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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 54 Killing the witness

Chapter 54 Killing the witness

Besides Flower headed Snake, in the field, there were eight other mercenary, all wearing leather clothes. Very scared of the Flower headed snake, all of them looked panic stricken, and were running away from the spot as soon as possible.

A man was running at the fastest speed, and it seemed that she was the so-called Brother Dan, but the speed of Flower headed Snake was faster than him.

The black colossus was quickly going through the forest, and swept its tail directly hitting the slowest of the mercenary, and it was so forcefully hit that he flew up and heavily crashed into a towering giant tree, then fell on the ground, and instantly met his death.

In the next moment, Flower headed Snake turned around and quickly sprayed its toxic venom on another mercenary, and his body immediately started to rot, while he was incessantly screaming rolling on the ground.

"Brother Dan! Brother Dan!"

The remaining last person running right behind Brother Dan was frightened and shouting in panic, as if this Brother Dan could save him.

"You stay here and try to stop it; our reinforcement can arrive at any moment!"

Brother Dan was similarly in panic and was desperate to escape quickly, as he knew very well that a quick escape was the only way to save life in such a situation, so how could he dare to stop?

"Stop it?"

The man almost despaired after he heard him. He wanted him to stop the Flower headed Snake?

Confronted with the terrifying Flower headed Snake, just how could he possibly stay and stop it? For stopping it, won’t he have to rely on his petty strength of 5th grade of Body Tempering Realm? His strength was not even enough to stop the beast’s tail! Why did they even decide to come this deep into the forest?

After a moment, the huge body of Flower headed Snake directly came over the body of that mercenary and swallowed him completely, then opened its large mouth, and with a loud roar it instantly advanced towards Brother Dan!

Flower headed Snake advanced to kill its final prey, Dan, and it directly swept its tail and struck down an old thick tree.

A loud thunder-like sound spread in the surroundings, and the tree fell right in front of Dan and blocked his escape route, and a sharp thorny branch of the falling tree directly pierced thigh thigh, and he immediately fell down on the ground with a severe pain in his thigh.

"Hu Chi ..."

Flower headed Snake’s largemouth spurted foul odor and it quickly dragged its huge body towards Dan and soon approached him, it seemed that it could kill him any moment.

However, at this time, just as the snake opened its mouth to swallow its prey, an arrow arrived there to enter his mouth. Through instinct, the Flower headed Snake tried to close its mouth but it was too late. The arrow successful in piercing its throat from inside which brought immense pain to the Flower headed Snake.

It was not easy to kill a demon beast unlike human cultivators whose bodies can be considered as paper in front of Demon Beasts.


The Flower headed Snake opened its large mouth and turned its head towards the direction from where the arrow was fired at it.

’Ah, I missed the brain. Demon beasts really do have terrifying instincts’ Alex thought while calmly observing the movements of Flower headed Snake.


When Flower headed Snake got shot in its mouth by an arrow, it became extremely angry, and suddenly abandoned the nearby Dan and rushed in the direction where Alex was standing.

Although, Dan was extremely frightened and panting, but when he saw that Flower headed snake turned towards a different direction leaving him, then he heaved a sigh of relief.

He wanted to escape and tried to get up, but as his thigh was pierced by a sharp thorny tree branch and blood was profusely coming out, so Dan couldn’t stand up, and could only curse his fate...

Faced with the angry Snake rushing towards him at a very high speed, he immediately displayed his movement technique similar to a dragonfly and easily dodged from left to right.

Alex speed was not inferior to Flower headed Snake speed and he was even faster, but he didn’t want to escape rather he had already planned to fight the Demon beast in close combat!

Alex used his speed to dodge and get behind the Flower headed snake. He smashed his fist just below the flower on the head of the snake. Alex felt some resistant from the Qi released by the snake to protect its own head. But Alex also surrounded his fist with pure Qi which easily negated the Qi used by the Flower Headed Snake.

It was the first time when Alex truly felt the hard defense of Demon Beasts. The snake swayed his head from left to right but other than some bleeding, it still didn’t go down.

Just as Alex leg touched the ground, he took the opportunity to pull up two swords from his inventory. Though he was not any expert in the way of sword but he had trained a little from his Grandfather.

Flower Headed snake roared fiercely and a large wound was cut open on its abdomen. Alex quickly found and dug out beast core from its belly and tightly grasped it in his hand.


After the snake’s core was taken out of its body, the Flower headed snake body heavily crashed on the ground.

Alex quickly came near to absorb its dead body in his inventory as it was very precious. Dan could not believe his eyes when he saw a young man killing the monster this quickly. He nearly had a heart attack when he saw the Flower headed snake vanishing just after that youngster placed his hands on it.

After keeping the body and core of the Demon beast, Alex walked slowly towards Dan.

"Bro...Brother please save!" He stopped in between because his head was severed from his body before he could even complete his sentence.

’Save you and invite disaster. I’m not so dumb to save a man who will leave behind his comrades to save his own life. anyway you have seen too much.’ thought Alex. From the dead bodies, Alex took away almost anything which had some value. Anyway dead people don’t need these things.

Alex then left the area to hunt more demon beast. He didn’t go ahead anymore deep into the forest as he wanted to hunt Demon Beast with strength like Flower headed snake.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 54 Killing the witness