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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 55 Luna, Melinda and Elaina

Chapter 55 Luna, Melinda and Elaina

Four days had passed.

A person was sitting by a bonfire roasting a piece of meat. A small beast raised her head smElainang the aroma coming from the roasted meat. Alex found this fox cub alone by the side of her dead mother.

She was a newborn fox and the parent seemed to have died while giving birth to it. Mother fox also spitted out her own Demon core so that she can give it to her newborn before dying. It was at that time when Alex saw this scene through his spiritual sense.

At first the little fox which haven’t even opened its eyes growled towards Alex fiercely when he came near them. This surprised him but he still went ahead.

Knowing that other demon beast can come here at any moment Alex first dug a hole to bury mother fox whose strength should be around 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm before dying.

The cub seemed to have some intElainagence as she stopped growling at him and just snuggled to her mother’s body.

Alex then buried the body of the big fox deep in the ground so that other beast won’t eat it. His heart was not made of tofu but he still couldn’t make use of the mother fox body after seeing that scene before. Even ferocious Demon Beast has emotions when it’s come to their kin.

From then on the little fox has been with him. The little beast would snuggle beside him while licking her mother Beast core. She still hadn’t opened her eyes nor had her teeth came out.

As he was having his breakfast, Alex heard some sound of human footsteps coming from a distance. He immediately used his spiritual sense to check. Soon Alex got surprised when he saw two persons coming in his direction but his spiritual sense couldn’t scan them. A layer of Qi had blocked his spiritual sense and if he used some force they will know. That’s why Alex just stayed there to see them.

About some distance away, two beautiful girls were making their way through the forest. One of them suddenly smelled something and quickly stopped the other girl.

"What is it Senior Sister Melinda" asked the girl when she saw the other making her stop. She also put er guard on to be ready for any situation.

"Someone is cooking meat in that direction" said Melinda as she used her exceptional senses to smell it from afar.

"What! Who is so dumb to cook in this forest? Does that person wants invite other Demon Beast to feast with him together"

"Don’t know but let’s go and check it out"


Both of them then went ahead as though they didn’t fear anyone having bad thoughts after seeing their beauty.

The small fox got alerted hearing some sounds coming from a direction. She stopped licking her mother’s beast core and put her whole attention on the direction of the sound.

Alex smiled seeing this; he knew that Anna would definitely like this cute fox. Alex intends to gift her the baby fox before she opens her eyes.

Demon Beast around 7th to 9th grade were quite common in this area where Alex was having his breakfast. He wanted to see what people can come here and also just the two of them. Alex seemed to have forgotten that he too had traversed this place alone.

Soon the two people came out in the open. Both party got very surprised seeing each other. Alex was mostly surprised due to their pretty faces.

And the two girls had more reasons to become surprises. Other than handsome and young face of Alex, they were surprised to see him alone eating out in the open this deep into the forest.

But what made them even more surprised was the little fox licking a Demon Beast core. Their eyes quickly spotted the value of the beast core and also the cub.

But they didn’t come any nearer as they still had their guard up when meeting a stranger. Melinda specially scanned her surroundings to find more people that might be with the Youth in front of them.

There was a silence in the air for a long time. Alex just continued watching them as he munched on his roasted meat which had been rubbed with handpicked spices that Alex found in the nature.

Seeing that the other party was not going to break the silence, one of the girls spoke first.

"Mister, can you give us your name. My name is Elaina and this is my Senior Sister Melinda" asked Elaina.

"Alex. This is Luna, my friend" Alex said as he pointed towards the little fox.

Elaina didn’t know of any well-known person that goes by the name Alex.

Melinda noticed that the baby fox had not yet opened its eyes.

"Mister Alex can sell the baby fox to us. Name your price." Melinda asked as she really wanted the fox.

But Elaina had her eyes on the Demon Beast core, and seeing that it was from a 9th grade demon beast, Elaina who was on a verge of breakthrough wanted to acquire it more than anything.

"Sorry, my friend is not for sale nor is the beast core from her mother." Alex added as he had already sensed Elaina’s gaze on it. He wanted to clarify it before she can ask for it.

From his tone they knew that the other person was very determined in rejecting their offer. But Melinda wanted to still see if there is any chance.

"Mister Alex, I trade your fox with a low grade weapon." Melinda thought that a low grade weapon would be enough for the boy to nod his head and quickly exchange with the fox.

"No means no. I won’t repeat again. If you still insist on it then you are welcome to leave this place." Alex had hesitance when he said this.

Seeing that the youth had started munching on another piece of meat, Melinda got a little angry being rejected from a person on this little Island.

"Mister Alex can you at least tell us what you are going to do with the Baby fox."

"As I said before, Luna is my friend. I will take her home with me" Alex replied nonchalantly. 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

"Home? Do stay in Dorbank city?" this time it was Elaina who asked a question.

"Don’t you two have a lot of question? Yes I stay there. Do want to know anything more about me." Alex got a little annoyed. It was like these girls were interrogating a criminal who had possibly done a crime.

"Oh, then aren’t you brave to bring such a valuable beast cub there." Elaina chose to ignore his sarcastic tone.

Alex didn’t reply anymore as he didn’t want to waste his breath on them. He had been polite with them till now because they were pretty girls and not men. He would have already beaten them up if they were the latter.

Melinda wanted to suppress this guy through her aura and teach him a lesson while also seeing if he would still say no to her. But then she saw the youth jumping from his place like a monkey. She saw him placing the fox in the bag behind his back.

"Run, a big trouble is coming this way." Alex ran away as his life depended on it.

Elaina didn’t understand for a moment but Melinda quickly knew what he was talking about. She felt the tremor through the ground and immediately grabbed her junior sister’s hand and also made a run behind Alex to get away from something.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 55 Luna, Melinda and Elaina