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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 50 Red Rose Restauran

Chapter 50 Red Rose Restauran

Red Rose Restaurant, the best restaurant in Dorbank city.

Situated at the intersection between the Cities two biggest marketplaces, it did not belong to any of the six Noble families of Dorbank City.

Allegedly, it had a considerable background. It was established by a large merchant group outside the Sea-shell Island. They also have opened other two branches of this restaurant in the other two cities.

There were many people walking in and out of Red Rose restaurant to have breakfast.

Anyone who could afford to eat in Red Rose Restaurant was someone who came from a well-off family; either someone rich or a noble.

When the Alex walked into Red Rose Restaurant with his brothers, they attracted the attention of the people who were walking in and out of the restaurant. Most of them were gazes of envy and desire.

These gazes were naturally directed towards Alex face. The men were feeling envy and women had a strong desire to know the boy with the fair and handsome face.

Alex had learned to ignore. Even though he also had strong desire to copulate with beautiful girls after coming to this world, he still controlled himself for now.

It may be because he died as a virgin in the previous world, so his subconscious mind wants to experience the pleasure of a woman body at least one time, fearing he may not get the chance.

But Alex had a strong will to not lose in the temptation, or else he could have easily accepted the offer on that day from his aunt.

"Are the three of you dining?" The attendant standing at the door greeted them in a respectful voice with his head lowered.

"Yes, a booth on the second floor. Do you have any beside the windows left?

Alex nodded and inquired a little.

"Yes, this way please."

He hurriedly took them to the second floor, which was much quieter than the first floor.

Of course, the price for eating in the second floor was double.

"Our luck isn’t bad." Hank said seeing the empty table by the windows.

Sitting by the window they could see the City square where the people from all kinds of status were walking.

After taking the order, the attendant left to bring the food they ordered.

Just as he left, another attendant came above from the stairs bringing some customers with him to help them to their seats.

Many seats and tables were empty in the middle, but one person from that group was dissatisfied as he wanted to eat by the windows.

Seeing that only one group was sitting idle and even the food had not been served for them, he asked the attendant to switch the places with that group. While saying this, he also gave the attendant a gold coin.

The attendant also nodded as he pocketed the coin.

"Sir, can you please change the seats. This seat had already been reserved before by these gentlemen’s."

Alex frowned hearing this though he already knew what was happening he still said nicely "The attendant who brought us above didn’t mention anything about anyone reserving this table. I know that they have made no reservation so please let them have the other seats."

Seeing that the attendant was not able to convince, that person came forward and said somewhat arrogantly.

"This friend can you change your seats. I will pay for your bills today"

"No thank you. We don’t want to change our seats."

The fatty was getting angry by the minute seeing that the prick in front of him was not giving him any face.

The attendant who had brought Alex’s group came up with the food that was ordered. He served the dishes and retreated back after taking the other attendant with him.

One person behind the fatty came forward quickly "Boy, This is Mason, his father is the head of the Twin Lion Chamber of Commerce. It will not do you any good to offend him."

His tone was filled with naked threat.

Alex simply chose to ignore them and started to chat with Hank and Tom who were busy ogling at the beauties walking on the streets.

After hearing Alex chatting with his friends, the Yellow-clothed fatty turned angry from embarrassment and opened his mouth to show his anger.

"Mister Mason, right?"

Alex suddenly looked towards the Yellow-clothed fatty.

"I’ll count to three before you can fuck off, or else.... you will face the consequences!"

Alex’s eyes flashed with a cold light. His voice was suppressed until it sounded grim and low.

The fatty’s face changed immediately.

Just when he was about to start scolding.

He felt a cold aura emanate from the youth and descend upon him, suppressing him until he could hardly breathe; it even caused his face to turn pale. Even the lackey’s behind him were not looking good.

"One !"

The low and grim voice sounded again.

This time, the icy cold aura suppressed him even more!

The fatty’s consciousness nearly collapsed.


The low and grim voice sounded a third time like muffled thunder.

Accompanying the voice this time was not only the icy cold aura but also a trace of a bloodthirsty aura.

The fatty’s face was ghastly pale. When it got to the point where he could not hold on any longer he quickly admitted defeat.

"Alright, I will go" he said while gritting his teeth inside his chubby mouth.

While helplessly watching Alex, the frightening aura that suppressed him slowly disappeared.

"Who are you?"

The Yellow clothed fatty asked unwillingly after taking a deep breath.

He could not understand how a youth that looked younger than him and maybe a little bit handsome than him had such a frightening aura.

Earlier, he felt as if the youth was an Asura that had climbed out from the depths of hell; his entire body was emitting an icy cold and bloodthirsty aura.

The Fatty didn’t doubt that if he had continued standing here, a terribly frightening consequence would befall him.

Alex ignored him completely as he concentrated on eating the food. Hank and tom also felt that aura, they too got surprised. But since it was not directed to them, they started to eat their food.

Getting ignored again, the fatty left with his lackey’s without having a meal.

After coming outside the restaurant, one of the lackey’s said with resentment "Young master Mason, that boy was too arrogant. We should teach him a lesson."

Mason also couldn’t stomach this humiliation.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 50 Red Rose Restauran