fainted. How’s tom and Hank, where are they" Alex knew the reason for this miracle but he couldn’t say it now and also had a relief that they could come to a conclusion by themselves so he changed the subject to something he needed to know.

"Thanks to you, because you had brilliantly incapacitated Ryan, Tom could knock him out unconscious, while both Tom and Anna took you and Hank to Sophia house so that anyone else doesn’t come finding you at your homes" Aunt Meg gave the answer. Sophia’s families are small time merchants who dealt with some beast material that they bought to the city.

She was a good friend of Aunt Meg and Julie as they sold their Beast material collected from the hunt to her.

"When we came back at dusk, one of Sophia’s men had informed us of your whereabouts at the entrance of the village. And then we got to know everything from Anna.

"Both of them are fine now, they are sleeping at my house and Anna is taking care of them while Donald, Theo and Joe are protecting them so that Jon does not do something stupid tonight. Because their injuries were not as serious as yours, I had come to help you recover here" Aunt Julie answered him about why she was here.

Alex knew that she had some knowledge about medicines and what Anna had told him she dreamed to become an alchemist one day but it was quite expensive to become one so she could only treat some injuries. Alchemists are also professional doctors.

"But Uncle Jack, the village head could still fight with you and Uncle Donald for injuring his son, even though it was nothing serious" Alex again voiced out his doubts as they seemed quite relaxed and not worried about what Jon would do.

"HAHA... let him come, we don’t fear that shit. You know why because both I and Donald have already advanced to Grade 6 of Body Tempering Realm. We had not challenged him before because we were waiting for your Aunts to advance a rank and in this week both of them had advanced to Grade 5 of Body Tempering Realm. He wouldn’t have even known of the rumor of Donald advancing to Grade 6 if not for that tattletale merchant from whom we had purchased material which could help someone advance to Grade 6. It was actually used to help us consolidate both of our realms and they mistook it for Donald needing it for advancing" Jack laughed at Jon’s idiocy and again said "But we will not leave him alone this time as he had touched something that he shouldn’t have. Rest for today, I will give you a cultivation manual in the morning so that you can use that Qi in your body to strengthen your body and accumulate more Qi from your surroundings. And now you can also use martial arts techniques that need Qi to work"

Alex watched as Aunt Julie said her goodbye as she didn’t have anything to do here right now and could go home so that she could also relieve Theo and Joe from their duty. But she looked very reluctant to go as she kept looking back at him or more accurately his big fella while leaving the room.

"Aright, hard boy sleep well and..use your hand to make him sleep too or do you want my help" Aunt Meg couldn’t help stop teasing him one last time before going to bed with her husband.

Today, they didn’t do anything. And I was definitely not going to masturbate knowing that they were conscious of him doing that. He has still not become that shameless and open like them here.

Alex will go to sleep and his hard on will go away by itself.


After some hours.

It was late midnight, the sky pitch black outside.

But his hard cock has still not gone to sleep.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 6 Come Clean