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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 51 Darren Dorbank

Chapter 51 Darren Dorbank

The moment when Alex exited the restaurant, few people focused their eyes on him. With Hank and Tom, Alex simply walked together to sightsee around the city.

He knew that some people were following him, probably the goons bought by that Mason guy. This did not seem very surprising nor did he care.

He simply commanded his puppets near this area to deal with them.

After crossing few streets, Alex came to the center where the Lord of the City lives.

Lord Darren Dorbank has been ruling this city for twenty five years.

All these years he had been trying to win some territory from the other two lords. Even though he was not successful till now, he also hadn’t lost his own land to them. But the war this year had struck him hard

First he lost his elite hundred men army in an ambush, and then because of that he lost three of his frontier village bordering the territory of the other two lords.

The worst thing that happened to him was that Nobles in his own city have pressured him to give up some of the village’s ownership to them if he wants their help in stopping the enemy’s army marching inwards.

Not to mention that someone did try to assassinate him by poisoning his food. This can only be done through the help of an insider.

Fortunately, his grandfather had brought a lifesaving pill with him when he first came to this Island. That pill had been kept hidden in a secret place that only the successive City lord knew and use it when the need arises.

This saved Lord Darren Dorbank’s life but the poison still weakened him greatly which made him even more helpless in front of other Noble Clans.

Right now, Lord Dorbank was sitting inside his office trying to think of a plan to get out of this predicament. The future of his clan entirely depended on his shoulders.

He got an headache thinking about his son who is going to take his positioning in the future. He dreaded thinking about it because his useless son did nothing but waste his time on prostitutes and causing trouble everywhere which then had to be solved by him.

Lord Dorbank only had this one son who had been spoiled since childhood by his wife. To secure his son’s future, he proposed a marriage of his son with the talented daughter of Willy Yandell. Through this method he tried to gain support from Yandell clan and maybe get a grandson.

Knock Knock

"Come in"

"My Lord, a big fight has broken out in the slums between the gangs " said the guard.

Listening to the reason about the fight, Lord Dorbank suddenly got very angry and said "You go and take the law enforcement team with you there to stop them. Kill anyone who resist. Go now"

That guard quickly left with the command.

Lord Dorbank sat down on his chair looking outside the window.

’What are you planning, Cole Jordan’


Outside the City Lords manor, Alex was busy looking at the gothic style manor. There were number of guards patrolling the perimeter of the manor.

Seeing that there was nothing interesting in this place, Alex went away to tour another part of the city with his brothers.

His puppets have already taken care of the goons following them. They didn’t kill them and just gave a beating that they will forever remember through their life. His puppets also collected 50 gold coins which was given to them by Mason for completing the task. ’Well atleast he gifted him money for buyong five puppets’ thought Alex as he laughed in his mind.


After visiting the city, Alex returned back to his house. Anna had already arrived before them and Selena was accompanying her at home. Seeing that we have returned, she also took her leave to go back to the manor.

In the middle of the night, a puppet suddenly contacted Alex who was resting on his bed.

One of his puppets saw some members of Fearsome Blood gang sneaking out from the slums. That puppet then followed them to the city wall on the west side.

Those gang members then went behind a house that was very near to the city wall. The next thing they did was what made the puppet to contact Alex.

Alex also got very interested so he switched his vision with that puppet. A plain house came into his view. There he saw two people standing besides a well as though they were guarding it.

Some people had already entered that well as for what purpose he didn’t know.

Alex couldn’t use his spiritual sense through his puppet so he commanded it to keep a watch on them till he arrives there. After some time, Alex too arrived at that location.

He felt his puppet hiding above a tree branch from where it could see inside the house covered in high walls.

Alex then used his spiritual sense to scan the well.

’AH, they have dug a passage through this well that goes outside the city wall’ a smiled formed in the corner of his mouth when he saw this.

When he extended his spiritual sense, he found that the other end of this passage opens to a warehouse a little farther from the port. He also found the rest of the gang members there and also the goods that they were trying to smuggle inside the city wall.

Weapons! Lots of them had been stored there.

Alex also found that one person was holding a big sack filled with silver and gold coins. Alex thought of stealing the money but then he dropped that idea because the person holding it had cultivation of 9th grade of Body Tempering Realm. Fighting with him would definately cause a rucus which would alert the City guards patrolling the wall.

But he was very interested as to what they were doing there. Soon he got his answer.

A man entered the warehouse with three people behind him. What surprised Alex was that these guys were actually pirates. They had the Lion Shark tattoo on their body.

These tattoo represents the biggest pirate fleet sailing on this sea, they are the members of Lion Shark Fleet. One of their ships had also attacked his village before.

Alex saw that the pirates took the money bag after checking it. He then nodded to his mate.

"The next batch would reach here tomorrow, be prepared" said the pirate holding the money bag.


With these two sentences, they stopped conversing. The pirates went outside the warehouse then boarded a small boat hidden behind tall grasses.

Whereas the gang members inside the warehouse started transporting the weapons through the passage back to the house with the well.

Alex then went back home after ordering his puppets to keep an eye on them.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 51 Darren Dorbank