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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 44 Test Ready

Chapter 44 Test Ready

Jack was standing by the wheel on the ship as he looked into the dark horizon trying to see something . Suddenly, he saw a ship ahead becuase of others had lighted a fire. The people on that ship were waving the torch in a regular pattern as if to signal him about their identity.

Jack too ordered his man to signal back and quickly told the man on the wheel to take the ship closer. Julie and Meg had also come with Jack. they waited for the ship arrive at the starboard side.

Soon the two ships closed in on each other and stopped when they came closer and adjacent. Alex jumped to board Jack’s ship while the men on both side pulled a plank of wood to exchange the goods they had brought.

"Alex! Is everything alright back in the city? Did anyone give you trouble? What about Master Clayton? Did you pass?" Jack fired off with a row of question after seeing Alex.

Alex smiled and said "Uncle don’t worry, I have become Master Clayton’s disciple. Nothing has gone wrong till now. Everything is going as we planned. But we need more people to run our Goldsun Chamber of commerce. We also need some people to help Len when they go out hunting."

"Both of your aunt’s would help you manage the business and also we brought 20 members of our mercenary group with us. They will help Len but is it safe there, won’t they be recognized"

Alex slowly told Uncle Jack about the situation in the city. Only Jack and Donald had wanted poster in their whole group posted near the gates of the city. As long as we don’t go near pearl village, no one should be able recognize them.

Fitch and Gardy had also come and they quickly boarded Len’s ship after they helped in loading the goods between each ship with the help of 18 other members. After assuring uncle Jack, Alex discussed the date of their meeting and the amount of goods to bring. Alex with his aunt Meg and Julie boarded their own ship to head back to the city.

Jack also turned his ship to backtrack the route which he came from.

After sailing through the night, Alex arrived at the port around 3 in the morning. Only some guards were patrolling the dock this late in the night. Alex knew that the gates of the city would be close at this time and will only open around 5 in the morning. So they waited on the ship for two more hours before they entered the city with their goods in tow.

Twelve members were assigned to Len including Fitch and Gardy. While the remaining eight members joined with Julie and Meg to help them with security at the shop under Goldsun Chamber of Commerce.

They rented two house near the shop, in which Julie, Meg and 3 other female member would stay together in one house and the other house would be shared by 5 men remining in the group. Since their Chamber of Commerce was not well known nor did it have the right to buy a house in the area where rich merchant lives, they can only rent small houses for now till their business gets on the right track. The shop was small but enough since it would only sell Demon Beast materials. The Spirit herbs will be directly purchased by Master Clayton store if they are in good condition. Alex had already talked to him about this.

Alex was sure about the success of their business because they had enough strength to hunt low and medium grade Demon beast without any casualty or serious injuries which is the biggest headache for every mercenary group and Merchants here on the Island as most of the profit would go in buying potions and paste to heal their injuries.

On their first day, Julie and Meg went with Alex to his house mostly to see the place where their kids are staying. There were 4 extra rooms for their Aunts to stay but they declined saying that it was better to stay near the shop with other members and they also have a lot of work to do.

"Mom!" Anna who had just opened the door after she heard someone knocking shouted with joy when she saw her mom Julie in front. Julie also embraced her duaghter in her arms as she said "I missed you my dear. How are you? Did Hank give you any trouble?"

"Mom I am the big Brother, how can I give trouble to mey sweet sister. And why did you only say my name for causing trouble" Hank voice came from the back as he came down from the second floor.

"Alex and Tom are very sincere and well behaved. Only you are the mischievous one" snorted Julie but she still gave a hug to her son as she loved them both.

"Alex this is a very good house" said Meg as she looked around the house curiously.

There relation is still the same even after that embarrassing night.

Both Julie and Meg are now wearing dresses made of cotton that are popular here with the rich ladies of Merchants and Nobles. This is what Alex had purchased before for the ladies that came here from the village. Though they don’t easily get embarrassed showing a little skin when they wear lightly seen-through linen cloth which the common people usually wear on their body; but as women they are of course more comfortable with their new dresses.

Alex had also designed and made some light armor from the skin of the snake type demon beast they hunted back in the village, it was padded with some cotton cloth underneath. He quickly presented the finished product to Julie and Meg. They also liked it very much as it will not easily get torn when fighting while also giving them some security. Alex had also made one set for Anna.

After eating breakfast together, both Meg and Julie took their leave since they had to go back and familiarize with the shop environment.

Uncle Jack will transport the materials which they had collected in the village to the ships under Goldsun Chamber of Commerce at the same place they met before. This will happen after every 15 days.

The next day Alex arrived at the manor of Master Clayton with Anna.

As usual Anna went above with Selena to read some books together.

Alex saw Master Clayton sitting on a chair reading a book in his study room. He knocked on the door before asking permission to enter the room.

"Oh, Alex it’s you. Come inside. How’s your progress with the Books." He asked after waving his hand for Alex to enter.

"Master I have completed your task. Today I have come to take the test"

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 44 Test Ready