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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 52 Rip gets captured

Chapter 52 Rip gets captured

Dawn of the next day.

The morning sun ascended into the eastern sky as all life in the world woke up.

The room door opened and the rays of sunlight entered. The youth narrowed his eyes as he stretched and yawned.

"Big Brother Alex."

A pleasing voice entered his ears.

The youth’s gaze fell upon the slim and graceful young girl in front of him.

The young girl was wearing light green clothes. Matched with the violet hairpin on her head, the colors didn’t seem like they conflicted each other.

Noticing Alex’s burning gaze, the young girl’s delicate cheeks blushed. "Big Brother Alex, what are you looking at?"

Alex pretended to have a perverted expression. "Of course it’s my little beauty, Anna."

The young girl’s face flushed from embarrassment, and then she asked, "Big Brother Alex, I have prepared the breakfast today. Hurry up and come have some."

After saying this, she brought Alex to the dining table, which was filled with a sumptuous breakfast.

Hank was already stuffing the food in his mouth while Tom eating at his own pace.

After eating breakfast Hank and Tom told him that they would go and help Julie and Meg with their work since they usually get very bore in the house. Apart from reading some books which Alex had bought there’s nothing here to pass the time. Anna also wanted to go and so it was decided.

After they left home, Alex thought what to do and where to get large amount of money real fast. Again he could only think of stealing, but he couldn’t find an easier target.

Alex took a break from thinking and went for a stroll outside in the sun. Suddenly at some point during his stroll, Alex saw a familiar guy some distance away. It was that fat ass mason who he had met at the restaurant.

Remembering that this guy had sent his goons behind him, Alex suddenly thought of taking revenge. He called out his thief puppet which was currently available and near this place. He commanded it to steal from the fatso.

It only took a moment for the puppet to snip away the money pouch stored in the left pocket of the Fat ass Mason.

That puppet then handed the pouch to him and then went on his way.

Alex smiled and looked into the pouch and was impressed to find it loaded. Mason actually carried 160 gold coins, not silver but gold coins with him. Though it was not much, Alex still felt satisfied after taking his revenge.

Laughing to himself Alex went on in the other direction.

He used the money to buy sixteen puppet s with different abilities. He bought three managers who can help his Aunts to manage their business. Thirteen spies to infiltrate each noble families and rich Merchant houses. He would upgrade their cultivation when he gathers enough money.

He didn’t buy them himself but one of his puppets did after it found a safe place.


Just like this, ten days went by. The Goldsun Chamber of Commerce had started its operation. The three new managers that Alex had introduced were very good at keeping finances and training the staff. Julie and Meg were also very satisfied with them as they had made their work easier. Now they can concentrate on their own cultivation.

The branch of the Raging Sun Mercenary group under Len was also developing smoothly.

The number of puppets with stealing abilities has also increased to twenty.

Blackbeard has also defeated three pirate groups in these ten days. From them they got three ships and some money which they used for increase everyone’s cultivation grade.

Because of cultivation limit, Blackbeard can only fight others through sheer numbers.

Today, Alex had decided to raid the Fearsome Blood Gang. For making it a success he had called for all of his puppets with high cultivations.

Blackbeard and his shipmates would also arrive by the time of the raid. The normal puppets would be used for keeping an eye on the other forces and give Alex an early warning if things go wrong.

Alex decided to take this risk after thinking for a long time. There’s only one leader of the Fearsome Blood gang whose name is Rip and his cultivation has reached 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm. Through his puppets he knew that the Jordan family was backing this group. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

Rip is going to meet up with Lion Shark pirate at the same warehouse outside the Cities west wall today.

And this will be his opportunity to start his operation but there’s one thing he needs to do before that.


Around midnight, a group people arrived at the house near the west wall of the city. These were same people from the Fearsome Blood Gang that came here last time. They used the well to pass under the wall without alerting anyone.

Rip was walking through the passage with a bag filled with money. Tonight, he was going to deal with the last batch of weapons. But what he didn’t know was that some people were already waiting to welcome him on the other side of the tunnel that opens in the warehouse.

Just as he had shown his head above the ground, Rip found himself being surrounded by some people.


"Don’t move a muscle Rip. Our men are already on the other side. Now surrender quietly or you know what will happen" Aiden barked.

"Aiden, you know we don’t have to do th..."Rip suddenly saw someone that made him shut his mouth. He knew that he had fucked up badly this time because Lord Dorbank has personally arrived here. He has been caught red handed dealing with the pirates.

"Aiden, take him to the prison and let him vomit everything they had planned to do with these weapons. Rip, I will give you one chance, if you really want to live then cooperate with me or else you know the consequences yourself. What you have done is treason and its punishment is nothing but death. Think about it carefully" said Lord Dorbank.

Rip was then easily subdued with his men that were still trapped in the passage.

The Lion shark pirates had already been captured before Rip came by the guards.

Lord Dorbank also ordered his men to take away all the goods that had been stored here.

"Aiden quickly go to the slums and capture every men related to the Fearsome Blood Gang. Do it fast" ordered Lord Dorbank after which he thought about that anonymous person who gave them this information through a letter.

If not for him, Darren would have never known about this place. He still can’t believe that such a thing has happened right under his nose.

’Cole, I will have my revenge, you just wait for it’

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 52 Rip gets captured