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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 53 Flower Headed Snake

Chapter 53 Flower Headed Snake

When Lord Dorbank was capturing the pirates, Alex had already arrived at their targeted position.

First Alex located the places where Rip had stored his money and weapons. His puppets were ready to start at his signal. Alex also took part in this raid as he had to quickly deal with gang members who had cultivation above 7th grade of body Tempering Realm. most of the high level cultivators had gone with Rip and this would save a lot of time for Alex.

Just when Rip had entered the well, Alex ordered his puppets to start the operation.

Alex took out his Low grade Black ranked Crescent Bow, with the help of his spiritual sense; he took aim on the thugs with the highest cultivation. At the right moment, he shot arrows one after another to take out thugs with high cultivation without giving them chance to fight back.


Every second three people would fall on the ground after getting shot in the head. Alex was literally harvesting life with every arrow. The puppets also created a bloodbath killing every thug that came in their path. The puppets were like robots which could cooperate with each other perfectly and could kill cultivators without even wasting a move.

So far, all of the cultivators had been killed off, leaving only the puppets standing among the dead bodies. Seven minutes was all that it took for the puppets to kill their targets.

Those ordinary cultivators weren’t worthy opponents against the puppets, so their failure was inevitable. As for the thugs at other places, not one of them was able to escape from the puppets led by Blackbeard.

Without wasting time, the puppets stored everything of value in the inventory as quickly as possible.

Before, Aiden could even reach the slums; Alex escaped with his puppets into the dark night.


Early Morning.

Alex was practicing in his backyard with a big smile on his face. He was thinking about the spoils he got from the raid. In his inventory, Alex has goods worth around 9000 gold coins; he got hundreds of different weapons like swords, spears, bows and arrows which can be used by his puppets. The total amount of money which he dug out yesterday amounted to 27900 gold coins.

Alex immediately used this money to buy more puppets like thieves, sailors, spies etc. The sailors went with Blackbeard, the spies with some of the thieves left for the other two cities on this island.

They went there not only to steal more money but also because Alex wanted to expand his intelligence network covering this whole Island. He needs to know every major thing happening there at the first moment.

Cole Jordan had almost vomited blood after he received the news. The Noble houses are on high alert right now because they think it was Darren’s counter attack against Cole Jordan and his forces after he somehow got to know about their plan.

The extermination of the Fearsome Blood gang has affected all the gangs. Unlike the norm, the gangs are staying put in their territory obediently and not rushing out to take over the places left by Fearsome Blood Gang.

Lord Dorbank had increased the security around the city after what happened last night.

After eating breakfast, Alex decided to go to Swamp Marsh Forest and hunt high level Demon Beast for their Demon core. He wants to increase his cultivation as quickly as possible. His cultivation grade also limits the cultivation grade of his puppets.

Thinking of this, Alex informed Anna and others that he would be gone for some days. After preparing his stuff, Alex also visited his Aunts before leaving.

"Aunt Meg and Julie, why don’t you two stay with Anna, Hank and Tom at our house. There are people here who can manage the store"

"Alright then we will stay there. But you have to be careful out there. Also don’t go too deep into the forest" both of them repeatedly reminded him of the dangers. Alex also nodded to agree and promised them to keep their advice in his mind.

At the city gate, the guards were strictly checking each and every one. Alex kept most of his luggage in his inventory and there was only one bag of rations on his back.


Alex rushed all the way at his own pace and occasionally came across mercenaries going together in groups for hunting Demon Beast in the forest, but nobody greeted him, neither did he greet them, and they all respectively walked their own ways.

After only half an hour, the Swamp Marsh Forest appeared in front of Alex.

The Swamp Marsh forest was vast and extremely dense because of the presence of verdant and luxuriant trees that didn’t allow the sun rays to penetrate and reach inside. Even the well-known big Mercenary groups only dared to roam on its periphery, because if they went deeper, then they would most likely bump into a formidable demon beast and lose their lives.

After he went about 10 miles deep into the forests, his keen intuition suddenly caught a trace of bloody aura, and he concentrated his attention entirely on it.

Bloody aura, there were signs of slaughter everywhere!

He quickly used his spiritual sense to scan ahead, and he cautiously went towards the place where the bloody aura was transmitting from, in a while, he faintly heard some people crying for help.

A medium sized mercenary group has encountered a 8th grade Demon Beast.

"Flower headed Snake, It’s the Flower headed Snake, help us, help!"

"Brother Dan, do not leave me – ah!"

Pitiful screams, cries for help, resounded one after another in the forest.

Alex secretly approached and quietly took a look at the situation. There, he saw a huge shadow swallowing a mercenary!

Not long ago, this Mercenary was alive and kicking, but now he actually became the food inside the belly of this colossus beast, not even a little residue was left of his body.

On the side, besides being extremely cautious, Alex was keeping a closer look at the monster, and was surprised at its huge size, just like a cobra enlarged by several times.

The entire body of the beast was dark, almost 60 feet long, and whenever it raised its head above the ground, it reached a height of twenty feet, quite ferocious.

However, on its head, there were no eyes and nose, it only had a big flower above its giant mouth from which venom was dripping, and it was this giant mouth that had swallowed mercenary a moment ago!

"Flower headed snake, not only its strength is comparable to the strength of a cultivator at 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm, but also contains highly toxic venom, its body has rough skin and flesh, seems to be very difficult to deal with. Its demon core, venom and the flower on its head are needed to refine a rank 0 pill which can treat different types of low level poisons."

Alex carefully observed the surroundings and began to take action.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 53 Flower Headed Snake