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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 58 Random Roll II

Chapter 58 Random Roll II

Around noon some rumors started circulating everywhere in the city saying that Elaina was seen with a handsome boy this morning as they entered the gates hand in hand. Of course, the rumors had changed a lot from the truth as it was passed person by person.

It spread like fire through the city. There were already various versions of the rumors till now, some said that Elaina had married that boy and broke her marriage with the son of Lord Dorbank. Some said that the boy was her brother and also the illegitimate child of Willy Yandell.

The puppets had already informed him about these rumors. Alex knew that some troubles would definitely come his way but he was not afraid of them. For increasing the rate of Faith energy being collected, Alex also wanted to quickly become famous.

Any rumors which portrayed him badly would be curbed quickly by his puppets and they will also spread some good things about him if possible in the future. But this time the target of the rumors seems to be Elaina.

Alex and Elaina were not affected much by these rumors. But it was not the same for the son of Lord Dorbank.

Alex went up to his room as he had collected seven Demon Beast cores of different grades. It was enough for him to break through the next realm. Even Blackbeard had sent twelve Demon Beast Cores that he plundered from a pirate ship. This was also the reason which made Alex return early.


Darien Dorbank was having drinks with his friends when those rumors reached his ears. At first, he had not taken these rumors seriously but his friends were enough to fill his ears, forcing him to think about the truth of these rumors, how people would think about him and all that. Some even said that the guy with Elaina was more handsome than Darien.

The more he listened to them the angrier he got. So he ordered his men to find that guy quickly. He wanted to personally teach that punk a lesson.

He was very easily influenced by others. His friends and the forces behind him used his weakness for their own interest.


Back in the room, Alex was sitting cross-legged as he absorbed the cores one after another. The Book Of Myriad changes was in the process of purifying the Qi in each core and send it back so that Alex can quench his body with the unnamed cultivation technique.

Finally, it was time when the dam broke and Alex cultivation upgraded again in just one month. He did breakthrough 6th grade of Body Tempering Realm but he didn’t stop practicing the Unnamed Technique as there were still some Beast cores left to absorb.

An hour later, Alex reached mid-stage of 6th-grade Body Tempering Realm. He needs to cope up with the changes that happened to his body after breaking through in the next few days. Now there’s truly no one in Body Tempering Realm that can be of any danger to him.

Alex went into meditation to check if there’s any new function unlocked or something like that in the book.

But he had to be disappointed because nothing new appeared in any option on the panel.

"Yo! don’t get so depressed. The Book of Myriad changes does not open new function every time you make progress in your cultivation. The unlocking of any new function is totally random. If you are lucky then you might unlock new features one after another but if you are unlucky then you might not see any new features or functions for a long time." the Heavenly spirit explained.

Alex nodded his head in understanding.

But he can’t go back empty-handed. So Alex decided to use the Random Roll function to try out his luck.

Inputting 2000 currency points, 1500 faith points, and 2000 Merit points into the panel, Alex started the roll. After a moment he got his results.

5x Low-Grade Berserk pills

20x Low-Grade Black Rank Battle Armor

"Berserk pill!" exclaimed Alex and after seeing the second item he felt like winning a small lottery. It was definitely worth it.

A berserk pill can temporally increase the cultivation of a person by one grade. The time limit is 30 minutes but there’s also a side effect. After 30 minutes, the consumer of the Berserk Pill would not be able to use their Qi and would be in a weak state for at least 3 hours. Another thing was that the cultivator cannot take more than one pill in a single day.

But unlike the first item which can only be used in a dangerous situation, the Low-grade Battle armor can be used all the time. It covers almost all over the body except the head. If his puppets wear this than no cultivator of Body Tempering realm can bypass its defense and hurt them in a normal situation.

’I should use the Random Roll Function more often in the future,’ thought Alex.

He immediately gave the armors to Blackbeard and his group, so that they would be better able to protect themselves. Alex also kept one for himself. The Berserk pills are considered as Rank 2 pills because of the difficulty in refining them and the materials from which it is made. Unfortunately, pills don’t have any effect on his puppets and so Alex would use them if it was needed.


The morning of the next day.

The moon sets and the sun rises. When the rays of the morning sun fall upon this quite City again, just like always, the city seems to suddenly wake up and bustle into commotion.

A group of guards was escorting a carriage through the streets of the city. This carriage was making its way towards Alex home and the people sitting in the carriage were none other than Melinda and Elaina Yandell.

"Do you think he will agree?" Elaina asked.

"There’s no reason to disagree... let’s just bring him to see our Master," Melinda replied as she peeked outside through the curtains and watch the common people busy in their work.

"Umm...senior sister will my father be okay. I heard Master and father talking that the Jordan’s might bring outsiders this time," Elaina asked again but this time in a worrying tone.

"Elaina, you should not worry. Master is strong enough to deter them from making a move on your family. But you and your family might have to leave this island if they do really come as it won’t be safe here afterward"

Soon they reached their destination.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 58 Random Roll II