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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 42 Gangster

Chapter 42 Gangster

Alex met with Len who told him that so some merchants had come to the door to buy the goods which they had just brought.

Because of the war now there was shortage of many things and seeing that the merchants themselves had come to the doorstep, Alex also agreed to sell some of the stuff which they brought with them.

But most of it should be exchanged with daily necessities stuff like salt, spices and if possible weapons and tools.

Alex didn’t accompany Len to talk with the Merchants since he didn’t want to show his face much here.

Seeing that everything was in place, Alex also left after giving the address of the house he had bought.

Alex gave them three days settle here, open the Chamber of Commerce and buy the stuff they would need after which he would accompany them to buy some ships and because it’s the first time Alex would also go with them on the ships to meet up with Jack to exchange the goods at the decided time.

Alex was walking back towards his house and just as he was crossing a narrow alley with few turns between two houses to cross over to another street, some people came blocked both of the exits. There were 3 on the back and two in front.

One of the people in front showed his uneven teeth as he gave a quirky laugh as if he had caught a delicious prey.

Alex stood still at his place, waiting to see what these people wanted to do. He silently used his spiritual sense with the technique he got in the information he had purchased from the book before; the one that explains about the uses of spiritual sense and how to use it effectively.

In fact, there truly was a way to use the spiritual sense without letting other cultivator’s knowledge. Like how humans can only hear sound in a certain range and can see light of certain wavelength, the same reason applies to Spiritual sense.

The technique was just a small trick which helps Alex to change the frequency of his spiritual sense with the help of Faith energy so that the other won’t be able to tell if someone was using it on him.

As long as the soul power of Alex is greater than the other, Alex can use his spiritual sense on him without letting other person know. This trick might seem simple but it’s not.

Not only is it quite taxing on the mind but it also needs some faith energy to change the nature of the spiritual sense making this trick completely useless for other people.

This technique is only the 1st part which he got from the beginner knowledge; there’s also more parts that needs to be purchased in the future from the Book.

As for its advantages, Alex would only know about it in the future.

’Um, interesting, they have the tattoo of the Fearsome Blood gang on their body’ smiled Alex as he thought in his mind.

"Quite a good face you have on you boy" said the gang member as he slowly came closer with his partner beside him.

"I know thank you, are you jealous" Alex replied.

For a moment that thug couldn’t say another sentence as he didn’t expect to hear such a reply. See that the boy was not flustered and was even talking with them so calmly made him very surprised.

But then he thought that the boy might just be an idiot with a good face who doesn’t even know the situation he is in.

"Hahaha, indeed I am jealous. Having such a face would enable anyone to eat freely their whole life"

"I don’t understand uncle. Can you explain how?"

"uncl...cough,cough, oh definitely boy. You know there’s a high demand for pretty faces like you between Noble women and those in high status. They would give you a lot of money if you can satisfy them with your service. You understand right boy. I know such women; let me introduce you to some. You will get a lot of money and can you even enjoy yourself" the gang member said thinking that he has met an unattended idiot.

Maybe they won’t even have to use force today. As for what he said before it was only half-truth. There’s indeed a lot of demand for handsome boys like Alex, but not only women even men with a different taste likes to buy them.

Exactly, buy them as sex slaves and there ending was definitely not a good thing. And they wanted to abduct Alex to sell him to the buyer with different taste. Thinking about the money they would, he can’t help stop thinking.

Alex also knew that, as such things are quite rampart here and so was in his previous world. He had heard a lot from news and such.

They already came very near to him, even if they didn’t hear a positive reply they would still knock the boy out and then put him in sack to sell him afterwards.

Alex smiled hearing this and said "No thank you, I prefer doing hard work to eat. I don’t want to become a boy toy."

"Sigh, you are losing such a big opportunity boy. You make me so sad" that thug then signaled the person standing behind Alex to knock him out to.

"I don’t think so." Alex simply stated.


Mixing with the crowds of people walking on the street, Alex walked away to his house leaving five dead bodies behind the alley came from.

Killing a few 3rd and 4th grade Body tempering realm cultivators was like picking up flower on the streets for Alex. He only needed one move each to finish them off. A quick jab to the throat is enough to break their neck.

He took all the money he could find on them, and also their weapons like knives and one person even had a sword with him. Weapons made of iron can never be enough hear and that’s why he didn’t waste anything and took everything as compensation for wasting his time.

Alex also didn’t fear Fearsome Blood gang retaliating against him since they won’t even know who did this. There’s was no witness left alive.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 42 Gangster