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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 59 Brenna Eberhar

Chapter 59 Brenna Eberhar


Anna opens the door and sees two girls standing outside the house "Yes?"

"Alex lives here right?"

"Yes...and you are?" Anna asked.

"Miss Melinda and Miss Elaina, what might bring you here?" suddenly Alex came downstairs and asked.

"Alex, actually we came here to invite you to my manor. Our Master wanted to talk to you," Elaina quickly replied.

"Your Master wants to meet me?" Alex inquired.


"Alright. Anna, I will be back after some time, ok" Alex agreed as he got ready to go with them.

Alex went with them in their carriage. On the whole journey back to the manor, the three of them only talked about their daily life and nothing more.

"Elaina, are you coming from outside? I came to meet you today," Just as they were going to step out from the carriage at the gates of Yandell Family Manor, a voice called out from behind them.

Listening to this voice, Elaina suddenly got very angry but she quickly controlled her expression.

Alex saw a person in his early twenties stepping out of from the carriage coming behind them. Alex also saw the banner of Dorbank house on the carriage and instantly knew who this man was.

Darien Dorbank, heir of Dorbank Clan, and also the future husband of Elaina Yandell. But from the looks of it, she doesn’t look too happy with this guy.

When Darien saw a handsome guy coming out from the same carriage as Elaina, a wave of jealousy hit him head-on.

"Who is this, Ela" Darien asked.

"Darien, how many times have I told you? Don’t call my name like that," Elaina was really disgusted him to the bone.

Darien ignored her tone as she had always talked to him like that.

"You are going to be my wife; I can call you as I want. Anyway, what’s your name boy?" Darien asked in almost a commanding voice.

"Alex. Who are you?" Alex asked showing his ignorance.

"Boy, how can you be so ignorant? I am Darien Dorbank"


’O...k. ...Who wants your motherfu*king Ok. Is this how you should react after hearing my name," thought Darien as he gritted his teeth with anger.

"Elaina, who is this young man" Before Darien could say another word, a bosom lady walked out from the manor gates.

"Mother, this is Alex" she nodded and continued "Alex, meet my mother, Brenna Eberhart"

Brenna Eberhart was middle-aged but she had kept her body in good shape, she looked like a mature sexy woman in her early thirties.

"Nice to meet you, Lady Brenna" Alex greeted as he thought of Elaina and comparing both mother-daughter.

’Tsk, Tsk. I have to say, Elaina has a bright future ahead’ thought Alex as he pictured their similarities.

Although Elaina was just a year older than him but she had matured very well, the places that should have been perky were perky, the places that should have been curvy were curvy; she possessed the proper assets on her body. She still has some space to grow more and look just like her mother.

"Ah!, Alex. Right, you are that person who helped Elaina and Melinda in the forest. Thank you very much for that." Brenna remembered her daughter talking about him yesterday but she didn’t know the full story. Elaina didn’t anything about the Alex village in the forest to anyone. They just told that Alex had shown them a way to hidden cave when the Demon Beast Tide had just started.

Alex also knew this as she had informed him before.

"Mother-in-law, what are you talking about," Darien asked not knowing what they were talking about. He didn’t like the feeling that no one was giving him any attention ’One day, I will fu*k both, you bitches. Just you wait’ he thought in his mind.

"Oh, when did you come? Nothing really happened. You don’t need to worry. Right, Alex, where did you live before and what about your parents. Elaina said that you were not from the city" she inquired Alex while completely ignoring Darien.

"Pearl village, I used to live there since childhood. My Uncle works as mercenary and my Aunt manages a shop in the city. " Alex said the truth.

"Hump! It’s merely a small village in the south that’s not even much larger than the slums. There aren’t even a few who are aware of that kind of place where even birds would not poop on; and people who don’t know of it, are more so innumerable

A cynical voice came from their side. Darien looked at Alex with a sidelong glance. After hearing Alex say that he wasn’t some great family’s son but an ordinary person, and even came from a village, disdain immediately budded in his heart.

He said while coldly snorting "Mother-in-Law, you should not talk to these lowly slaves. What help can he give? Elaina, you also shouldn’t talk to him, it’s below our status. His types of people just want to take advantage of our good heart."

Facing Darien’s provocation and contempt, Alex only indifferently glanced at him once before retracting his gaze. He had somewhat paid a little attention to him before, but now, he directly disregarded him to the extreme; let alone respond, he didn’t even bother to look at him again. For someone who was as insolent, arrogant and supercilious as this, whose IQ may even a bit on the low end, the evaluation Alex gave was only one word: "Trash". He was unqualified to be his friend, and even more unqualified to be his enemy. He reckoned that his decent strength was also forcefully piled up using his family’s resources.

Seeing that Alex didn’t give any sort of response, Darien thought that he was obviously too afraid to the point of not even daring to reply. With a sneer, he turned his head away to talk with Elaina.

"Darien Dorbank, refrain from saying another word against my family guest. You are not allowed to come here till the day of your marriage with Elaina. As an aristocrat, you should know of such rules. Now go." Brenna said in a calm but commanding voice. She has long been disgusted by the idiot in front of her.

She invited Alex inside the manor while also giving her attendant the signal to show young master Darien the way out.

’You bitch. Dammit’ Darien than gave Alex one last look and went back into his carriage.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 59 Brenna Eberhar