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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 49 Conspiracy

Chapter 49 Conspiracy

𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

In the following morning, Alex was practicing in the backyard of their house. Hank and Tom were also doing their morning workout. They seemed to be highly spirited after they came to know about his breakthrough in cultivation. They didn’t want to be left behind.

It was same with Anna. She too practiced hard with the Martial art technique and she was not far in achieving the highest stage in that technique.

Of course, the reason Anna progressed so quickly was due to her painstaking cultivation.

Since the day she started cultivating Roaring Tiger Fist until now, she spent at least four hours a day practicing it.

People who put in painstaking effort were always rewarded.

This was something even Alex did not find unexpected.

Alex figure flashed as if he had no weight. He stopped for a moment and then moved at swift speeds like a dragonfly that was flying out in a flash and then abruptly changing the direction...

He was indeed cultivating a movement technique that his Mother had taught him in the previous world. But then he had little achievement with this technique largely due to his age and time.

Fortunately, his mother had taught him the whole technique so that he could practice in the future. This movement technique exerts great pressure on the body when the user executes it.

This technique was entirely based on the strength of the body and not Qi. Alex didn’t know the meridian through which he can channel the Qi so as to enhance the power of this movement technique.

He didn’t want to experiment now because circulating Qi through unknown meridians and unknown patterns may lead to harm.

Others had taken a break to have rest while Alex was still practicing his movements.

Anna, stood at the side, silently watching him with a slightly smiling expression of happiness.

"Little Sister Anna."

Abruptly, a voice sounded from afar.

A beautiful young girl walked over with quick strides. Her hand grasped a sheathed Fine Iron Sword, making her seem valiant and heroic. It should be Hank who must have opened the door as he had gone inside the house to drink water.

"Big Sister Selena."

Anna lightly smiled as she greeted the person.

"Little Sister Anna, I’m going to the trade market to buy some things. Come with me."

The person was indeed Selena.

Hearing what she said, Anna unconsciously looked towards the youth whose figure was flashing about, but she didn’t disturb him. Instead, she silently waited.

"Junior Brother Alex, I’m borrowing Anna for a while. You don’t mind, right?"

Selena Cliff looked at the youth.


Alex figure lightly jerked, taking advantage of force exerted to come to a stop. His forehead was emitting hot sweat.

A fragrant smell entered his nose as Anna walked forward to help him wipe his sweat.

She was like a lovely little wife.

"I really can’t stand the two of you."

Selena had a nauseated expression. She had already come to know about the close relationship between the two of them.

At this moment, no one noticed that deep within her gaze, a feeling of loss flashed quickly before disappearing. She had come to like her Father’s talented Disciple through little contact they had with each other everyday. She had more than one time heard about Alex achievements from her father.

He would also sometime indirectly mention over dinner how good it would be if he can find a husband for her like Alex.

"Anna, go ahead. Take care of yourself."

Alex smiled towards the young girl beside him.

Besides himself, Hank and Tom, Anna had finally gotten a female friend. Alex naturally would not restrict their contact.

"Don’t worry, your wife won’t even lose a hair." This sentence caused Anna to blush a little.

Selena gave Alex a look before grabbing Anna’s hand and walking off.

After the two girls left, Alex continued his cultivation.

He had also been informed by his thief puppets about the tense situation and small fights blooming in different corner of the slums.

Alex commanded them to only watch from afar so as not get involved in the turmoil.

Blackbeard had somehow ’convinced’ a merchant involved in the slave trade to sell his ship for a very low price. With the help of the other 20 sailors, Blackbeard departed from the port to hunt for their first prey.

After Alex was done with his training, Hank suggested going out and eating in a restaurant. Both Tom and hank have gotten a little bored since coming to this city. They had been staying in this house since then and have not toured the city till now.

Alex also agreed as he had a lot of free time now as most of his plans can be realized with the help of the puppets.

Now he only wanted to quickly raise his cultivation so that he can better protect his family.

Locking the door of their home, the three brothers went out to roam the city together.


This City houses 6 Noble Clans including the Lord Dorbank’s Family. They are known as Jordan clan, Yandell clan, Damon clan, Cameron clan and Hestia Clan.

The founders of these 5 clans were the retainers of Lord Dorbank’s grandfather who had arrived on this island some 110 years ago. Since then these 5 clans have been serving Dorbank’s Family loyally.

Lord Dorbank had made his Manor at the center of the City. The rest of the 5 Noble Families have made their manor on the eastern side of the City.

After serving the City Lord for so many years, the successors of the retainers have started to plot against Dorbank Family to free their clan from their rule. They have gradually alienated themselves from Dorbank clan these years.

Manor of Jordan Clan, in the study room of Cole Jordan, Lord of Jordan Family.

Cole Jordan, more than anyone else wanted to rebel against Lord Dorbank and take the city for himself. From the days when his father was the patriarch of the clan, he had started the plan to build his army in secret and amass money to buy weapons, so that in the future he can strike at the best opportunity.

That time has now come because this year’s war had brought him that great opportunity to carry out his plan and make his clan the overlord of the whole territory under Dorbank Clan. They had already become successful in acquiring some villages through blackmailing the City lord who was losing the war.

From there he had started to officially train a militia in open sun under the guise of protecting the village from pirates and foreign forces.

He had also formed secret alliances with other 5 clans under the clause of dividing the territory equally but what they didn’t know was that Cole Jordan had made some other plans for them.

Cole Jordan knew they the other clans would not be so dumb to believe one another and they should have made some counter measure but he was confident that under his plan there precautions would be swept by the storm he will bring.

"Butler start the plan immediately. Inform other’s to carry out their task. I don’t want them to make a single mistake. Also find out which group had the guts to steal my money even if it’s little. Tell the Fearsome Blood gang to do as it had been planned and also warn them that this type of incident should not be repeated again or else they know about the consequences" he said in a voice that carried absolute authority.

"As you wish, My lord" said the butler.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 49 Conspiracy